Kelly is nothing short of amazing.  After our 1st birth with her we grew such an amazing connection as well as friendship that to us we just had to have her apart of every birth. If you are looking for someone who knows there stuff…advocates for you and gives you any level of support u need kelly is it. We are truly blessed to have found her!  Kristin Vasquez – Goodyear, Arizona 2/7/2022

I can go on and on about Kelly! She is truly a amazing person and doula. This was my fourth pregnancy, and I really wanted to have a home birth. I was very nervous as I have never given birth at home, let alone done it naturally! Ek! I got in contact with a midwife, and she highly recommend me having a doula. I never thought of having a doula and didn’t really know what it was all about. Luckily, my sister in law told me about Kelly and her experience. I contacted Kelly and asked allll the questions, even when I felt the questions were “dumb” she was so informative and helpful, it made me actually super excited to give birth! Not to mention her bubbly personality just makes you feel incredible. On the day I went into labor, I was nervous but as soon as Kelly came she made the atmosphere so calm and gave me so much peace in mind. I was ready and could do this! She knew how to keep my mind at ease, which positions helped with labor, played music, just everything to have a relaxing labor. The ending I feel was my favorite part, I got unfocused as it started to hurt, and Kelly looked me in the eyes said “look at me! You got this” and instantly I was focused and welcomed my amazing boy into the world. Truly a wonderful event, I wish I could have given birth like this every time. I really owe a LOT to Kelly, I mostly likely would have wanted to give up and certainly don’t think the birth would have been so amazing without her. Highly recommend her to everyone wanting a incredible birth.  Sarah Catherine Tremp – Glendale, Arizona 11/16/2021

Kelly is nothing short of amazing! I’ve delivered two babies with her – the first was a scheduled induction with no pain meds, and the second was a completely natural birth. Both experiences were amazing with Kelly. She not only knows all of the staff at Scottsdale Shea where I delivered, but she is clearly well-respected and loved by the nurses and staff. In fact, my OB refuses to work with any other doulas other than Kelly and her team!

During labor, Kelly knew exactly what I needed at all times and was right there through the hardest parts. She helped my husband be involved too and captured some beautiful photos of us during labor. From my first consult with Kelly there was an instant connection. She is very responsive and communicative leading up to labor, helped us have an awesome all-natural labor & delivery experience, and goes the extra mile to check-in post-delivery… there is a reason she is one of the most sought-after doulas in Arizona! We love Kelly!

Stephanie SedlakPosted 11/26/2018

When people asked, why are you having a doula? I gave the answers I had read about and observed at my cousin’s birth. She is a coach, a cheerleader, an advocate, etc. All these things are true of Kelly. It wasn’t until I labored and delivered my daughter that I knew the reasons you need Kelly there. She has a sense of what a laboring mother needs. She could tell I wanted to be left alone and coached my husband how to assist me during the hard parts. For me, the pushing phase was the hardest. I was near the end, exhausted, and wanting to give up. Kelly could tell I was running low on steam and had the words and encouragement I needed in the moment to push until the end. Fast-forward to me finding out I was pregnant again and there was no doubt in my mind Kelly would be there! I was nervous about birthing naturally again, but knew there was no other way I was giving birth. I knew I would need her support and encouragement the second time around. While I was texting her in labor she knew it would go faster and had a feeling I was close. My husband and I were waiting for my parents to arrive to watch our daughter, and labor came on fast. Kelly picked me up and drove me to the hospital because there was no time to waste. At the hospital, she once again, knew just what I needed. She held my hips to assist with my contractions and gave me sweet, encouraging words. She was the one who could tell I was ready to push. I was scared about the pushing phase again, because I was not a fan the last time. My water had not broken. I told her I was scared and she assured me if the doctor broke my water it would take one push and my son would be here. She calmed my nerves, made me feel at ease, and ready to have my son. It happened just as she said. Kelly is a Godsend for pregnant women. From the beginning of your pregnancy to the birth, she will enhance your journey and deepen your experience. She is a truly wonderful and gifted doula.

Brittney Hover – Posted 11/8/2018

Kelly was the best decision we made for the birth of our first born! She is thoughtful and attentive. Her knowledge and experience are undeniable! She catered to mine and my husband’s needs and questions flawlessly.

It was so comforting to have her over the phone guidance during the contractions in the comfort of our own home, then in person advancing labor in the hospital, and finally when our birth plan went awry she was able to confirm c-section will likely be our healthiest way to deliver. It’s reassuring to know that everything that can be done has been from the perspective of someone not under the hospital or doctor’s instruction.

She truly wants the very best experience for all of her mothers and we are so grateful we got her referral and invested in our own peace of mind by booking Kelly!

Courtney Distaso  – 10/15/2018

My experience with Kelly far exceeded my expectations. Kelly was by my side through every step of my labor and provided unparalleled support both physically, mentally and emotionally. The biggest gift that I would say she provided to me was the feeling of physical and emotional safety throughout the entire process. I was a first-time mom and did not know really what to expect with Labor and I felt So secure having her by my side. I cannot imagine delivering my daughter or any future children without her. Her energy and expertise is clearly God-given – I truly believe she was called to do the work that she does. My husband and I are eternally grateful that she was a part of the most incredible experiences of our lives.

Sarah Bennett – 10/9/2018

Kelly Sunshine is amazing and helped me have a successful VBAC!

She believed in me when I doubted myself. I almost elected to have cesarean after an obgyn told me I had a narrow pelvis; she coached me through my anxiety and fear.

This was quite the feat because I am an emergency room nurse and often think in worse case scenarios.

Her style is professional yet warm and compassionate. She is confident, very knowledgeable, and detail oriented. Kelly worked beautifully with the other nurses, the midwife, and my family. She also happens to be a fantastic photographer!

Kelly was a key player on our birth team and helped make my son’s birth a healing, empowering, beautiful experience. She was also very helpful postpartum. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

PS: Kelly seems to have rock star doula status in the valley so book her ASAP!


Sarah Bennett – Posted 9/18/2018

Kelly, Sunshine Doula Services, was the best decison we made for this labor/delivery. I have wanted to have a natural birth experience for all of my kids but having Kelly there was the only reason I could go through with it. I felt calm, prepared, supported, and encouraged throughout the entire process! She kept me focused on the end goal and was never pushy, annoying or anxious. She took control of every situation and I felt confident that nothing would get in the way of a positive experience. I cannot recommend her enough and can’t imagine having another baby without her!

Nicole Kehres – Posted 9/17/2018

This was my second birth where Kelly was my doula.  Both births were very different.  The first was a c-section with twins, and this last one was a vbac with one baby.  Kelly was an asset in both births, but especially in my vbac.  As labor prgressed and things got rough, we decided to call Kelly in even though the nurse said it was too soon.  Thank God we did!  I truly don’t know how people manage labor without someone like Kelly there.  Before she got there my husband and I were struggling through each contraction, but once she arrived and coached me through each one, and how he could support me, it made them a little easier to get through.  Additionally, having her there to explain things to me as labor progressed eased any anxiety and worries that were coming up.  Not only that, but she documents you labor in a birth story and take pictures of the occasion, which were so valuable.  Worth every penny.

Ashleigh Fall – Posted 9/17/2018

I never knew that I would want a doula, but now I know I’d never want to do this without one . . . and not just any one: Kelly Sunshine is the best! From our first meeting to our post-partum visit, Kelly was a tremendous advisor, advocate, and cheerleader. She is 100% committed to making sure that the birth experience is as positive as possible based on your needs and preferences, and is a wealth of knowledge to help you figure out what your preferences are if you, like me, have no clue going in! She isn’t pushing an agenda and understands that every mom and every birth is different.

I could write several paragraphs about what a difference Kelly made for my family, but with limited space, I have to be brief. I had a grueling birth experience and would have lost my mind without Kelly. Our son was a week late and had to be induced. The preliminary drugs shot me right into intense street-fighter labor. Kelly coached me through until I progressed enough to be admitted and not turned away at the hospital. On our way to the hospital, she called L&D triage to let them know we were coming so that a room could be made ready, nurses assigned, and (most importantly to me at that point) the anesthesiologist could be alerted. I labored for around 16 hours, dilating all the way and pushing for three hours before the doctors determined that a C section would be necessary as baby’s head was stuck and his heart rate was dropping. Kelly was with us every step of the way. It was like having an extra L&D nurse whose sole responsibility was my comfort and emotional well-being. She is a consummate professional and made such a good impression on the medical staff that the OB/GYN was happy to vouch for her being allowed into the OR as an exception to hospital policy. Kelly was right there to take pictures of the baby and hold my hand as I shivered through the procedure. There was so much less fear and anxiety for my husband and me with Kelly by our side!

Amanda Heitz – Posted 8/29/2018

Kelly was an amazing doula. From our fisr meeting she was personable, informative, kind, funny and made a connection with both me and my husband. She  offers a wide  a breathe of services.  She had a good relationship with my LD nurse and knew relevant services and resources in the community. If I choose The VIP package she offers a post partimmlit that was essential to my healing process. Allnof this and she was just what I needed during the birth process. She knew what she was doing and knew how to motivate me to achieve my birthing goals. I would highly recommend Kelly and will use her again should the need arise.

Jacqueline Aranda Castillo – Posted 7/25/2018

I highly recommend, Kelly! I have now used her for 2 births — the first, a beautiful natural birth with no epidural and the second an long hard labor resulting in a scary emergency c-section. No matter what the situation, Kelly is God sent gift for mommas through this time. She takes the pressure off the dads so they can just be present with mom. She has built amazing relationshps with hospital staff all around the valley and it comes in very handy 😉 I would hire her over and over — she’s worth every penny!

Natalie Ochoa – Posted 7/19/2018

Kelly was our doula for both of our births, and she was absolutely invaluable both times.  I had an epidural with the first and an unplanned-unmedicated delivery the second time, and Kelly’s support and guidance in both cases was critical.  This past time, she provided guidance and reassurance through the end of my pregnancy, and she coached me through my horrendous contractions on the phone while she hurried to meet us at the hospital.  In what could have been a nerve-wracking time, she was a calming presence, and she continued to coach me through delivery.  Her birth photos are STUNNING, and her post-partum follow-up made me feel so cared-for.  I have recommended Kelly to several of my friends, all of whom have had amazing experiences with her as well.  Kelly brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as a supportive, loving, and accepting presence to pregnancy and birth.  I cannot recommend Kelly enough!

Nina Tinsley – Posted 7/18/2018

It’s hard to convey just how grateful my husband and I are that Kelly was there for us during the birth of our son. I am quite sure that she helped me avoid a c-section. I had to be induced for gestational hypertension and I had a very unfavorable cervix. We called Kelly when the pitocin-driven contractions started getting too intense for me to handle on my own – and the nurses wouldn’t let me out of bed due to my blood pressure. When she walked into the room I felt like everything changed. Her presence alone was comforting because she exuded assurance that we were going to get through this together. She immediately got the nurses to agree to allow me to stand to labor after looking at my BP trends and seeing that they had been stable for a few hours. She then went about adjusting my bed to support me standing. When the contractions began, she’d squeeze my hips to take away some of the pain and coach me through each one, helping me breathe in the right way. We went through a series of different positions and she helped me labor him down to at least 0 station, even though my cervix wouldn’t budge. I finally requested an epidural at the peak of my contractions and she was amazing helping me to prepare for it. We practiced going through a couple of contractions in the position I’d have to be in while getting the epidural – without moving! That was really hard, but she was right there with me, holding me tightly to keep me safe and unmoving but it also felt like a hug. She kept saying encouraging words in my ear nonstop, never tiring of coaching. A few hours later I was ready to push and she again coached me through the technique before we began for real. She took the most beautiful photos while I was pushing and delivering, all the while continuing her words of encouragement. We will cherish the pictures we have of our son entering the world, thank you Kelly! And thank you for making it possible for my husband to be there just loving me, you handled the rest!

Melanie Braunbeck – Posted 7/18/2018

My husband and I welcomed our first child in June of this year, 2018. Being that this was our first, we had no clue what to expect and being alone here in Phoenix due to military stationing we didn’t have family here locally to lean on. I still however wanted to be as prepared as I possibly could be for our baby girls arrival. Luke afb gives us airmen tons of info & resources when we are expecting so I took full advantage which led me to Kelly. One of the nurses from the base suggested birth classes which I was all for to make sure we were prepared with as much info as we could be. At the birthing class we met Kelly and she introduced herself as a doula. She was so sweet and I got got great vibes and energy from her immediately! I knew all about the Role of a doula but it was nice for my husband to hear her speak about what doulas do for families & the benefits. We were sold by the end of the class and luckil were able to secure Kelly’s last spot for the month of June, I felt like it was meant to be. I‘m so thankful we decided to hire her for our birth, she made our experience 100xs better. We clicked instantlay and i had the very best support system in my husband and Kelly. She knew the ins and outs of the hospita, their staff, how to coach me through my labor physically & mentally, and was a great support to my husband who is a army vet that suffers from anxiety; he was a ball of nerves. The round the clock assistance whenever I had random question, making sure we knew exactly what was happening each step of the way, supporting me through whatever decision I made during my labor, food/coffee runs, never leaving our side until the baby was born, photography, and birth timeline was absolutely amazing & I would hire Kelly again in s heartbeat. Having her there was like having a family member or a best friend holding your hand through this intense process. Kelly is wonderful & we are forever grateful for her services.

Layla Beaty – Posted 7/17/2018

My husband and I recently had Kelly Sunshine as our doula for the second time, for the birth of our son. We first met Kelly three years ago for the birth of our daughter and were very happy with our birth experience under her guidance. Kelly gave us the tools, advice, and confidence to pursue a natural birth and she helped us successfully meet that goal. When we became pregnant with our second child, it was an easy decision to include Kelly in our birth plan again. Kelly had a good relationship with our OB/GYN which was important to us. She was our advocate in the hospital and helped communicate our wishes when we were consummed with the labor process. One of the things we most appreciated about Kelly was that she stayed for a while after the birth to help us get started with breastfeeding which the hospital nurses really don’t have time to do. Kelly captured our birth experience with some beautiful photos that will help us remember the emotions of our son’s birth for years to come. Kelly was a huge support for us; calming, reassuring, and comfortable. We highly recommend her!

Kristen Phair – Posted 7/16/2018

When we met Kelly, my husband and I immediately knew that she was the right “fit” as a doula for us!  We immediately felt comfortable with her and trusted her, even though we had just met her!  She was able to provide us a lot of information but did so in a way that we felt our needs and wants were heard and respected.  Over the course of my pregnancy Kelly was supportive in times when I had questions or concerns and went above and beyond to help me several times.  When I had a small scare towards the end of my pregnancy, Kelly was the first person I called; she kept me calm and gave me the direction that I needed and then made sure that I was taken care of by communicating with my Dr and checking in with me and my husband.  At one day shy of 40 weeks, I ended up having to be induced; I was scared and frustrated, knowing that this would likely make my plan for a non-medicated labor and delivery more difficult.  Kelly was extremely encouraging throughout the process of induction.  Once I finally went into active labor (16 hours after starting the process), Kelly changed her plans to be with me as quickly as possible.  I can honestly say that Kelly’s presence and coaching made all the difference in the world for me during my labor and delivery.  Even though I had started to talk about an epidural before she arrived, once she got there, I was able to simply listen to her coaching and in the end, I had the un-medicated delivery that I had hoped for.  She was AMAZING and I couldn’t have done it without her!  She also made a huge difference for my husband, who was able to step back from trying to help me, and simply be there with me, supporting me, once she arrived.  If and when we ever have a 2nd child, Kelly will be one of my first phone calls to enlist her services once again!

Brianne Tremp – Posted 5/26/2018

I can’t say enough good things about Kelly, my overall experience with her made the birth of my daughter such an enjoyable experience. With this being my second child and knowing I wanted more of a say and control over my birth experience I went the route of hiring a doula to know not only what those options are, but to also have someone there by my side who can help me use my voice in a vulnerable time of need. I was on the fence about going natural as I had an epidural with my first child and wasn’t against it. When it came time that I was in labor with my daughter Kelly just stepped right up to the plate and literally took any stress off mine and my husbands shoulders so we could just focus on my labor. She helped communicate with the hospital staff and also helped me with anything I needed. With her help I was able to go unmedicated and have a very positive and magical birth experience that I can look back on and feel so good about. She’s very knowledgeable about what breathing techniques and positions that are optimal for the labor process and getting the baby down into position. I felt super confident in myself as well, just by having her there by my side coaching me. My (initially skeptical) husband and mother were also in the room with me and they felt super comfortable and happy with Kelly and her services. They were very impressed with her! She also takes amazing birth photos and photos of the baby right after they are born, added bonus! If and when we decide to have a third child, I will definitely be using Kelly again! I have been referring her to all my expecting friends and women i meet.

Alyssa Brennan – Posted 5/10/2018

Kelly came as a recommendation from my OB. From our first meeting, I knew she would be a great fit for my husband and I, both personality-wise and philosophy-wise. I delivered at Scottsdale Shea and knowing that this hospital would be a little bit of a challenge with my birthing goals, I was reassured by Kelly because she had worked several times with my OB and the nursing staff at the hospital. Kelly was a resource to me throughout my pregnancy, always available to answer questions and meeting with my husband and I face-to-face prior to the birth.

When the day of delivery came, she was by my side from the time I got to triage to well after the birth. Kelly’s rapport with the nurses and staff made me feel confident that I was in good hands. As with all births, my plan took a few side turns, but Kelly always got us right back on track. For instance, when my labor seemed to be stalling, my OB recommended that Pitocin be administered, but instead Kelly recommended we give it a little more time and try nipple stimulation which totally worked. She was assertive with medical staff when she needed to be, she was gentle and caring with me, she was great as making my husband feel involved and informed, and she was an ADVOCATE for myself, my husband and our baby. Birthing with very little to no medical intervention is hard and there were many moments when I felt like I wanted to give up, but Kelly helped me get through the pain and exhaustion. Bottom line, without Kelly there is NO WAY I would have been able to carry out my birthing goals/plan.

After the birth, she encapsulated my placenta and had it back to me the next day. Kelly followed up with me a few days after I was home and settled in. I am so happy that I partnered with Kelly for my son’s birth. She is worth every penny.

P.S. Take advantage of her all-inclusive package. Having the additional support from her lactation consultant was incredibly helpful.

Jennifer Gordon – Posted 4/22/2018

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to hire a doula. I am so glad we found Kelly to fill that role for us. From the beginning, she convinced my skeptical husband that having her there wouldn’t take away from him helping me through labor, but would instead give him tools to better support me, and take some of the pressure of dealing with the medical staff off of him. She would work as my advocate, so he could just focus on supporting me and welcoming our baby. That is exactly what Kelly did. Throughout my pregnancy, whenever I had questions, Kelly was there to help. She had great recommendations for everything, from a different clinic that was more aligned with the natural birth I was looking for, to a hospital that provided a compromise between a birth center and an “of course you’ll get an epidural” hospital, and everything in between. Knowing that she was just a text away put me at ease throughout my pregnancy.

When it came time to deliver, I was so happy to have Kelly there. She kept me calm throughout my labor, anticipated my needs, and worked alongside the medical staff to help get baby into position and help me through my natural childbirth. In the end, I was able to deliver my 9lb 2oz baby without any pain medication, and had an amazing birth experience. More importantly though, even if I would have had to deviate from my planned birth, I know Kelly would have been there to support me and make me comfortable with whatever came up.

Even after delivery, Kelly was still available for any questions I had. She was able to get me in touch with a lactation consultant on very short notice, and helped to ease a lot of my first time mom worries. I really can’t say enough good about Kelly, and even my once skeptical husband agrees that Kelly was great.

Katie H – Posted 4/14/2018

When I started to look for a doula, I knew I wanted someone who would support me, challenge me and encourage me to have the best birth possible. Then I came across Kelly Sunshine and I hit the jackpot. Birth is full of unexpected things, especially since I am a first time mom! Kelly gave me the confidence and love that I needed to go through my pregnancy and birth without fear. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a great support system in place before going through your birth. My husband and I will most definitely call on Kelly again. I would recommend her and have recommended her again and again to anyone who asks. When I went into labor I was unsure how things would go – when Kelly walked into the room all those insecurities slipped away and I was focused on the here and now. That was because of her guidance through each contraction, her positive talk, her knowledge of exercises to ease labor and visualization techniques. Again, I say with complete confidence, if you want a doula that loves birth, loves women, loves babies and will love on YOU – then Kelly Sunshine is the perfect match.

Gillian Marshall – Posted 3/2/2018

I used Kelly Sunshine for two of my children’s births. She was exceptional. I was able to have two natural births without any medical interventions. Her support allowed me to focus on myself and the baby. She took the stress and worry out of the process. Kelly was responsive, knowledgeable, and able to give me and my husband the right support at the right time. She brought information, techniques, and tools, to help me get through the labor and as a result I am able to look back on each labor and delivery feeling happy about how they went. All the medical staff had a lot of respect for Kelly and her approach, which also helped. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone wanting additional support during labor and delivery.

Stephanie Balderrama – Posted 2/15/2018

My husband and I wanted a doula because we’re busy professionals and didn’t have the time for any kind of birthing class.  We thought “Well we’re going to do this once, do we need to be experts?  Let’s have someone there who is an expert to guide us!”  Kelly is that but so much more. The best way to describe Kelly is that she is a part of the medical team.  She is right in the trenches with them, offering suggestions, stepping in to hand them things, running to grab something, adjusting your pillows.  But all the time you are her top priority.  Think of her like the Mary Poppins of Birth. You get sick and feel nauseous, she whips out peppermint essential oil on a washcloth and suddenly you are inhaling it and feel better. You are hot and sweating and instantly there is a bucket of ice water and washcloths that are constantly being refreshed on your forehead.  When your family is hungry and grabs food and starts to eat in front of you, she kicks them out so you don’t kill someone.  I swear she anticipated things and worked so well with my midwife that they were my dream team. She truly is there to make it better.  I had so many interventions and bumps along the road with a 4 day labor induction. It was the pits! But my actual delivery was lovely. It felt beautiful and not at all clinical even though we were in a hospital. The lights were low and the room was quiet. And she coached me through 45 min of pushing!  And to this day I believe had Kelly not been there, I would have had a c-section. Mentally I was giving up. The process was taking too long and wearing me down. She gave my family the push to cheer me on and keep going. She also worked behind the scenes to really push my priorities which I will forever be grateful.  I also did the placenta encapsulation and can’t recommend it enough.  I’m so not crunchy but I feel it really helped my mood and milk production.  GO WITH KELLY!

Michelle Cardona Keller – Posted 12/15/2017

Kelly was a Godsend for us when we were induced a week ago. She took care of me and my husband as soon as she arrived making us feel comfortable and relaxed. She was motivating and informative, educating us on everything that was happening. With her help we progressed quickly and had the energy to push out our healthy and beautiful baby girl. Kelly also is an amazing photographer and captured our experience perfectly.  I highly recommend Kelly, she was the doula of our dreams!

Jessica Osborn – Posted 12/3/2017

Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for Kelly Sunshine! On November 4th I had my son! This birth was my second after a previous C-section. I was able to labor and deliver an all natural VBAC. I really feel this wouldn’t have been possible without Kelly. When I started to lose strength, she keep focused and as relaxed as possible. We worked through every contractions, she keep me comfortable, and she even keep my husbands nerves under control. My husband and I agreed, we wouldn’t consider doing it again, without her. I’m grateful for finally having the birth experience I wanted!

Ashly Gorsuch – Posted 11/22/2017

I just had my second child and Kelly was my doula for both births. I truly could not imagine not having Kelly by my husband and Is side during labor. I really wanted a natural unmedicated birth and I was only able to achieve it with Kellys help. She was instrumental in helping me find my rhythm, breathing patterns and positioning to get me through the contractions I thought would never end. there were a few times I wanted to give up, but Kelly was right there to help me through. In the end, I ended up with the birth experience I had always dreamed of. This would not have been possible without Kelly. Her knowledge and labor experience is next to none. I would recommend Kelly in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a doula. She is really amazing And we were so lucky to have had her as a doula!

Jacquie Fischl Weflen – Posted 11/21/2017

We had an amazing and Unforgettable experience with Kelly. She was available whenever we needed her for anything and she was a wonderful support person throughout our pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum periods. She was so loving and supportive and exactly what my husband and I needed to get through this journey. She helped us prepare, stay focused, and as relaxed as possible. I cannot imagine going through this process without her and would definitely love to work with her again in the future. I highly recommend Kelly!

Stephanie Gastonguay – Posted 11/4/2017

When I learned I was pregnant with my daughter, and due in August, I knew right away that Kelly would be part of the big day.  I had hired her in 2015 for the birth of my son and it was a wonderful experience.  This experience with her was even better than the first time, as I got to spend more time with her during labor and delivery – and really see her in action.  She is phenomenal at her job, extremely knowledgeable. Her confidence allowed my husband and I to be confident as well.  I loved having a birth advocate on my side who truly understood what I wanted and how I wanted the birth to proceed.  She is an expert.  Beyond that, she is caring, responsive to communication, and someone that I now consider a friend.  I wouldn’t go through the birthing experience without her.  Thank you Kelly from John and I!

Brooke Schohl – Posted 8/26/2017

I cannot say enough good things about Kelly to convey just how wonderful she is and how amazing she made the journey of my second pregnancy! I was looking for a new OB/GYN after a less than Steller experience with my first pregnancy. After two years, I decided to take another approach and start searching for a Doula. I found Kelly Sunshine online and just had a good feeling reading her profile. When I met her in person, my normally reserved 2 year old daughter walked up to Kelly and took her hand. This second time around I was determined to have a successful VBAC. Kelly helped me find Dr. Helms, who is amazing and even when issues came up, took the time to listen to my concerns and encouraged me that it would all be ok. My water broke late at night, 4 days after my due date and soon contractions started and Kelly was only a phone call away. When it was time for to go the hospital, Kelly was there when we needed her. She was great with the nurses and was able to convey our wishes and make sure we were heard and our birth plan followed to the best of their ability. Dr. Helms was not able to be at our birth, but Kelly was there to reassure us that Dr. Langer would be there for us just as Dr. Helms would have been. Though my second daughter was born by C-section, this time my experience was so positive and beautiful that I felt a healing for my previous birth experience as well. I cannot thank Kelly enough for her support, faith, positivity and guidance! Kelly is amazing and her compassion and passion for her work shines thru in everything that she does and the way that she takes care of not only the Mamas, but the way she includes Dads as well. Everyone should be lucky to have Kelly in their corner!!

Tiffany Ferguson-Nolan – Posted 8/25/2017

When I got pregnant for the second time I knew I wanted to have a doula to help increase my chances of having a successful VBAC naturally.  Kelly was amazing!  From the first time I met her, I instantly felt comfortable and was excited to experience this with her by my side along with my husband.  She was always great at checking up on me and on the day that I knew I was finally in real labor (1 day before my due date), she helped coach me through it on the phone and would again check in with me until she was able to get to my house.  We made it to the hospital in plenty of time although my contractions were very close together.  She was with me through the entire thing helping me stay strong and focused.  Although I eventually had to break down and get an epidural after 10 hours of labor she still kept telling me how great I was doing.  After a few more hours of failed progression and the baby not turning the midwife suggested that I might still need a c-section.  Kelly knew all the movements and tricks to get my baby in the right position and I was finally able to deliver my baby with a successful VBAC after 24 hours of labor.  Thank you Kelly for sticking with me and encouraging me not to give up!  I would definitely use her again if I decide to have a third child ;-).

Shaulan Doughty – Posted 8/16/2017

My experience with Kelly as my doula was AWESOME!

I had a very traumatic birth with my daughter and I knew that I wanted to do this birth differently.  The first time I met Kelly I KNEW I needed this lady by my side during birth.  She was warm + super experienced and confident, and she listened so empathetically.

I wanted to have an unmedicated birth and labor at home as long as possible, and Kelly helped me to do exactly that.  After labor started getting intense, she came to our house for support.  My contractions started spacing out and then coming back-to-back, and she suggested some positions to help baby turn and progress labor. Without her there, I would have had no clue what to do and would have started stressing out, but she was so calm and confident that I just let all those feelings go. And those darn positions worked!  It was time to go to the hospital, and when I became emotional she caringly reassured me. She also called ahead to my midwife to discuss my previous trauma and fears, which was so helpful.  At the hospital Kelly took charge, speeding me through the ER, getting my birthing tub set up, spritzing the room with some amazing-smelling mist, and advocating for me. It was perfect timing–I arrived already dilated to 8cm.  I was ecstatic!

Pushing was TOUGH, but Kelly didn’t blink.  She was there, encouraging me and holding my hand. The counter-pressure from her hand on my forehead helped me focus, and somehow I managed to birth my amazing, precious boy just the way I had always dreamed of. I truly could not have done it without Kelly!  Even though she didn’t have to, she stayed with us during almost two hours of repairs after the birth and made sure baby was nursing before she left.

I loved the photos Kelly took and the birth story she wrote, and her placenta encapsulation services were awesome, too. Thank you Kelly. We love you!

Andra D – Posted 8/3/2017

We just had our 2nd baby a few days ago and hired Kelly as our doula once again. I can’t imagine birthing without her. She is great support before, during and after labor. Her photography is beautiful. She captures moments your would have missed otherwise and it is a great way to look back on an amazing, life changing event. I also took advantage of the placenta encapsulation services she offer once again and I highly recommend it. She always surprises me at the amazing work she does with the placenta and how quick she gets it back to me.

If you are looking for an experienced doula with amazing knowledge and training that it also very caring and personable, Kelly is the perfect choice! We absolutely love her!

Tonya L – Posted 7/29/2017

Where do I begin? I have birthed two beautiful children. Both with amazingly different birth stories. My first born was induced at 41 weeks and resulted in an emergency Cesarean. My second was a successful VBAC – and Kelly played a crucial role in my incredible birth story. Kelly was recommended to me by several women (a fellow doula, a chiropractor and a Midwife). The moment I met her I knew she was everything I was looking for in a Doula; she has great energy and I instantly trusted her with all my being. Kelly is kind, supportive, responsive, understanding and determined. I had initially told Kelly I wanted a medicated VBAC, after all, a vaginal delivery was the single most important thing to me and it did not matter how I got there, and she was on board. Kelly’s childbirth class was outstanding and gave me and my husband the knowledge we needed to prepare ourselves for what was to come.
On the day of delivery, Kelly came through for me, more than she will ever know. First contraction happened at midnight. Within four hours of my very first contraction, I was 8cm and 0/+1, already checked into the hospital. She arrived immediately and helped coach me through the toughest part. The moment I heard her voice, along with my husband’s support, I knew we would push through. Every moment I felt I couldn’t go any longer – she reminded me that I could. VBAC was a success and due to circumstances, I delivered un-medicated. It was an outstanding experience. I felt empowered and proud. My husband and I thank Kelly for it. I delivered less than an hour after being admitted to the hospital. Incredible!
Kelly is great at what she does. Also, the investment in the placenta encapsulation and birth bundle (a box with awesome items to help finish pregnancy and prepare for postpartum) are worth it! If you are looking for a Doula who can and will emotionally, physically and mentally connect with you and coach you, Kelly is the one!

Melina Geweke – Posted 7/22/2017

Kelly was absolutely amazing and essential to having the birth experience I wanted. At our first meeting I told her about the birth that I wanted to have. She recommended me to an office that would support the type of birth I wanted. Without her, my birth experience would have been completely different from the one I had.

When my doctors office recommended that I needed to be induced (which I did not want to happen), Kelly was there to explain further why they were suggesting it and provided me with information for both sides, whether I decided to be induced or not. She gave me the information and let me/supported me on my decision. When I went into labor Kelly was quick to answer and helped me through my contractions. When my contractions started getting stronger and closer together, Kelly came to my house very quickly. Being a first time mom, having Kelly there helped me to not only get through my contractions but also took a lot of the stress/guess work out of being in labor. I didn’t have to think about when do I need to leave to the hospital or what am I supposed to do when I get to the hospital. When we got to the hospital Kelly helped us to better understand the procedures and what the nurses and doctors were saying.

Kelly also documented the birth with pictures and keeping track of our birth story. It’s very easy to forget about labor once your little miracle is laying on your chest. Kelly sent over the pictures as well as my birth story soon after the birth of my baby boy. The pictures and birth story are a great keepsake and allows you to remember your journey to meeting your little one.

My partner and I could NOT have imagined going through this process without Kelly and will use her for any future pregnancies.

Jasmine Wright – Posted 7/17/2017

Kelly was amazing, my water broke at 11:30 at night and she was so responsive, talking with me as often as I needed throughout the night!  We talked on the phone as I labored the entire drive to the hospital and she was such a source of comfort for me.  it was fantastic having her has a resource.  after she met us at the hospital, she was great for husband too, grabbing him a chair and telling him what to do.  Thank you Kelly, you are amazing and I am excited to see you again for my second!

Melissa – Posted 6/20/2017

Kelly is amazing!  She was a wealth of knowledge in the days leading up to my labor when I thought I would be induced. On the day that my water broke (the day before my scheduled induction) she was with me the entire morning by phone and text until my contractions got strong enough for us to go to the hospital. At the hospital, she completely took over!  She set me up with the wireless, waterproof monitors (the nurses didn’t even know that they were available) and ensured that I had a room where I could labor in the tub.  I ultimately asked for an epidural during transition, and she helped me hold still when they were placing the needle. When my labor stalled (not because of the epidural), she realized that our baby was in a funky position and had me try different positions to get the baby to rotate. Even the nurses didn’t suggest these position changes or recognize the malpositioning.  She also suggested ways I could advocate for myself when the epidural failed. Ultimately, our baby didn’t change position and after hours of hard labor the doctor suggested a csection.  Though our labor experience wasn’t what we had planned (you can’t really plan birth!) Kelly did everything she could possibly due to get us through and she took beautiful pictures of our first moments with our baby in the recovery room. I would definitely recommend Kelly to anyone hoping for an unmedicated — or even medicated — delivery.

Brooke Afshari – Posted 6/5/2017

When I first started thinking about the idea of having a doula assist with the birth of my baby, I had some hesitations. I liked the idea of having an all natural birth with no drugs but knew it was going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I would need some extra help and support outside of my husband. Kelly came highly recommended from many fellow mommy’s so I scheduled a consultation with her and from the moment I met her I knew she was the one I wanted to head down this journey with. She put me at ease and all my anxious thoughts went away by just talking to her. She has a way of keeping your mind on track and helping you see the end result you want in such a positive way.

She was helpful along the way during pregnancy and when it came time to deliver, I couldn’t have done it without her! i still felt strong to make it through with no medicine but when the contractions really started coming I wanted relief! As soon as she got to the hospital I felt confident again that I could do this! She had an answer for everything that I was feeling, if my back hurt she would rub and put pressure on it in a way I or my husband wouldn’t have ever thought of. She helped me move into different positions to make me more comfortable and just went with the flow of whatever I was feeling and wanted to do/try. She not only gave me the most encouraging support but also made my husband feel comfortable and confident and gave him ways to help me. We both enjoyed the whole experience so much and we will definitely have Kelly part of any future births! She helped us focus on the arrival of our sweet and beautiful baby boy in a calm way, I didn’t feel any stress the whole time. Amazing is an understatement! Thank you for everything Kelly 🙂

Kori Nogash – Posted 6/5/2017

I just gave birth to my second child and used Kelly as my doula for both deliveries. She was absolutely instrumental in my positive experiences, both very different births and yet both she helped me feel supported and in good care! My first birth in Aug 2015 I had a breech baby and Kelly helped to encourage all options to get baby to turn.  When ultimately baby would not turn and I had a c section she was there every step of the way.  From taking pictures in the OR, securing the clear drape for me, to assuring my husband everything was going well (and getting him to do skin to skin while I was still in OR), and even helping baby to breastfeed when in recovery!

Then with my second child in May 2017 she was SO supportive of my desire to VBAC.  Even when my confidence wavered because the midwives were concerned that baby was measuring over 9 lb she encouraged me to try and allow my body to do it’s natural thing.  She helped me labor naturally until 8cm (epidural) and then she coached me through an hour and a half of pushing to help me successfully vaginally deliver my 9 lb 11 oz baby boy! My husband’s comment afterwards was something like, “Kelly is worth every penny just for the pressure she took off me and the instructions she gave me to help you through contractions!”

I highly recommend Kelly for any type of birth experience! She is fantastic to work with and if we have kids in the future she will definitely be present for the births!!!

Krissie Lucash – Posted 5/26/2017

Wow, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kelly Sunshine! I first met Kelly immediately following the birth of my second son when she came to hospital to collect the placenta for encapsulation. As soon as we met, I knew I wanted to have Kelly with me for any future births we had. There’s just something magnetic about Kelly. She’s genuine, real, supportive and so passionate about her work, it’s contagious. Having Kelly’s support after my second was awesome. She came to the hospital to see me and collect the placenta and had my capsules ready in about a day. She took her time visiting with me and hearing my birth story. She made me feel so supported, I instantly knew she was the right fit for our family as a doula. When I found out I was pregnant with our third, I contacted Kelly right away! I just gave birth about two weeks ago to our third boy and I am so happy Kelly was with us. My previous pregnancies have been high risk and I preferred giving birth with my OB in a hospital setting. Kelly has great report with the hospital staff and doctors. In fact, she is the preferred doula my OB recommends! All of my birth experiences have been unmedicated, however my first two were supported with hypnobirthing on my own. I wanted a different experience this time and Kelly made that happen. She met me in my home shortly after labor started and I felt like she never left my side, making me feel supported and cared for. Once at the hospital, we used labor support methods like essential oils, soaking in a tub, music, positive affirmations, and massage. My labor was very short and I had my baby boy in my arms in less than an hour and half of arriving at the hospital. Kelly took amazing photos of the birth and wrote out a birth story of our experience–things I will treasure forever. Have you heard of Kelly’s Bump Box? This is awesome and includes amazing resources for the last weeks of pregnancy and postpartum. The Sunshine Salve is the BEST!!

Renee Genetti – Posted 5/22/2017

First off words cannot even describe my experience!!! But I would think the word for Kelly is “exceptional” I know having a baby all natural would have been a major struggle and maybe impossible if I did not have her.  The most amazing thing is how she juggled it all!!  I really felt she was with me 100% of the time, I rarely noticed her taking pictures of me for my timeline and I certainly did not see her taking notes 🙂  She had it all right in the end my time line was lovely and the pictures absolutely priceless!!!  Kelly was compassionate, knew exactly what to do in the moment and even strict at times which I really liked when I felt I couldn’t push myself sometimes.  After my baby was born she even reached out to see how the baby and I were doing which just showed she really loves what she does and I will recommend her to all the pregnant moms I come in contact with!! Thanks Kelly I look forward to having you by my side at the next one!

Grace Haecker – Posted 5/22/2017

Kelly is amazing and I can’t wait to have her as our doula again when we are expecting again! From our first meeting, she was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. Her kind and caring demeanor is exactly what we needed to be assured of our decision to go natural for our birth. I truly had the best birth experience and I couldn’t have done it without her by my side! Another big bonus was having her there to capture the memories in photographs as it is something you don’t think about in the moment. I definitely will be calling her again when the time comes and just have to pray she’s not already booked =) .

Maria Lane – Posted 5/19/2017

When I got pregnant I was completely clueless about birthing options or what a doula was.  I assumed I would just get an epidural because natural child birth??  That sounded so intense!  My friend Terry suggested Kelly Sunshine and really encouraged me to do my research.  As I began to read and educate myself on pregnancy and birthing I realized not only did I want a natural birth for my own experience but for my baby as well.

I met with Kelly and she helped prepare me mentally and physically in the months leading up to my birthing day.  I felt so comfortable with her from the moment we met and I knew that with her help I could accomplish my natural birthing goals.

41 weeks to the day I started leaking amniotic fluid and Kelly suggested I head to the hospital to confirm it.  I was immediately admitted and told that I had 12 hours from when the leaking started to be in active labor or I’d have to be induced (not part of my plan.)  Just before 12 hours my midwife checked me and said I had a forebag and broke my water. That’s when Kelly arrived and immediately got me power walking the halls of the hospital.  Man, that woman can speed walk! That kicked labor into full speed.  Kelly guided me through each contraction and I followed her lead with my breathing and moaning (which made ALL the difference as awkward as it felt in the beginning.)  I labored in the tub for a while and Kelly had the perfect playlist of music, she had fluids for me to stay hydrated, and kept me focused during each contraction.  Before I knew it my body was ready to push.  Pushing was the hardest part and Kelly kept me calm and showed me the progress I was making in my pushes.  I was able to accomplish a completely natural child birth and it was the best experience of my life.  I couldn’t have done it without Kelly!

Oh and she encapsulated my placenta for me!  🙂

Laura Miles – Posted 5/19/2017

I was referred to Kelly by a friend when 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby.  I knew I wanted a natural/unmedicated delivery but my doc was not very favorable for that plan.  Kelly walked me through finding a new provider and was a support for the rest of that pregnancy.  She was amazing during delivery and helped make sure I got everything I wanted with no interventions for the hospital birth.  And the doc she helped me find is amazing!  So as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, Kelly was one of my first calls so I could make sure to get on her calendar.  The second time around was even better.  Since I knew a couple things from the first go around, Kelly helped me tweak my birth plan and was able to make sure the hospital staff carried out my wishes.  The whole experience was great!  Plus she gets great pictures!!  I have referred several of my other friends to her and she has helped them have great birthing experiences as well.  I highly recommend her and would use her for every baby 🙂

Nicole Wilson – Posted 5/17/2017

We are so grateful we had Kelly as our Doula.  During the birth of our daughter she was incredible – being their to support and encourage us during the labor.  Just as importantly she spent time with us before the birth educating and preparing us for the experience.  We have also benefited from her incredible network of caring professionals.  She introduced us to a mid-wife group that we love and a lactation consultant who really helped us when our daughter wasn’t feeding.  Thank you so much for all of your love, help and support.

Gregory Lim – Posted 5/9/2017

We were looking at getting my placentas, I had twins, encapsulated. Which is a simple meeting with Kelly after you give birth to sign some paperwork and she answers any questions you may have. Before going into labor she recognized me from messaging on Facebook and asked if we had a photographer and if not, she would be more than happy to help us out. Thank goodness we took her up on her offer. The pictures she took will were absolutely incredible, I gave birth in the OR because I was having twins and she is allowed to photograph in the OR. She was so incredibly sweet and encouraging the entire time, we didn’t hire her to be our doula but she naturally jumped in to offer encouraging words and support.

Thank you Kelly for making the birth of our twins a truly magical experience.

The Rodriguez Family

(2 moms, 2 boys, & Twin girls)

Erica Rodriguez – Posted 5/4/2017

Kelly is a wonderful doula. She exceeded our expectations at every level. Without her guidance we would not been able to even attempt laboring without an epidural. We had a long labor, where the baby was slightly out of position, and Kelly was there every step of the way to help us through. She was extremely knowledgeable about methods to move the baby in the right position and because of this we were able to get through the labor without intervention by the OB. Throughout the pregnancy, Kelly was always quick to respond to any questions. My husband and I both agreed that she was well worth the money, and we would not hesitate to have her as our doula again for any future children.

Selina Gilbertson – Posted 5/1/2017

I cannot recommend Kelly enough. We used her for both pregnancies. The first time, she got me through an emergency c-section. The second time, I wanted to do a VBAC. When it came time to induce, my Dr. wasn’t sure my chances were high for a vaginal birth and wanted me to consider another c-section. Kelly convinced me I could do it and got me through it. I could not have done it without her. She is amazing.

Elizabeth Goodman – Posted 4/27/2017

My baby just turned one year old, and as I thought back to that day, I of course remember the absolute joy of meeting my daughter… but I also remember so clearly the indispensable help that Kelly provided. As first time parents we really didn’t know what we were doing… but we felt calm knowing Kelly was by our side. There were definitely points at which the nurses seemed to be suggesting things weren’t progressing fast enough… and they claimed the baby’s heart rate was too high… but Kelly reassured us that everything was fine. I felt comfortable speaking my mind, and wanted to avoid a c-section if at all possible, but never having gone through it before I just didn’t know if what the nurses were saying was right or not. Kelly helped us know the baby was fine and indeed she was! Kelly also helped me have a snack when I needed one… and got me through some incredibly intense contractions. I really didn’t feel stressed at all because she was there, and I will always be grateful for that.

Sarah Kader – Posted 4/25/2017

I had an amazing experience with Kelly! Although my delivery ended in a c-section she was an incredible support through my pregnancy and labor. I only wish I had found her sooner so she could have been there for my first! I love how she documents everything and takes pictures. It was truly a great experience and highly recommend her!

Tilly Bush – Posted 4/24/2017

My wife and I weren’t sure a Doula was the right choice – sounded a little to “crunchy” to me. After meeting Kelly any reservations we had went by the wayside. Her experience was invaluable, both prior to the birth and during the birthing process. Kelly made us feel at ease about this new and scary journey we were about to embark on, it was a tremendous relief to know she was going to be there with us.

Always available by phone and via text, we never hesitated to shoot Kelly a question or share a new “discovery”. The morning we went in to labor started with a text to Kelly at 2am. She walked us through some positions and a game plan and immediately calmed a tense situation.

When we arrived at the hospital, Kelly was already there awaiting us and she never left in the almost ten hours of labor that followed. Exercises, breathing, guidance, Kelly was there every step of the way until the healthy birth of our son. She ensured that the hospital and Doctors stuck to the birth plan we had outlined and explained our options to us anytime we needed to make a decision. Kelly was the key to feeling in-control of what is inherently a very out of control process.

If you are considering a Doula, stop and hire Kelly. If you have worked with another Doula, stop and hire Kelly. If you are even considering having kids, stop and hire Kelly – working with her should be enough to get you off the fence.

About the only certainty in life is this, if we’re fortunate enough to have another child, we will be working with Kelly.

Justin Gray Posted 4/16/2017

Kelly has helped me in my delivery of 2 healthy babies, my son in 2014 and my daughter in February 2017! When you look to find a doula you want to find someone that is experienced and someone you can connect with because it’s a super personal and amazing experience to give birth naturally. Kelly is both and so much more! She is very special to me as we have created a bond through the birth of both my babies ?? She knows the right positions to help you get through the contractions and she will help you push through when you think you no longer have the strength! She is very knowledgeable and helps give you your options and make the best decisions for whatever situation you are in. We felt very supported throughout the whole process. You barely see the Doctors and nurses but Kelly is there throughout your birth to laugh with you, pray with you and get you through this amazing experience you were made for! I highly recommend Kelly and know if you choose her you will feel like you made the best choice ever!



Lynelle Mendez – Posted 4/7/2017

Husband’s Perspective
First, Kelly was AMAZING!!!
As the husband I started the journey in full support of my wife and her decision to hire a doula. However, admittedly, I did not know much about the role of the doula. I was told that she would be our guide through the birth process, someone who’s knowledge would help us navigate territory that we were experiencing for the first time. AND Kelly was our rock. I could not imaging going through the excursion without her now that I am on the other side. Throughout we were able to ask her questions that we might not have asked the doctor or nurse, maybe because it was 3am. Even though I went through all the classes and read the books, Kelly could offer advice to my wife where mine was not sought. She was a calming element. She knew all the tricks. I don’t think we could have done it without her. She was our north star.
Travis Gentz – Posted 3/13/2017

Kelly is absolutely an amazing Doula! As a Labor and Delivery Nurse myself, I knew I needed someone to support me in labor; and after meeting Kelly, I just knew she was the perfect Doula for us. I felt fully supported by her in my decisions to have a natural birth, even after having a cesarean birth for my first. She encouraged me throughout my pregnancy and was always available to answer questions or calm my fears. She knew the perfect positions to help ease my labor pains while also supporting my body while labor progressed. I am positive that Kelly helped me achieve my goal of having a natural VBAC. I recommend her to all my expecting friends!

Trisha Horstman – Posted 3/9/2017

Kelly is amazing! My husband and I took 12-weeks of Bradley classes, and we were initially conflicted if we even needed a doula. Since my husband travels a lot for work, we decided it was wise to have someone on call that knew and would support my childbirth choices in case he was out of town. Even though my husband was in town when I went into labor, hiring Kelly was one of the best decisions we made of the whole pregnancy. If we have another child, I would hire Kelly to be our doula again.

Kelly really helped us to achieve the natural birth experience we wanted.  Among many other things, Kelly was instrumental and persistent in helping us find the right midwives and place where I felt comfortable having our baby.  During labor, she provided the guidance, encouragement, and positive reassurance my husband and I both needed.  I had to take a castor oil milkshake to help induce labor. I am so glad I was able to call Kelly at 4 AM for reassurance and comfort when my husband was asleep. Kelly has attended so many labors and births that she has the experience you need to help determine what is normal during labor, show you different techniques for reducing pain during labor, time your contractions and help you decide when to go to the birth center or hospital, and so many other things.

Kelly also did my placenta encapsulation. She delivered the pills and tinctures quickly after the birth. Our Bradley teacher had recommended placenta encapsulation after doing it for her second birth but not her first, and she and her husband both noticed a difference.  Based on this, I decided it could not hurt to have it done. I will say that when I forgot to take the pills, I became weepy and my husband noticed too!  I can’t imagine how much more difficult the first few weeks would have been without the hormonal balancing that the placenta pills provide.  Thank you, Kelly, for everything you did for us!

Alicia Cutie – Posted 2/19/2017

I can not express enough what an amazing Doula Kelly Sunshine is. She was with me every step of my labor and delivery. She encouraged my husband and I to fulfill our wish for a natural child birth. She was able to help my husband with counter pressure. She helped me with positioning, imagery, and relaxation to take me through some of the worst contractions. She also helped me in and out of the tub and shower through some of the hardest parts of labor. Although my labor did not go as expected, she encouraged me every step of the way. She even came back to visit to see the baby and deliver my placental encapsulation.  Kelly goes above and beyond, with extensive knowledge about positioning of the mother and baby. She also was able to write our birth story and send us photos after our birth. I would recommend anyone to use Kelly.

Valerie Lane – Posted 2/10/2017

Kelly was amazing. My husband and I waited a bit too long to call her the day of my son’s birth (our fault-we thought we had more time than we did), so she ended up meeting us at the hospital as I was about to start pushing. I was in so much pain at that point that I was starting to doubt my ability to go through with a natural childbirth, although I really didn’t have a choice at that point. When Kelly arrived, she immediately embraced me and coached me through the contractions and pushing. That is something that technically a doctor or a nurse can also do, but hearing Kelly’s friendly and encouraging voice was even more helpful. Her experience showed-she knew exactly what to say during every push, not only comfort me, but to also help facilitate the birth. l now have a healthy baby boy and am very thankful that I hired Kelly to help with the process. Money well spent.

Lindsay Snow – Posted 1/31/2017

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one we had with Kelly Sunshine, CD. Being our first child, and first home birth experiece we had a lot of questions and a lot of things we didn’t know or were unsure of. Kelly was there every step of the way. She was our own personal support person. Kelly answered all of our questions, and was available, day or night, throughout my pregnancy, during labor, and postpartum. Kelly was friendly, knowledgable, personable, and understood our needs. She made sure that our experience was exactly what we both wanted. I felt confident in whatever happened knowing she was by our side. We were unsure if we needed or wanted to have a doula for our birth in addition to our midwife. I now know that it wouldn’t have been the same without her. After my experience I truly believe that every woman in labor should have a doula there to support her and her partner. We couldn’t have done it without her. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone in need of a doula, she made our experience personal, beautiful and unforgettable, without a doubt.

Salena Guion – Posted 1/30/2017

Kelly was extremely supportive to both myself and my husband before, during and after the birth of our baby boy. As first time parents we had a lot of questions and no idea what we were in for. Kelly was extremely knowledgable, helpful and responsive. Her calm approach and positive attitude made our birth experience wonderful.  With her as a resource we are more confident in our parenting!

Kate Daniels – Posted 1/6/2017

I hired Kelly Sunshine early on in my second pregnancy, around 7-8 weeks gestation. I had an experience with my first labor and delivery that left me with daily feelings of regret, sadness, and remorse, and I knew that was not going to happen again. So many people raved about her services, and I could not pass up the opportunity to hire such a bright soul.

I was very nervous throughout my pregnancy, but had a sense of calm and peace of mind knowing that Kelly would be there with me to give me the support I would need, through the rest of my pregnancy as well as the birthing process. Each time I met with her during our prenatal meetings, I would express my fears and she would say the perfect words to help me find confidence.

It was a tough year for me, and I did not feel a lot of love or support throughout my pregnancy. Despite my fears, I was looking forward to the time when I would go into labor since I knew that I would have someone there to care for me, giving me support and encouragement, and suggesting ways to conquer the pain and power of childbirth.

With that peace of mind, I began and completed my labor with a calm mentality, and a complete absence of fear. It just so happened that my labor was very short and I delivered my baby 13 minutes after arriving at our birthing center (things changed VERY quickly during the 45 minute drive to the center), and Kelly wasn’t there for the birth. I had only called her about 30 minutes before baby arrived. I would and will absolutely hire Kelly again! She encapsulated my placenta, took pictures, and made a beautiful cord keepsake for us, and promptly delivered it to my home the day after my baby was born. I couldn’t be happier!

Shawna Wolf – Posted 12/16/2016

Kelly was amazing! When I met her, I was going through a huge struggle with my provider who had told me they were VBAC friendly but at 36 weeks were trying to strong-arm me into a c-section. I was a complete mess, so stressed out, and didn’t feel like I had any options.

Thanks to Kelly, I found Premier Care for Women – VBAC SUPPORTIVE! – and I got my successful VBAC!

Kelly was super attentive, so kind (even when I was being neurotic :)), and made sure that I got the birthing experience that I wanted. I’m so grateful to her and everything she’s done for me! And the pictures she took during my labor are WONDERFUL!

Mattea Kelly – Posted 10/29/2016

We’ve experienced two births with Kelly now and I wouldn’t deliver without her! I had two very different birth experiences and Kelly was so supportive through each of them. Not only is she a true professional, but Kelly is so sweet and caring. She did a follow-up a couple days after delivery and surprised us with amazing birth photos. I still don’t know how she was so hands on and was able to capture each moment.

Kelly offers a birth box of supplies, placenta encapsulation and has a close network of birth practitioners to help assist you and her if needed.

I definitely recommend Kelly for anyone getting ready to deliver. Book early!

Andrea Nicole – Posted 10/28/2016

I cannot imagine experiencing my birth without Kelly!  Not only did Kelly help us navigate a tougher day than anticipated (first baby, 17 hours of labor with baby being in an OP position, 2+ hours of pushing ending in an unplanned c-section) but she postponed her own personal trip to see us through it all!  So thankful.  She was so supportive every step along the way.  We were so lucky to have her as a part of the experience.  And she takes beautiful pictures.  I didn’t realize how grateful I would be for having those precious moments captured so well.

Megan Agliano – Posted 10/24/2016

I wouldn’t have wanted anyone but Kelly by my side that day! Her knowledge and support meant the world. I also will be forever grateful for getting our breastfeeding off to an awesome start. We did skin to skin and she helped me get him latched right away. My sweet Harvey is almost 8 months old and I feel so blessed to have that sweet bond with my baby. Thank you agin for everything you did that day! We will never forget you.

Kalie Ringe – Posted 10/21/2016

when I met kelly for the first time I felt very confident that she was the doula I needed to achieve the VBAC I wanted. Kelly is a strong women, very realistic about birth, and eager to support women fulfil the birth they desire. I was almost two weeks late, Kelly had a client in the morning then came right to me. She arrived at the hospital around 2pm and was with me to 3am. She rubbed my back, help me with breathin techinques, and did arom therapy. Kelly kept me focused on my goal. I have said over and over, I don’t think the day would have gone as perfectly as it did if Kelly wasn’t there. The birth story she wrote is absolutely priceles, and looking at the photos Kelly took takes me back to that special day. My husband has also told people there were moments when no one could console me except for Kelly, which gave him so much peace.

Roxanne Pusch – Posted 10/19/2016

I cannot begin to say enough good things about Kelly. She is very personable and easy to connect with. She was always made herself readily available to answer any questions that we had, always responding promptly. With that said, Kelly was absolutely priceless during my actual labor. Her passion for this work really shines through, which gave me strength and encouragement during the most difficult moments. If it wasn’t for Kelly, I am not sure I would have reached my goal to have a labor without medical pain management. On top of all this, her photos and birth story were priceless bonuses to the services she provides. We will cherish those memories forever. If you decide to hire Kelly, you will not regret it!!

Anna Holt – Posted 10/18/2016

I knew from the beginning I wanted to have a doula to support and help guide me to achieve a natural labor & delivery. After meeting with several doulas, my husband and I knew that Kelly was the best fit for us. Her personality was warm & she was easy to talk to. We also appreciated her professionalism, her detailed doula contract and her experience. During my pregnancy, she answered questions I had, gave me constant encouragement that I could do it and that my body was made to birth my baby.  When we met with Kelly in the last month of my pregnancy, she listened to what I wanted in my birth plan and reassured me that she would be there as an advocate for me during my labor. She provided tools and resources to help my body prepare for labor, as well as post-partum recovery. The biggest impact she made came on the day of my daughter’s birth.  As my body was getting close to labor, I knew in my mind and heart that I was holding myself back, and mentally was trying to hold on to the control of going into labor. Kelly sensed this during our conversation on the phone, so she prayed with me. It was what I needed. She prayed for me, my baby, & over the entire laboring experience. Later we arrived at the hospital and Kelly arrived promptly. She was a huge encouragement, was constantly by my side, assisting me through the contractions, giving me verbal affirmations, and physical help as well by allowing me to lean on her, squeeze her hand during the pain and keep me focused.  Approximately 45 minutes later, our precious daughter arrived.  I was able to have the amazing, natural birth experience I had prayed for.  We also were blessed with beautiful photos that Kelly captured during my labor & delivery, as well as a detailed birth story to have as a keepsake. I highly recommend Kelly to any mama who is looking for outstanding support, encouragement and guidance for their journey through labor & delivery.

Georgina Feher – Posted 10/12/2016

Kelly was the best decision we made. Having her throughout the entire process was priceless. Kelly guided us through our decisions and helped us make the best out of a situation we knew nothing about. She has great relationships with the hospital staff and doctors which made our experience much better. She coached so we felt in control and safe. She is knowledgeable, experienced and has a comforting manner that I am beyond grateful for. And, on top of all, she took amazing pictures of the enitre experience. I highly recommend Kelly.

Emilie Grombacher – Posted 10/10/2016

Kelly was absolutely AMAZING! She was highly recommended by friends, so we went ahead and hired her for the birth of our first son. It was important to us to have as close to a natural labor and delivery that is possible in a hospital setting. I am so thankful we hired her because she was our number one advocate and knew the tools that were available to help with labor. After many hours of not progressing past a two, my pain threshold was met and i had decided that I needed an epidural.  I felt like a failure because that was not my plan, needless to say, Kelly stuck by my side and kept encouraging me. I am very happy and thankful that she was there to share our birth experience.  After 30 hours of labor and a 4 minute delivery, we welcomed our son into the world.  We will definitely hire Kelly again for our next baby/babies.  Go out and hire her!

Kelly Juarez – Posted 10/5/2016

Our experience with Kelly was absolutely wonderful! She provided us with comprehensive education which reduced my anxiety throughout my entire pregnancy. She was very helpful with decision making throughout my pregnancy and delivery as well. Although our baby came so fast once labor started that Kelly was not able to get there until pushing time, she helped tremendously with facilitating the birth of our beautiful baby girl!! I highly recommend Kelly to anyone who is pregnant and we would absolutely utilize her services again with baby #2! 🙂

Kristen Caraher – Posted 9/30/2016

We hired Kelly for our 2nd baby which was a planned VBAC. I was confident but still nervous about the VBAC and Kelly always shared wonderful stories of her experiences helping at VBACs. On the day our son was born, Kelly stayed in great contact with me. She was very helpful throughout the entire childbirth process, but one of the memories that sticks out the most is her encouragement and support as I labored in our car on the way to the birth center. We had a 45 minute drive from our house which turned into an hour drive since the highway was closed. I went through transition in the backseat of our car and Kelly stayed on the phone with me and coached me through EVERY contraction so my husband could concentrate on driving. I appreciated all the little things she did while we were at the birth center, everything from counting me through contractions and helping support me as I pushed, to getting me water. Her constant support was invaluable. I also was very happy she was able to take photos. No one else would have had time to do that. I love looking back on the pictures from that joyous day.

Erin Buchwald – Posted 9/28/2016

Amazing! I can’t imagine going through a birth without having Kelly Sunshine by my side! Having a hospital birth was made so much more comfortable and warm through the help of a doula. It also reassured my husband having someone else there to help us navigate. Kelly provided support, guidance and wisdom and helped to create a warm welcome for our son. What an amazing thing!

Jill Roig – Posted 9/28/2016

Hiring Kelly to be our doula was the best decision we made!!! My husband was skeptical but after meeting her he understood my desire of having her help us through the birth of our first child. Kelly from day one has been incredible. She was attentive to our needs, respectful of our wishes at all times, was a wealth of knowledge and did a stellar job preparing us for birth. During labor and delivery which we did successfully with no epidural or drugs (thank you Kelly) my husband was gently coached in how to best help me which he greatly appreciated. We can’t wait to welcome baby #2 & 3 and there is no way we would do it without Kelly. Thinking about this woman and her presence during our first daughters birth brings tears to my eyes. She is so very important to us and we will be forever grateful for her!

Alicia Niday – Posted 9/27/2016

I can’t say enough good thigns about Kelly Sunshine. My husband was extremely hesitant at the idea of hiring a doula, as he thought it may take away from his part of the birthing experience. By the end of our birth,  he said he would hire her ten times over. We were not crazy about our doctor and had numerous questions through the pregancy that Kelly was available to answer at the drop of a hat. I was also extremely pressured into getting a C-Section by my doctor, and without Kelly i am certain that i would have been cut open. For this alone, we are eternally grateful. I had a 30 hour labor, and Kelly stuck by my side the entire time. She will definitely be getting a call for baby #2!! 🙂

Erica Lynne – Posted 9/27/2016

I cannot even begin to put into words the tremendous impact Kelly Sunshine had on my life. As a first time mother, I did not know much about the wonderful world and services of a doula until late in my pregnancy. Thank God I found out about the many benefits and most importantly and specifically thank God I found Kelly. We did not connect until my 36th week of pregnancy and I am here to tell you that was still enough time for Kelly to become family to us. Kelly is dependable, knowledgeable, accessible and above all she is patient and kind. Kelly met us at the hospital in the middle of the night and made every step of being admitted and properly cared for run more smoothly. I was faced with not-too-cooperative cervix that just would not dilate after hours in triage. Kelly knew the right questions to ask, the right options to keep me progressing and was a wonderful coach and support through those tough and intense several hours of labor. Her instincts are so keen and adept. I’ve never seen someone locate and secure a barf bag so quickly. In the long and tedious hours that followed, Kelly never left my side. She provided great assurance and comfort to my loving husband and family members who were all on standby for many hours as my prolonged labor led from early morning, into day and then night again. She was there to lobby for our needs, make sense of our questions and concerns and translate so many of the new terms being tossed at us first-timers. With regret, my labor even carried over into her daughter’s birthday, which was heartbreaking for me. I know the heart of a mother, because I have a great one, and hated to see Kelly have to be separated from her sweet girl’s celebration. But she tarried on and stuck it out with us. I planned and hoped to deliver vaginally. After a 24+ hour labor, a non-cooperative cervix and the conclusion that our daughter’s head was turned sideways making the descent down the final stages of the birth canal problematic, our plans had to be reassessed. That was not an easy decision or moment. Kelly was there to provide us solid advice, insights, wisdom, kindness and openhearted love as we were faced with a tough decision. I am so thankful that Kelly was able to join my husband and I in the operating room during our eventual C-section. It was tough to let go of how I hoped and thought delivery would go. I was not responding to the first round of anesthesia so they had to administer a second dosage. So, I was a bit loopy. That made it challenging to feel present in that very special moment when my daughter was first handed to me, which was emotionally difficult to process after the fact. However, a wonderful gift that I have from those precious moments are all of the photos that Kelly took for us during that time. She sent them to me digitally and the printed versions. She was quick to make it back over to the hospital where I delivered the next day, to deliver my placenta capsules and check in on my family and I, even after she had invested the previous 48 hours into us and our cause. She connected me with a great lactation consultant, has continued to check on me and has truly become one of my most crucial and loving friends as I navigate these new and intimidating waters of parenthood. I say all of that to say, that she really goes the extra mile and is the best doula you could hope to secure. I cannot say enough kind things about her and really encourage you to consider booking her to help make you birthing story, even if it has to change course from what you hope or plan, a beautiful one. We adore her and you will too!

Stephanie Sanstead – Posted 8/24/2016

Having Kelly as my doula was nothing short of amazing. After having a chaotic homebirth with my second baby (no doula), I knew that I wanted something different this time around. Kelly exceeded my expectations by a mile and helped me to have my best birth experience of my three. She was available and supportive to me throughout my pregnancy and was instrumental in my homebirth experience. She worked well with my midwife and my husband to make sure that my labor was as effective as it needed to be to deliver my son. I absolutely love the pictures that she took during my labor as well. I will recommend Kelly as a doula to all of my friends and family and for anyone who wants to have an amazing birth experience both at home or in the hospital!

Lacey Fricker – Posted 8/8/2016

Being pregnant with our first baby I decided early on that I wanted to try natural childbirth to hopefully avoid the medical cascade of interventions, including c-section. With a husband busy in grad school and family living over six hours away, I knew I would need help. Kelly was a blessing to us. She walked us through what to expect in advance and on the day of our daughter’s birth she helped us more than I could have ever imagined! She knew when our daughter was coming based on her knowledge of fetal heart rhythm patterns and mom’s symptoms (and she knew it before our nurse!). Not only did she prepare us for birth and help us feel comfortable during labor and delivery, she also beautifully captured photos of my husband catching our little girl and our very first meeting! She captured our birth story in written form so we can cherish the memory forever. I also highly recommend her placenta encapsulation services! I was hesitant to try them, but one month post delivery with no baby blues or fatigue, I am a believer! If you need a doula, Kelly is the best!

Krista Munns – Posted 8/2/2016

I just had our sweet baby boy 2 weeks ago, naturally and according to my birth plan. Kelly was such a blessing and truly what helped me make my birth wishes a reality. I knew I wanted to have a vaginal birth with no pain medication or medical intervention, but I also knew that I don’t have a high pain threshold (let’s be honest, I’m kind of a wimp). I was referred to Kelly by a girlfriend who used her as well as my prenatal yoga instructor who used to be a doula, both spoke very highly of her. Kelly not only lived up to her reputation but exceeded it. She helped me and my husband understand the birth process and educated us on what to expect during our prenatal appt. Once my water broke, she walked us through the early stages of labor and helped both is stay calm. She came to my house and helped me through contractions and then followed us to the hospital when it was go time. She even called the hospital and let them know we were on our way so that we could get to triage without having to wait. She was our biggest advocate and voiced our birth wishes to the nurse. She got me in the tub as soon as possible and made sure our birth plan was respected. She gave as much support to my husband which allowed him to be an amazing birth partner for me. She used aromatherapy and helped suggest different positions to get baby ready. After hours of being stuck at 9 cm, Kelly remained as positive as she was the first hour, even though I was getting discouraged. She reminded me of my goals and that I could do it when I thought I couldn’t do anymore. With her support and encouragement, along with my husband’s, I was able to overcome my own doubt and push through what was undoubtedly the hardest thing in my life. Kelly helped me believe in myself and feel like a super woman. She took great pictures throughout to document our birth story and had them to us along with a written birth story by the next day. Definitely recommend her to all my friends!

Erica Carberry – Posted 7/29/2016

Kelly was amazing! Not only did she make my husband and mom feel included in the birthing process, but she helped me use natural breathing techniques to handle the pain, multiple positions to help labor progress and get my baby into a better position for delivery…she was all around fantastic. Without Kelly, there is no way I could have had the natural birth I wanted for my baby. Kelly also prepared my placenta encapsulation pills which have helped me overcome the baby blues and increase my milk supply. The placenta based tincture will be useful once the capsules are gone. Kelly also wrote a birth story describing the times and details of the labor process. I sincerely hope she is still providing her services whenever my next baby comes along!

Brianna Ryff – Posted 7/17/2016

From our first meeting both my wife and i knew we were in good hands. Kelly was very attentive through the final stages of my wifes pregnancy offering herbal/homeopathic remedies for pre and post natal issues. It was so nice that we could reach out to her at any point with questions or concerns about pregnancy and delivey queries. On the day of delivery we were assigned a nurse initially that my wife did not see eye to eye with which increased her stress levels but once Kelly arrived on the scene she managed to reduce the stress levels and was brilliant while acting as our advocate. As it was my wife’s first delivery we both felt that having Kelly there was a massive help in getting through the delivery. she was a huge source of support during the whole experience and we really would have no issue highly recommending her services to other parents to be.

My wife has made it clear that while my presence at future births is optional, Kelly’s is not.

Paul Whelan Posted 7/16/2016

We were referred to Kelly from a friend that had just recently had Kelly as her doula for the birth of her first son.  I was pregnant with our third child and had very different pregnancies and births with my first two children.  I had a csection with my first, a VBAC with my second and I wanted to have a natural VBAC with my third.  With my second child I wanted to have a natrural labor as well but while in labor the nurses really pushed an epidural and made me feel that without an epidural that a VBAC may not be something that I could do.  They told me that an epidural would help me relax my mucsles and make labor progress faster, which turned out to be quite the opposite, almost 24 hrs later my daughter was born.

When I met with Kelly I shared my experiences with her and she assured me that I could have the labor that I wanted. I felt comfortable that she could help advocate for me at a time that someone needs an advocate the most.  Kelly was amazing during labor, she knows all the tricks to helping labor progress quickly and naturally and also knows ways to make you feel as comfortable as possible while giving birth. I would have never had made it through labor naturally without Kelly there refocusing me and helping me through each contraction.   My husband hates seeing me in pain and having Kelly there to assist us made him feel way more comfortable! My only regret is that I didn’t know about Kelly with my first two children!  I am very grateful that Kelly was part of our big day of welcoming our newest member to our family.

Courtney Taylor – Posted 7/5/2016

Kelly has been so amazing to our family. From the pre-labor consultation to the experience on the day of birth, we have been able to trust her to elm is make decisions with my health and the baby’s health in mind. She knows all the nurses at Scottsdale Shea, and got us places with the right nurses. My doctor asked Kelly a couple of times what she thought about a decision that was about to be made…. Kelly was definitely the one running the show!

I have referred Kelly to no less than 5 friends who have used her in the last two years, so when we were pregnant with #2, it was no question that we would use her again to make our birth experience the best it could be. Highly recommended.

Teri Kelley Posted 6/22/2016

Our experience with Kelly couldn’t have been more perfect!  From the very first phone conversation to the delivery and after she was nothing but wonderful.  I am so thankful to have gone through the laboring process with Kelly by my side, helping me in and out of the tub, suggesting different ways to alleviate the pain and even the amazing massages she provided.  I don’t think you can ever know what the birth process will be like but with Kelly there she helped everything go so smooth and even helped me to understand different procedures and processes.  I know, as long as we’re still here in AZ, we will be hiring Kelly again!

Nicole Phelps – Posted 6/21/2016

This was my second time using Kelly, and she was just as fantastic. My first resulted in an emergency c section and I was concerned I would need another for this last baby. Kelly gave me the strength to attempt and successfully have a VBAC with an almost 9lb baby (I’m a small lady so this is huge for me!)

I also love how quick turn around is for placenta pills if you opt for thus awesome service!

You can’t go wrong if you choose Kelly to be by your side!

Chanel Bevell – Posted 6/4/2016

I was referred to Kelly by a friend who like me suffered with anxiety about medical anything. I was not sure if a doula was the best fit for us because I knew I wanted a epidural. We had baby Noelle on February 16th. Kelly’s was completely supportive about my choice and also helped encourage me to try additional pain relief methods prior to the epidural to help Noelle progress as much as possible. I ended up having to get a emergency c-section. My worst nightmare was coming true. I’m not a religious person but having Kelly near me felt like the closest thing I’ve experienced to a guardian angel. She did everything to make the best out of the situation. She also took amazing photographs while my husband was able to focus on me. Kelly has a great rapport with the hospital staff which made it feel like I had a whole team of support. It’s now been 3 months. Kelly had such a impact that even a week ago when I have a nightmare she protected me in the dream. I am forever grateful.

Sandra DeVoe – Posted 6/2/2016

I cannot say enough about our experience with Kelly Sunshine.  I wanted to try natural childbirth with no pain medication which is why I decided to partner with a doula.  My good girlfriend referred me to Kelly and from the first time we spoke I knew it was the right decision to hire her.  We developed a thoughtful game plan for the day-of, but Kelly was clear that nature sometimes has different plans – and she was right.  I ended up having to be induced 10 day after the due date.  Regardless, Kelly was so positive and helped me realize that I could still have close to the birth experience that I wanted.  She was there with my husband and I every step of the way.  She advocated for my needs and wants to the nurses, and helped me through all of the incredibly painful contractions.  While I am proud to say that I was able to deliver my son medication-free, I know it wouldn’t have been possible without Kelly by my side.

Elizabeth Claxton – Posted 6/1/2016

I cannot say enough nice things about Kelly Sunshine! I had a natural birth without any medication and I truly don’t think i could have done it without her help.  Both my husband and I had an amazing birthing experience because Kelly was with us, guiding us every step of the way.  She knew exactly what to do during all the different stages of labor and it was comforting to know she was with us throughout the whole experience.  We both looked to her for guidance and help through all the parts of our pregnancy and birth.  Kelly is extremely knowledge, very nice and provides a sense of comfort.

I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a doula or not even sure what a doula does to meet up with Kelly to learn more about how she can help you!!

Kgarrity05 – Posted 6/1/2016

Let me start by telling you who Kelly Sunshine, of Sunshine Doula Services, is not. She is not a messy disorganized hippie, despite my husband’s assumptions of who she would be. She ended up being a pleasant ray of sunshine to my husband, as I always expected her to be. She is not unreliable, her time and experience are definitely not a waste of money, nor is she overpriced. She got back to me fairly quickly after my initial inquiry, which was surprising to me because when looking for a doula during a previous pregnancy only 1 of 5 doulas responded to me. Kelly books up quickly, which is a sure sign she’s excellent, so your best bet is to call or message her immediately after discovering you’re pregnant, and send your deposit to hold a spot ASAP. Kelly Sunshine is someone you would love to have a glass of wine with when you’re no longer pregnant. She is someone you feel comfortable around right from the start. She’s like an old friend, or maybe a sister you never had, who also comes with a bag of tricks to make your labor much much easier. You need her. You need her. You need her. I’m so happy I found her and that she helped me through a successful VBAC.

Candace Susanna – Posted 5/30/2016

Kelly was such an incredible asset to us before, during ,and after the delivery of our first baby on 2/28/16. My husband always understood that hiring a doula was important to me, but not until we were deep in the trenches of labor did he really understand how important her role would be in our baby’s birth story. Kelly was an awesome teacher to us from our first meeting to our super informative third- trimester check-in, to her invaluable presence on the big day. Kelly coached my husband on how to support me best over the phone when contractions started to get difficult, and her advice really got us through those hours as we labored at home. Once it was time to head to the hospital, Kelly showed up at our house and helped navigate getting us there. After getting through triage, and learning we were half way to fully dilated and ready we headed to our room. I had decided at that point that I was interested in an epidural, which was administered right away. My sometimes queasy husband was talked through how to help me with the pain of the procedure by Kelly, all while she coached me through contractions and staying still. We all got to rest for a bit once it kicked in, which we soon found out was imperative- since I ended up pushing for almost 4 hours before our baby girl came out to meet us! Kelly coached me and my hubby through all of it, she even pulled out a few tricks to help me focus and remind me how strong I really was. She also helped keep things light hearted in the room, and laughed at my husband’s corny jokes.  I can’t imagine what our delivery would have been like without her, and my husband and I highly recommend using all of Kelly’s services for anyone preparing to have a baby. We think of Kelly as family now and wouldn’t consider having another baby without her.

Kim Richard – Posted 3/20/2016

My husband and I have no regrets about hiring Kelly Sunshine to be our Doula. As first time parents we had lots of questions and some fears about what exactly would happen during the labor and delivery process. Even though we created a wonderful birth plan it was discovered at my 41 week checkup that our little guy was breached and there was not enough fluids around him to be moved around for a vaginal birth. A C-Section was now my only option. I was extremely scared and nervous about the c-section. Kelly came to the hospital right away and even though we could not practice any of the labor techniques  discussed in our 36 week birth class with Kelly, it was awesome to have her with me to calm me down and answer any questions I had. Kelly brought out the essential oils to calm my nerves and just stayed with me for emotional support. That meant so much to my husband and I. When surgery was over our little boy was handed over to my husband who then placed our baby right on my chest. Kelly immediately pulled down my gown and began to assist my son on latching on. Within the first 10 mins of my son being born Kelly already created this wonderful bonding experience for our little family. That means the world to us. While in recovery Kelly assisted my husband with questions and even changed our little ones first blowout 🙂 (daddy was trying not to let his dinner come up so Kelly gave him a pass on this one) In recovery I began to bleed alot and Kelly assisted the nurse with the bleeding. Kelly was extremely professional with each staff member even when one nurse was a little rude to us. We would highly recommend Kelly as a doula and would use no one but her for our next pregnancy! Thanks so much Kelly!

Erica Altamirano – Posted 3/16/2016

Kelly was great!  She knew all the right things to say and do, and I felt totally supported by her from start to finish!

Katie Neisen Bromley – Posted 3/16/2016

Kelly is amazing. She has been out doula for the births of both of our kids and we would never have a baby without her. She is so sweet and reassurin, the calm in the storm. The support she provided us was invaluabl. She made sure we were taken care of from the beginning of my labors until the end and she stayed with us and made sure we were fed and comfortable after the birth too. Kelly was always available to us for questions or concerns and I would recommend her services to anyone expecting a baby.

Kristi Martin – Posted 2/23/2016

I was referred to Kelly Sunshine through a friend who is a labor nurse at the Honor Health hospital on Shea and 90th. My friend’s sister-in-law had hired Kelly for her birth and had a fantastic experience. I also had a fantastic experience from start to finish. During my first meeting with Kelly, she clearly explained her services, listened to the type of birth experience I wanted (natural, unmedicated), and even provided a recommendation for a new OB since I wasn’t happy with my current one. The OB ended up being a real winner!

Throughout my pregnancy, Kelly and I would check in to make sure everything was going smoothly. A few weeks prior to my delivery, Kelly and her backup doula came to my house to go through our plan and help set my husband and I up for success as the labor started. She also brought over a pre-delivery and post-delivery kit which you can purchase for $50. For me, it was definitely worth the purchase! They also left me with pain management techniques and instructions for the big event of when to contact them and head to the hospital.

On the actual delivery day, I had a very fast labor and delivery. From the time my water broke until my son was delivered was 5 hours. Kelly met my husband and I at the hospital, and was a sight for sore eyes. I was in extreme pain since my body was moving quickly through the labor, and Kelly worked well with the nurses to get me in a tub, use massage, and help with breathing techniques. The pain was disorienting, and I don’t know if I could have done an umedicated labor if Kelly was not there to help and to tell me how close I was to being done – she’s very honest about if you can do it and are close or not.  My husband and I are truly thankful for her and happy we got the experience we wanted. Once we were back home, she checked in with us again and followed up with pictures and our birth. We would definitely hire her again for another pregnancy! She’s great!

Gabriella Young – Posted 2/11/2016

This was my first baby and I decided to hire Kelly as my doula. I was looking for someone who not only had the experience and the knowledge of what having a baby is all about but someone I was comfortable with and that I felt could keep me focused when labor came. Kelly is a true blessing. She was absolutely amazing through this whole journey and I would call her again if there is ever another child on the way. When meeting her, I instantly felt as if I had known her for years. She is professional, knows her stuff, and has a heart for what she does. Before, during, and after the birth of my daughter she was always available to help in any way.

I used Kelly for her doula and encapsulation services and I am so happy I did!

Tonya Pino – Posted 2/6/2016

As soon as we met Kelly we knew that she was going to be the perfect Doula for us!  She walked us through the process long before our baby was due, put us at ease and 100% supported our birth plan.  She was available for the numerous questions that we had before delivery and continued to be available after he was born.

During our hospital tour, the hospital staff raved about Kelly – her experience, professionalism and personal attributes, which only further confirmed what we had already known and helped to quell any presumptive nerves we had about our birth experience.

Our delivery proved to be long, challenging and completely perfect – Kelly was an amazing addition to our team of Doctors and Nurses; she worked in tandem with the hospital staff and my husband to ensure my comfort and safe delivery of our baby boy.

I cannot find the appropriate words to express our deep gratitude and admiration for Kelly – we recommemd her services with the utmost confidence.

Carey Shindler – Posted 2/6/2016

Kelly was great from the first time we met her all the way through delivery.  She listened to what we wanted and supported our wishes.  I ended up having a C-section, and was very glad Kelly was with me to help keep me calm and guide me through what was goin on step by step.  The pictures she took at delivery and birth story she wrote were also worth having her there.  We will definitely be calling Kelly the next time we’re pregnant.

Ashleigh Fall – Posted 2/5/2016

I can’t say enough good things about Kelly!  I’m a first time mom at 33 and knew that I wanted as natural a birth as possible.  I’m a pediatric ICU nurse so I wanted a hospital birth just in case baby (or momma) had any complications.  Kelly was incredible from the start and recommended by my OB, which was a huge plus as I felt they would be able to work together.  My husband had very little understanding of what a doula was or why I wanted to hire one.  Kelly was able to explain to him about her role in supporting both of us through pregnancy, labor, and birth.  I loved her from the start!  She kept in touch through the pregnancy and we attended her birth class at Premier.

Kelly was positive and smiling through every interaction we had, even when she showed up at the hospital at 5am after texting with me most of the night and getting no sleep.  She power walked with me to get labor going and let my husband take a much needed nap.  She was an incredible advocate for us in the hospital setting.  We’d had a not very positive experience with the night nurse and Kelly made sure that we got a day nurse who would respect our birth plan and choices.  She got us a waterproof and wireless fetal monitor so I could labor in the tub.  For every complaint or concern that I had, Kelly had a proactive solution and a smile.  She helped us to know what to expect and what was reasonable and within our wishes for a natural birth experience.  She gets bonus points for sitting on the bathroom floor for hours on end while I was in the tub.  Anyone considering a doula needs only to meet Kelly to know that she is an amazing addition to any birth team.  We literally could not have done it without her and I will be forever grateful for everything that she has done for us in bringing our happy healthy baby girl into the world!

Laura Cork – Posted 2/4/2016

We had our first child in August 2015, with Tracy McDougall CNM at St. Joseph’s. Kelly played such a vital role in our natural birth, we could not have done it without her. We didn’t know whether or not we actually needed a doula, but decided it couldn’t hurt. Looking back we are so glad we chose to have a doula, and now know that the team surrounding you during birth is THE most important tool you can equip yourself with. We would not have delivered vaginally if it weren’t for our awesome team. Baby’s head was just a little wonky, and she (along with our midwife and nurses) helped position me during contractions in a way that helped baby go where he needed to go. We were so blessed to have the knowledgeable people around us that day. We are forever grateful for our team.

– She supported and guided myself and my husband every step of the way, from the first phone call telling her we were in labor, to the help with his first latch to breastfeed.

– She was a sounding board the few weeks before he came, answering the silly questions I had and letting me know what signs to look for.

– She helped after he was born too, with her awesome sunshine salve and referrals to great lactation consultants.

– She is genuine, she loves what she does, and it is evident the first time you meet her that she will be your best advocate no matter what birth experience you desire.

For us, having a doula for a natural birth is the best decision we made.

Elizabeth Bates – Posted 1/20/2016

You absolutely cannot go wrong with Kelly as your doula. She wasn’t able to make it to my birth because of holiday travels but was an incredible resource for me through the end of my pregnancy. Her and Michelle worked together as a team and I always felt like they both cared about me and no matter who was going to be at my birth, I would be in great hands. My decision to pick Kelly and Michelle as my doulas was solidified when my doctor referred me to Kelly (before he knew I had already scheduled a meeting with her). I knew I was making the right choice. There were so many benefits to having a doula–from labor coaching, answering questions, supporting my husband, taking pictures, and giving me great ideas toward the end of my pregnancy. A lot of people can handle those things but it was important for me to find a doula who was fun, had a great personality, etc. I really feel fortunate to have met these women…Keep reading the reviews (like I did), meet with Kelly, and you’ll see for yourself!!! AMAZING experience!
Lyndsay Mancini – Posted 1/16/2016

Words cannot describe the amount of support and care we received from Kelly. I hired Kelly after we decided to try a natural birth for baby #3. She took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and helped to make my ideal birth a reality. She made herself available to answer all of my questions and even responded to 3am texts from me while she was on vacation! During labor she was consistently one step ahead of us and knew what I wanted or needed before I even had to ask. I didn’t even have to ask for towels when getting out of the tub! I had a very quick, intense labor and without Kelly’s encouragement I doubt I would have made it through. Kelly made me so comfortable and was amazing at taking control of the situation so I didn’t have to think about anything. I am a pretty quiet person so I was embarrassed when labor was becoming intense and I could no longer hide my pain, but she was so encouraging and reassured me I could do it! She was so knowledgeable about the labor process and when we decided an induction was best, she contacted my provider to find out what the induction plan was. She also stayed in contact with the hospital so we would have a better idea as to when we’d be called in. It was so amazing to know what to expect before heading in. she made what could have been a very scary/stressful situation into something so relaxing and exciting. She worked so well with all of my providers and hospital staff. She even made sure I had a meal on its way before she left for the day. I would never attempt a natural labor again without knowing Kelly was going to be by my side. She’s an amazingly caring and giving person. She made my son’s birth day such a special experience for me and my husband. I feel so blessed to have gotten the chance to have Kelly with us for my son’s birth.
Whitney Barkley – Posted 1/13/2016

It is hard to put into words how amazing our experience with Kelly was throughout the pregnancy and after our delivery. Kelly was there any time I needed her to field the numerous questions I had about the most important moment of my life. Her experience helped me navigate through the copious amounts of information that is thrown at you when you are pregnant and have a newborn. She helped me come up with the birth plan and make educated decisions that were the best for my husband, the baby, and me. Kelly was there to make sure we were as prepared as we could be in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Both my husband and I felt like she was part of the family. It is clear with through our experience that Kelly truly loves helping moms through the pregnancy journey. It shows in how she treats and cares for the families she works with and her commitment to staying on top of all the information around pregnancy and childbirth that is out there today. She may be working with multiple moms, but you will feel like you are the only one! I have already recommended her to anyone I know that is pregnant and will continue to do so.
Sara Circosta – Posted 1/3/2016

I was a high risk VBAC after a very traumatic c-section with my son only 16 months earlier. Kelly was an invaluable asset to my successful VBAC and overall delivery. Kelly was available 24 hours a day for questions and updates the weeks leading up to my delivery. She was always earnestly interested in how I was doing and the progression of my pregnancy. Kelly came to my home and labored with me in preparation for the hospital and gave excellent advice regarding what to expect and how to receive the care I wanted from the nurses and hospital staff. Once in labor and at the hospital Kelly was an expert at knowing what positions and motions would alleviate pain. She breathed with me through each contraction especially as they became more and more intense, even when I was upset Kelly was calm and reassuring. Kelly took the most beautiful pictures of my daughter’s first moments, pictures I treasure and would not have otherwise. Kelly came by after we came home and checked in on how both baby and I were doing and transitioning. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone but especially first time moms and anyone interested in attempting a VBAC. We will not hesitate to hire Kelly again for all of our subsequent pregnancies.
Anna Boone – Posted 12/20/2015

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Kelly as our doula. Her practical support for our home birth made our experience easy, and stress free. She facilitated communication with our providers, which was a big help, provided comforting words of encouragement, and a relaxing presence, while ensuring that we always had everything we needed. Before the birth, Kelly’s resources within the community were invaluable, and I can’t thank her enough for her wisdom and steadfast presence when we needed her most.
Jennifer Valencia – Posted 12/16/2015

I decided very early on in my pregnancy that I wanted a drug-free vaginal delivery. Though I would have been happy to deliver in a birthing center, my husband was more comfortable with a hospital environment. I had many misgivings about my ability to successfully have the experience I wanted with my initial care provider and hospital, and knew I needed to find a good doula if I had any chance of delivering according to plan. I was referred to Kelly and after our initial consultation my husband and I were both so impressed — she was knowledgeable, patient, incredibly thorough, and completely understood the type of experience we wanted. Because I was concerned about the possible outcome of my birth with my initial provider, Kelly was also able to help me find one that better fit my birth plan.  Despite everything I read about an unmedicated birth, there really isn’t anything that prepared me for what it would be like in reality. In addition to a long labor, my little babe was turned in a funny position which was slowing down my progress — Kelly’s patience and expertise enabled us to get the baby to turn (using many different labor positions), and her calm yet sturdy presence was incredibly reassuring for both me and my husband. I felt like even though I had no idea what I was doing, Kelly knew exactly what was happening and I was totally comfortable relying on her to guide me through it. At every point in the process, I felt like Kelly was looking out for me. Without question, I owe my entire birth experience to Kelly. She was amazing and I will be forever grateful for her dedication, presence and support.
Doran Miller – Posted 12/8/2015

Kelly is, simply put, amazing. This September, Kelly was with me during the birth of my son, just as she was when I had my daughter almost 2 years ago. I can’t imagine giving birth without her by my side. Her calm, loving, encouraging and strong presence has always made me feel comfortable and relaxed from our first meeting well over 2 years ago; all important things for a pregnant mama, especially in the throes of labor. I always feel like she reads my body better than I do myself. In fact, my husband who was very hesitant to hire a doula the first time around, told me to hurry up and make sure Kelly was available for our second birth, once we found out we were expecting! During labor, she anticipates what positions and techniques work best to relax me and let my body do its thing.
This time around, our little guy was ready to come out, but my water hadn’t broken and was in the way. After waiting well over an hour (or was it two?) for the on-call doc (not my OB) to come and break my water, Kelly kept my spirits up through very incredibly intense contractions, as well as working with the nurses in figuring out where the doc was. Doc finally arrived, broke my water and in less than 3 minutes, my body was ready to PUSH and baby started heading out; even though the doc and nurses had stepped out! Kelly almost had to deliver my little guy herself! Literally, his head was out and she kept her hand on him while the med team ran back in to catch him. Needless to say it was fast and intense, and I honestly could not have held it together without Kelly to advocate for me when I was preoccupied. I ended up spending the next hour in repairs with my not-so-favorite doc, who was urging me to agree to meds and repairs in the OR! Kelly was able to help me focus and breathe through some intense repair-work enabling me to continue med-free and stay with my baby.
For me, giving birth without Kelly is just not an option.
Aletheia Wong – Posted 12/8/2015

My experience with Kelly was so positive it’s hard to put into words! When I decided I wanted a vaginal birth after having 2 c-sections, I knew that I would need to hire a doula to increase my odds of a successful vbac. Kelly was recommended to me and happened to live close by which was convenient. Kelly already had a relationship established with my provider and everyone at the office was excited when I mentioned I had hired her as my doula. My goal was to have a non-medicated birth and to labor at home as long as possible before heading to the hospital. After going into labor, Kelly and I were in contact throughout the day. Kelly made suggestions of things I could do to get things going like taking a walk, etc. When things progressed, Kelly came to my home to support me. When my labor was kind of stalling, Kelly showed me a series of positions to labor in that really got things going. I was really nervous about being able to handle the pain since I was begging for an epidural as I walked into the hospital to have my first child. Kelly helped me so much through my contractions with breathing and counter pressure, I really don’t think I could have done it without her. She helped me decide when it was time to leave for the hospital and made suggestions about how to keep me comfortable in the car with my contractions so close together at that point. We arrived at the hospital and my baby was in my arms less than 45 minutes later! She got a few really nice photos that I will always cherish. Every time I think of my son’s beautiful birth story I will think of Kelly and smile. I would recommend her to everyone!
Amanda Huntington – Posted 11/22/2015

I have a very supportive team I wanted in with me. Because I wanted such a large team (with my husband, mother, 2 sister in laws and a friend that is a labor and delivery nurse), I wasn’t certain a doula would be needed. Needless to say, hiring Kelly was the best decision we ever made!
We were able to get a foley bulb and labor at home as long as possible. The peace Kelly brought to the home along with the positioning help, skill and experience and resource bag of goodies (peppermint aromatherapy type stuff is great with nausea). The hospital was very full and they had to keep me in triage for a bit before getting me a room. I was 7 at this point and could not have handled this or any of the labor without Kelly’s hip squeezes or help. We had a bad experience with the triage nurse who ended up being my labor and delivery RN. Kelly collaborated with my husband and kindly helped to advocate and get me a new nurse. The new RN was terrific and willing to collaborate with us. The initial RN was very uncomfortable with an unmedicated birth. One of the many things I found amazing is how calm Kelly was, yet able to advocate and collaborate with the hospital staff. I was also very impressed how everyone was able to play a role in my labor and delivery as I desired with Kelly’s fantastic team work! Kelly flowed with what we wanted and I couldn’t be more pleased!!!
The pictures she captured are professional and INCREDIBLE! She captured the story and we are soooo happy to have these pictures!!! I would not be breast feeding today if Kelly had not identified a solution. During a post-partum visit I explained the problem I was having with breast feeding. Kelly immediately identified that our son was lounge tied!! Kelly helped me to get to a lactation specialist the next day and the problem was able to be immediately solved! Kelly is with a million dollars as a person and doula!!!
Carrie Foster – Posted 11/13/2015

Kelly was our doula for our second baby and our experience with her was amazing. She personifies patience and calm. She guided and reassured us through days and DAYS of early labor that could have been extremely frustrating and exhausting, but having Kelly’s knowledge and confidence got us through.
In the delivery room, her knowledge and experience were apparent as she coached my breathing, watched me for cues that things were changing, and assisted with changing positions and moving around the room when we needed to. She was right there with what we needed exactly when we needed it. She made very helpful suggestions and helped us understand our options clearly and patiently when we needed it. We are so thankful for the birth experience we had and we owe it, in large part, to Kelly.
Sarah Allison – Posted 10/28/2015

Kelly Sunshine was invaluable during the birth of our daughter August 2015. She’s such a pro and by far the best we interviewed and compared to the doula we used during the birth of our first child. Several of my friends and a family member all have had rave reviews for Kelly. I delivered at Scottsdale Shea where many of the L&D nurses and OBs are not overly friendly with doulas, but Kelly had obviously earned their respect. Specifically, one of my nurses commented after delivery that she typically wants nothing to do with a doula but Kelly was an exception. Kelly is professional. She came quickly to my labor and I believe helped expedite the process so I was able to keep up my strength and stamina for an unmedicated birth. Kelly was our advocate. She helped us communicate with the hospital staff throughout delivery and post, without ever being overbearing. We are grateful to have had Kelly by our side. Thank you Kelly!
Sarah Wolfswinkel – Posted 10/15/2015

I would recommend hiring a doula to all expecting moms-to-be.  And the doula to hire would be Kelly Sunshine! When my friend Teri recommended Kelly to me, I didn’t even know what a doula was.  She filled me in, and then I set up a time to meet this doula and learn more.  Well, 2 minutes into our initial meeting I was sold. Kelly is a football fan, and that was good enough for me!  In addition to that, Kelly is confident, competent, and caring.  I knew I would be in good hands with her. And my husband was thrilled to have her there with us on the big day to be our birth advocate.

Kelly was a HUGE help during labor and delivery.  She totally took over – interacting with the nurses and helping to carry out my birth plan as I desired.  Beyond the expected doula services, she took the time to photograph the experience and write up a birth story that I will cherish forever.

We loved Kelly – the peace of mind she brought to John and I along the way was something you just can’t put a price tag on!
Brooke Schohl  – Posted 10/13/2015

My experience with Kelly was nothing short of amazing. She attended our home birth of our 2nd baby girl, she was in contact with us the entire time from the point of my water breaking to active labor. When we needed her she got to the house fast. She started helping me through my contractions, applying back pressure and reassurance with every step. Kelly captured all the hard, beautiful, amazing moments of labor and the birth, I will be able to look back and cherish these moments because of Kelly. She helped baby girl with her first latch and helped me get to and from the bathroom as needed. Kelly also did our placenta encapsulation.  She was quick and had it done and delivered within 24 hours!! Anyone would be thankful to have someone so caring, sweet and attentive as Kelly to attend their birth, she is truly an amazing doula!
Lindsay Nairn – Posted 10/6/2015

I knew that I wanted to have a different and positive experience with my second daughter. I was referred to Kelly by a friend. I contacted Kelly and she responded to me right away. I told explained to her that I was extremely terrified from my previous birth of having two blood transfusions and more. Kelly was reassuring that evert birth is different. We met at my house to go over everything and what her role/mine/my husbands. Kelly was by my side the entire way. Very calm. Very reassuring and positive. I would recommend Kelly to EVERYONE that I know who will be giving birth! She is Awesome!! Birth experience was wonderful! We also got a chance to do the placenta encapsulation. I had no problem with milk supply and definitely helped my moods!
Thank you Kelly!
Danielle and Josh – Posted 9/29/2015

Kelly was wonderful. Unfortunately, my experience did not go as planned, even though Kelly tried everything she could. I had to have a C-section but even during this process Kelly helped immensely, she even took pictures of the C-section. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a doula!!
Serina Malouff – Posted 8/18/2015

This was my fourth birth and second time with Kelly. She is amazing. Does everything you need and more to get you in the positions to help labor progress. She is a great person. I highly recommend her.
Darcy Stravitz – Posted 7/28/2015

Kelly was AMAZING!!! It was a busy week for Kelly as I was one of 5 moms who delivered that week in a 4 day stretch (2nd to go in to labor but last to deliver). Kelly checked in with me every day, called to give words of advice, offered to come by, and was there for me when I reached out to her. She spent a day in triage with me early on in the process walking the halls and doing various things to try and get my labor to progress. I was worried about when to head back to the hospital, and she encouraged me I would know. 3 days later I knew! My husband called her on our way to the hospital. She called my OB and the hospital to let them know I was coming in as I have a history of very quick labors once they progress. She was at triage within 15 minutes of me arriving and pushed to get me moved to the labor room so I could get in the tub. It was a very long and tiring week for me (8 days total of on and off early labor) and I wanted so badly to give up once my active labor started but she encouraged me, prayed with me, anointed me with essential oils, and talked me through each intense contraction. She empowered me to do what she knew I could do, even though I thought I couldn’t. She advocated for me to the nurses regarding my birth plan, and spoke up for me when I was focused on my labor and couldn’t for myself. 2 hours later my sweet, healthy daughter arrived at 37 weeks at 8 lbs 4 oz. Kelly captured the most amazing pictures, one in particular where I am catching her and pulling her to my chest as she was born. It is the most incredible action shot! I used Kelly for both of my births, and if we end up having another, I will without a doubt be using her again!!!
Ruth Pause – Posted 7/14/2015

We were initially planning on having our baby at Babymoon Inn. Being that I am 42, I wanted to ensure that, if we did end up having a hospital birth, that I would have ample support in that setting as well. I loved that Kelly came to our house and met me and Chris—he immediately approved and we felt comfortable choosing Kelly. We remained in contact with her throughout the pregnancy, just to let her know how things were going. I felt that I could contact her as much or as little as I liked. We then had a second meeting at our house not long before the baby came. We had been doing classes through Babymoon Inn and had taken a five week Hypnobirthing course, but Kelly coming over and doing some activities with us made us feel more confident and ready. We had some issues that necessitated a change in delivery plans. Kelly was calm and helped me make decisions that I think really kept us on track for a natural birth, even though it would be at Scottsdale Osborn. Days later I went into labor. I labored by myself for a few hours and then Kelly came to the house. I know that for my fiancé that was an enormous relief. And for me- I felt like I could not have gotten through the contractions without her. I really valued her help because I was having a hard time taking deep slow breaths and I really needed some coaching. We made it to the hospital just in time and Kelly was invaluable there, too. She helped me with pushing, with handling the pain of the contractions, and with voicing all of the things that were important to me – natural childbirth, skin-to-skin contact right after delivery, not bathing the baby, etc. I feel like everything went as it should have because we surrounded ourselves with people who were supportive of our birth plan. We really feel so grateful to Kelly. I would choose her a thousand times over!
Lori Dillon – Posted 7/5/2015

I had always envisioned that when I did get pregnant and give birth, I would do so naturally and drug- free. However, as the years passed and I heard stories from other acquaintances who had given birth, I started to doubt whether giving going the drug- free route was even possible. I was lucky enough to join a prenatal yoga class and be introduced to the concept of a doula early in my second trimester. As I looked further into what a doula was, I realized what a great asset that would be for our family. We were referred to Kelly Sunshine, and from the moment my husband and I met with Kelly we knew she was the right fit for us! We were able to achieve our ideal birth for our first son, and I don’t think it would have been possible without Kelly’s help. She was there for us every step of the way during my pregnancy and we couldn’t have asked for more! I highly recommend Kelly Sunshine!
Mona Mhatre – Posted 6/30/2015

We had a great experience with Kelly Sunshine. As first time parents we did not know how our labor and delivery would unfold, but knew that we needed support and encouragement to achieve a safe and healthy delivery. Kelly provided answers to our questions and helped us set realistic expectations for our baby’s arrival as well as the postpartum period. She was always supportive and I believe she was a large part of my peace of mind leading up to the delivery as well as during it. We would highly recommend Kelly as a Doula.
Abigail Drachenberg – Posted 6/29/2015

Kelly came highly recommended by a friend who had worked with her and after meeting Kelly at 6 weeks pregnant, we were so excited to work with her ourselves. Kelly was so supportive throughout labor and delivery and was always excited for an update pre-labor and delivery. Knowing she’d be with us during L&D gave us such peace of mind leading up to it and we were not disappointed. Kelly worked so well with hospital staff and was so wonderful in helping us. My husband described having her with as having a sister who was also a nurse with us in the room. Kelly engaged with us when needed but also hung back during times, as well, allowing my husband and I to have some time, too. While we had originally planned on having an unmedicated delivery, I knew a few weeks before I delivered that I would need to have an epidural for medical reasons. Kelly was so knowledgeable about that process and was able to help position and move me appropriately once I got the epidural so that we were able to avoid a c-section. After birth, Kelly was so helpful with breastfeeding for the first time and made sure we were settled before she left. Her follow up visit to our home was much needed–her reassurance and knowledge once again put me at ease. Finally, the birth pictures she took were just amazing. They captured things I didn’t remember and I didn’t even notice her taking them. While this is not the reason I will absolutely have Kelly at my next birth, I can’t imagine not having these pictures and could not be more grateful for the way she unobtrusively captured the incredible moments that she did. I HIGHLY recommend working with Kelly, and my husband (who was not initially sold on the idea of hiring a doula) could not agree more. We are so grateful for Kelly’s natural and strong nurturing and her incredible knowledge and comfort with the L&D process and her ability to support us.
Nina Tinsley – Posted 6/24/2015

Kelly was recommended to me by a friend who had used her several months earlier for her son’s birth. We hadn’t really thought about having a doula or even really knew what a doula was but our friends (who had unexpected birth plan complications) said they really needed her guidance and couldn’t have done it without her. So that made up our mind. We met with Kelly a few times and she was always available via text. She provided resources to us and really helped us prepare for the big day! We went into labor a little less than a week before our due date and Kelly was right there every step of the way! She helped me get through a long and arduous labor and delivery (26 hours!) And helped guide some decisions that were not part of my birth plan. As parents we always want to do what is best for the baby and sometimes you need someone to tell you it’s ok to do something for yourself. I know my fiancé appreciated her support and at times I wasn’t sure I’d have been able to get through it without her. One of my favorite parts is being able to look back on our birth story and photos (which Kelly took throughout) of the labor and delivery that I will always be able to reflect back on. Not only was Kelly there for the birth of our son but she has been able to provide post partum resources for chiropractic care and lactation. Coming home from the hospital was just as challenging as the birth and we needed help to get our new family on track. We have been surrounded by a vast circuit of knowledge and experience that I would have never known about had I not met Kelly. I will be forever grateful for everything she has done for us!
Jenifer Dubay – Posted 6/24/2015

Kelly was my doula for the recent birth of my first child and I highly recommend that if you are even somewhat interested in using a doula’s services, that you contact Kelly. Like all first-time parents, my husband and I were nervous about our daughter’s birth. Having Kelly by our side to assist us during this very exciting, yet nerve-wracking time, was such an immense help. Kelly is so genuine and warm and I felt an immediate connection with her. After telling Kelly that I was having some reservations regarding my original doctor, she assisted us in finding a new doctor and birth place that was more in line with the type of birth experience that my husband and I hoped to have. Kelly also helped us to find an excellent childbirth class to participate in. Prior to our daughter’s birth, Kelly assisted my husband and I in creating our birth plan and she also met with us to help us prepare for our upcoming birth and to answer any questions that we had. One thing that I found particularly helpful was that Kelly discussed what I could expect postpartum and she created a postpartum kit, which I purchased from her at-cost. It was so helpful to not have to figure out what I would need during my recovery period and I appreciated being able to purchase the items from her, rather than having to shop around. Due to some complications with my health, my birth experience did not go as planned, but Kelly provided a very reassuring presence and helped me reach my goal of having a vaginal birth. Kelly provided a beautiful birth story for my husband and I, which was invaluable, since my memory of my labor and delivery is quite fuzzy due to my health issues and the medication that I had to be put on. My husband and I both agree that Kelly’s services were worth every single penny and that if we ever have another baby, we hope that she will be our doula once again.
Candice Rodgers – Posted 6/4/2015

Our experience with Kelly Sunshine was wonderful and everything we hoped it would be. Kelly was extremely personable and positive. She was very receptive to our wishes and made sure that our birth plan was carried out as best as possible. Kelly provided very solid and reassuring guidance prior to the birth; her experience is obvious. During the birth, she was there when we needed her, both during the time in hospital and leading up to hospital admission. She was our advocate and or motivator. With her assistance, we were able to have a completely natural birth. Although the birth of our daughter was very rapid, Kelly gave us coping tools and pain management techniques that were critical in getting through the experience successfully and positively. Kelly also took amazing pictures during the labor experience, and we now have those to treasure and look back upon. After our daughter arrived, Kelly took the time to help with the first breastfeeding, and she also made sure that my husband and I were taken care of and comfortable in the hospital setting. Kelly continued to follow-up with us in the days following the birth to make sure that everything was going well. Kelly was an integral part of our pregnancy and delivery of our daughter and we would absolutely have her be part of future birthing experiences!
Kristen Phair – Posted 6/4/2015

Our experience with Kelly was wonderful. She is down to earth, warm, friendly, listens very well and is very knowledgeable. Our desire was to have a natural, unmedicated labor and delivery. This was our first baby and my husband and I firmly believe that we could not have achieved this goal without the help of Kelly. She guided us through each phase of labor. She was calm, yet assertive and proactive. She coached my husband to allow him to be as much support to me as he could. She proactively gave suggestions for each part of labor to both help cope with the pain, but also to ensure labor continued to progress. She is also so knowledgeable about the hospital systems that she was able to guide us through what to expect, and be an advocate for our preferences. We are so thankful that we found Kelly and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. We couldn’t have been more happy with her!
Marie Beskar – Posted 6/4/2015

Kelly was a godsend. She could not have been more supportive throughout the entire process. She was our sounding board and our advocate during labor. We don’t know what we would have done without her. Her coaching during the labor pain was invaluable. It was super helpful to have an expert tell us what positions to get in to help labor progress. If we are able to conceive again, she will be our first call!
Kristi Murphy – Posted 6/2/2015

Kelly did such an amazing job!! I felt prepared for when my labor would begin and she was there for me every step of the way! I ended up getting induced 7 days after my due date but Kelly was supportive and helped to calm my nerves when my birth plan wasn’t going as planned. on the drive home from the hospital I received the pictures she took and I can’t explain how amazing they were! I would pay thousands of dollars to have the experience that I had with Kelly!
Morgan Horn – Posted 5/24/2015

Choosing Kelly as our doula was one of the best decisions that we made during my pregnancy with our son. Kelly is such a sweet, kind, knowledgeable person. During our first meeting, she really listened to what we were looking for, and even though we were still interviewing other doulas, she offered up so many suggestions including recommending we look into a different hospital and OB group that might better fit the vision I had for birth. I left the first meeting feeling incredibly relieved- I have a lot of anxiety regarding hospitals and part of the reason I’d been seeking a natural birth is that I was afraid of all of the medical interventions that can occur during a pregnancy, especially labor and delivery. Just having met with Kelly and talked with her gave me a sense that things were going to be okay. We ended up meeting the the OB and midwife team she’d recommended and making the switch was an easy choice, as was deciding to hire Kelly.
People have always told me that labor never goes the way you plan, and that was extremely true in my case. Having the support from Kelly was invaluable. She was there with us throughout the entire labor and delivery process, helping me work through contractions, reassuring and encouraging me, giving suggestions for things we could try to work through labor. She was supportive of the decisions I made during labor, and helped me to feel confident that the choices that I was making were the right choices for me. Kelly had such a great working relationship with many of the staff at the hospital (Del Webb)- you can tell that she has worked with a lot of the staff there and they really respect her.
We also had her encapsulate my placenta, and she was very timely in getting the capsules back to me- I really recommend this service; I really do feel a difference in energy level and mood.
We are so thankful for Kelly, I would choose her again in a heartbeat. We very strongly recommend her as a doula!
Courtney Bach – Posted 5/12/2015

I had the most amazing experience with Kelly and I couldn’t have done it with out her. She was very professional from the beginning to the end and even after. Even when she had to send another Doula to help get my labor coaching going due to another client’s water breaking, she was present as soon as possible! Kelly was very informative and always put me at ease. She answered all my questions and had a helpful kit of goodies for before and after my pregnancy. I would highly recommend her to anyone and I would love to work with her again when I have another baby.
Casey Padilla – Posted 5/11/2015
Kelly helped me deliver by baby boy in December 2013. This comment is way passed due, but i haven’t forgot about my experience. My plan was to have my baby naturally and we choose Kelly as our doula. I have to say, many times during labor, i almost gave up and asked for drugs, but Kelly was there to remind me about my plan and kept me strong. She massaged me and helped me all night in the hospital. I have to say that i give Kelly 10+ for all her support during my pregnancy and especially during delivery. I would highly recommend Kelly to any expecting mom.
Elma Bolic – Posted 5/4/2015

Words can’t even describe how lucky we felt to have Kelly at our birth. Her knowledge, experience, and awesome personality made me feel so much more confident that I could have the birth experience I wanted. I am almost positive that we would not have had an epidural free labor without her help. She knew what positions to put me in to help baby move along and to help me dilate further. Although my husband was a huge emotional support for me in labor, simply knowing that Kelly was there by my side gave me more strength to push through the hard parts. After my son was born she stuck around for a little bit to make sure we got breastfeeding started and that we were doing ok. She even ordered us dinner! When we first discussed getting a doula, my husband was supportive but a little weary of the necessity of it. After our experience with Kelly, there is no way he would let us have another baby without one. Kelly is the type of person who you feel like you will have a life long friendship with because she was such an important part of our baby’s birth. You can’t put a price on the beautiful labor experience that Kelly helped us have. We hope she will be there for the next!
Sarah Johnson – Posted 5/1/2015

Kelly’s doula services exceeded our expectations. She was there from beginning to end and she did a great job making sure I had what I needed at the birth. I wasn’t thrilled about having a hospital birth – that was the compromise I reached with my husband, but my requirement was that Kelly had to be there. She absolutely got me through the birth without pain meds and I know I couldn’t have done it without her. She did this amazing massage pressure technique on my legs and feet which totally got me through all of the contractions until I was ready to push. And I loved that she took pictures of the birth; she returned to the hospital the next day with the disc of originals and copies of all the photos. I would highly, highly recommend Kelly Sunshine as your doula!
Karen Richman – Posted 3/28/2015

Kelly was a last-minute stand-in while our doula was at another birth. We were introduced over the phone while my contractions were 3-minutes apart, and she immediately was able to assess the situation and start coaching me right away. She met us at the hospital and was a gentle but firm support all the way through, reminding me of how to breathe (and TO breathe) during contractions. She went above and beyond with her support during my labor and got me through a natural birth that I didn’t think I could do. Even after our doula got to the hospital, Kelly stayed to the end and helped out with the first feeding. There are no other words for her but AMAZING!
Liz R. – Posted 3/26/2015

Kelly is amazing! I must say some magical things happened in my life after becoming pregnant and Kelly was one of them. It all started with a Prenatal yoga class (highly recommend). In this class, I met so many wonderful ladies including the instructor – Erin Buggy. She taught me breathing techniques, how to relax, and most of all she taught me about doulas. Erin and some of the women in my prenatal yoga class recommended Kelly Sunshine and I couldn’t be more grateful. I wasn’t sure if I needed a doula at first but upon my first visit with Kelly, I knew I didn’t want my birth experience to go any other way. Kelly was available for every question during my pregnancy. She came over and met my husband and we became a birthing team! She was very excited about our experience and her excitement was genuine. She recommended an amazing doctor and midwife. I seriously couldn’t thank her enough for this referral. Kelly knows many doctors, nurses, and hospitals and has good rapport with the staff from hospitals in the valley. This made it super easy during the hustle and bustle of delivery because she knew my birth plan and helped guide the process seamlessly. I am still amazed at the experience and how calming and supportive she was. Kelly took amazing photos all while cheering me through every push. I highly recommend Kelly Sunshine – I kept telling her she is underpaid for the work that she does. She literally teaches you how to ride each contraction like a wave and push like a pro. I will certainly be calling her for my next baby!
Jenna Alexander – Posted 3/19/2015

In my initial meeting with Kelly, I was impressed by her connections with the staff at local hospitals. I loved working with her because she was my advocate for natural childbirth and advised me on what to expect before, during and after labor. Her communication is great and she is a pleasure to work with. During my labor I felt completely comfortable with her and she kept me calm from beginning to end. Even my family was impressed with her. Our photos turned out beautifully too. I recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a doula, she truly is the complete package. My husband and I are forever grateful to her.
Stephanie Barriga – Posted 2/11/2015

Kelly’s pain management techniques and coaching had a profound impact on the drug-free labor and delivery of our son. I never entertained the thought of taking drugs throughout the experience and am so glad that Kelly was there working with the medical staff to respect my wishes. We often refer friends to Kelly knowing her passion for her work will allow them the same wonderful experience we enjoyed.
Kristy & Tim Bidwill – Posted 2/6/2015

We are so grateful for everything Kelly did for us. She was a huge help to me in coping with early labor and deciding when to head to the hospital. That was really the major factor in my short easy hospital stay. The pictures and birth story she provided for us were lovely and will be treasured forever.
Jennefer Deiley – Posted 1/26/2015

Kelly was the best!!! I could not have don’t it without her support, she was beyond what I even imagined. She gave me the strength and encouragement I needed and I trusted her completely throughout the entire experience. I would recommend her over and over!!!
Natalie Rose Leroux Ochoa – Posted 1/26/2015

Kelly Sunshine was just amazing. I could have gotten through my birth without her but I could not have had the wonderful experience I had or gotten as far as I did without medication without her. Kelly made me feel comfortable about my pregnancy, and provided me with an abundance of information to help me through it. She was always there for me when I needed her, and when the big day finally arrived my husband and myself could not have imagined our our birth without her. Kelly provided both my husband and myself with the support we needed to get through our very long birthing process. She also captured moments by photograph that we never would have gotten if it wasn’t for her. Not only was Kelly amazing during my labor and birth but after I delivered she stayed with me for several hours to help, and also encapsalated my placenta for me. I will recommend Kelly to every momma I know so that they can have as wonderful of a birth as I did thanks to Kelly and my wonderful team of people.
Lena Pierce – Posted 1/19/2015

I have now had the privelege of Kelly’s company at two births. I could not have done either without her. I mean, technically, yes I could have – but she makes the experience SO much better. She is not only knowlegable about birth and labor but she is as sweet and kind of person as they come. It is like having your best friend with you. She is calm, reassuring, and has a wealth of knowlege to share when it comes to birthing babies. You will not regret your decision to use Kelly should you choose to. She is truly a ray of sunshine when you need it most! 🙂
Mandy Shelley – Posted 1/8/2015

This is the second time I’ve used Kelly’s doula services and both times I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes. This labor ended up being 14 hours and Kelly was with me for 12 of the hours, from 1am to 1pm. She never left my side and I felt very cared for and supported the whole time. My labor was incredibly intense for the last 4 hours and she really helped me get through it and acheive my goal of an unmedicated delivery. I don’t know if I would have gotten through it as well as I did without her. I would recommend her services to anyone.
R Nicolle Moshiri – Posted 1/6/2015

My husband initially resisted the idea of a doula attending our birth. He felt that I must not want or need him there if I wanted a doula, even though he knew it was my plan to have a natural childbirth experience. He’s had 3 children with his former wife, but all were induced and assisted with an epidural. He’s a doctor, and could not understand why I’d want to do it naturally when there are drugs to help with the pain. But, I knew I wanted to use the contractions to help my labor progress. And that it did. My water broke around 1030 PM and 6 hours later I was holding my baby boy in my arms. It was an amazing experience to watch my hubby tear up in amazement as he watched my body do what it was intended to do. I wouldn’t change a thing, and neither would he. He has since said that without Kelly he couldn’t have helped coach me. He’s already put an order in for a little girl. Surely we won’t do it without Kelly!
Kelly- Thank you so much for having the confidence in me that at times I didn’t have in myself. You certainly have found your calling!
Amy Edwards – Posted 12/11/2014

I can’t possibly recommend Kelly enough. My husband and I were planning on having a natural birth and prepared for several months. We were excited to hire Kelly to help us through the labor process. About 3 weeks before our due date, I was diagnosed with severe IUGR and learned that I would be having a c section. With less then 48 hours notice, Kelly helped me prepare for the c section, walked me through the process, kept me calm, met me at the hospital, and stayed by my side throughout the entire process, from check-in until our baby was nursing in my arms. She was a source of strength and made what would have otherwise been a terriifying experience into a beautiful and memorable birth.
Liz Navran Goodman – Posted 11/16/2014

My wife and I used Kelly as a doula last year for the birth of our son. Not only was she knowledgeable and confident in what she was doing, but she was also very attentive, caring and compassionate. What really stood out to me was our experience the day of our son’s birth. From the time my wife went into labor at lunch time, until his birth at 4 the next morning, she didn’t leave her side. When I arrived home from work after my wife’s labor pains started, she explained to me what was going on, what I needed to do to comfort my wife, and Kelly was constantly massaging and making sure she was as comfortable and encouraging as possible. She told us when it was time to go to the hospital, and once we arrived she truly took charge. And as a first time father, that was extremely helpful because I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. When we first checked her in, Kelly was by her side. She did not feel our initial nurse was taking good enough care of my wife, and suggested that I ask for another one. I did and we were well taken care of afterward. We spent several hours in L&D, Kelly never left my wife or my side. If either of us needed anything, she delegated someone else in our family to take care of it. She treated us like VIP’s and I would absolutely use her for future births. No doubt she’s one of if not the absolute best at what she does!
Jeremy Foster – Posted 10/19/2014

My husband (Ryan), and I, hired Kelly Sunshine to be our doula for the birth of our first child. We interviewed a few doulas and immediately felt a connection with Kelly. During my pregnancy, Kelly was a great help meeting with us to discuss our birth plan and was available to answer any questions we had regarding our pregnancy. While we desired a natural birth with our daughter, after laboring for 26 hours, a c-section was medically necessary. Kelly coached us through a long and hard labor and was there to help guide us through the medical decisions we had to make along the way. I cannot imagine going through labor without her! Not only was Kelly with us each step of the way during the birth, but we also made a lifelong friend in her! Kelly also provided other services, including encapsulating my placenta, which she did in a timely manner, and I believe greatly helped my postpartum recovery. We will without a doubt hire Kelly again for the birth of future children!
Hannah Jones – Posted 10/6/2014

Our labor and delivery was the best, most memorable experience. Without the support of Kelly we would have been on edge the entire time. We would have spent our energy on trying to understand what was happening with each hour and each decision we were asked to make and probably wondering if we were doing everything right. Instead, my husband was able to fully support me and I was able to be completely present to mysef and the delivery. I would recommend Kelly a hundred times over and if I we could do it all over again both my husband and I would absolutely have her by our side. I feel very lucky that we were introduced to her. She was like an angel – she came when we needed her and carried us through the most challenging part of my pregnancy – the delivery of our beautiful, healthy baby boy.
Julie Crone – Posted 10/5/2014

I had an ideal labor and birth experience, thanks entirely to Kelly Sunshine. She was by my side for 16 hours, I don’t think I ever even noticed her leave to use the restroom! She supported me, and fought to bring my birth plan to reality, even through a long, tough labor with several complications. She worked with me to get my baby to turn mid labor, when all of the nurses were doubting we would be able to continue without some sort of intervention.
She worked extraordinally well with all of the labor and delivery nurses as well as with my OBGYN. They said that due to tough positioning, if I had given in and gotten an epidural (which i certainly would have without Kelly’s support), my birth would have almost certainly ended in cesarian section. I owe my natural and successful delivery 100% to Kelly! After birth, I received compliments from literally every single nurse as well as from my OB about how wonderful Kelly is. Not only is she an amazing advocate for her client, she respects and works well with the hospital team, making everyone happy!
My husband felt so safe and secure having Kelly by my side. He felt helpless seeing his wife in such pain, and Kelly was able to explain what was going on to him, as well as tell him how he could help me! If anyone has a desire to birth naturally, I would very highly recommend working with Kelly. For me, I can say that 100% without a doubt, my birth story would have been very, very different without her. Baby, mom and dad are all blissfully happy and healthy, and we owe everything to Kelly.
Taryn Greenman – Posted 9/28/2014

When i first found out I was pregnant I knew right away I wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth. I wanted to experiences all the feelings, good or bad, that came along with bringing my baby into the world. I had never even really heard of a doula before until an aquantance of mine told me about her experience with one, and how it made her birth what it was. I reasearched for several days until I came across Kelly’s page and something about her clicked with me. After first meeting with Kelly I felt like my dreams of a perfect birth were so much more in reach than before. Throughout my pregnancy Kelly was always available to talk to and had answers to my questions. When the time finally came to labor Kelly was there by my side the entire time using all the tools and techniques she knew that made each contraction managable. She took me through each surge one at a time, and assured me that with when each passing surge I was that much closer to meeting my baby. Not only was Kelly a support to me she was also a huge support to my husband, I don’t know how many times since delivery my husband has said “thank goodness for Kelly,” I had an amazing birth team between my midwife, husband and Kelly and I truely beleive that if it wasn’t for all three my birth wouldn’t have been literally so perfect. I would recommend Kelly to anyone who asked no matter what kind of birth you would like to achieve Kelly can help you reach it. Thank you Kelly!
Briana, Colton and Piper – Posted 9/24/2014

Kelly was with me for the birth of my son in 9/2012 and when it was time to have my 2nd son in 6/2014 it was no question I wanted Kelly alongside. She is an amazing doula! Her energy, support and knowledge really helped keep me focused on my body and have the birth I have dreamed of. She guided my husband on how to help me through each contraction, brought out essential oils to help the nausea, and spoke to the nurses for me so everyone was on the same birth plan. She took amazing pictures of the process and stayed a little after the baby was born.
Kevyn O’Farrell – Posted 9/18/2014

There aren’t even enough words to describe how helpful and useful Kelly was as a doula to us. I can’t imagine going through labor without her help. She is so comforting, knowledgeable and really helped us through the process, from birth plan to breasfeeding afterwards.
It was such a relief knowing that we had her on our side, she particurlary helped me get my breathing pattern under control and helped a lot with calming me down and guiding me through everything. One contraction at the time…
She is also full of resources and helped us find the best birth class, doctor and pediatrician based on our needs and beliefs. She also helped a lot with preparing for our hospital journey and also what do do when we get home.
I can’t recommend her enough, she is priceless:-)
Sophie Brodeur – Posted 9/12/2014

I was referred to Kelly through a friend and I knew the moment I met with her that we had to hire her! She made me excited to give birth vs fearful and was there to answer any question we had. Leading up to birth she was a source of knowledge and was always there if my husband or myself needed her. When I was experiencing off and on predomonal labor Kelly kept my frustration down and emotions under control.
During labor she was my husband’s rock. Even though he thought he was prepared (through Bradley classes) it was definitely more than he anticipated and he will be the first to tell you that we couldn’t have done it without her! If he was here now I would have him type how much he needed her 🙂
Having her there not only to help physically but also emotionally and when we needed to make a few unexpected decisions she was essential to our little girls “perfect” birth. I wouldn’t change a thing and I truly feel like Kelly made that possible!
I also did the placenta encapsulation and I HIGHLY recommend it. Kelly brought it to me while I was still in the hospital. I essentially needed little to no pain meds and my milk came in the second day (the nurses did not believe me). It helped my hormones regulate and I never once felt overwhelmed or sad even though it was our first baby. I could probably write a while page just about how awesome it is.
Do not give birth without Kelly! She’s truly the best!!
Shay Noonan – Posted 9/6/2014

I am not sure there are enough words to describe how amazing my birth experience was with Kelly by my side!!!
My first two births started with induction, one ending with complications, the other an epidural. I knew I had wanted something different with my third. Something normal. Something natural. At 40 weeks 5 days, I was told I would need to be induced by my OB. A Foley bulb was inserted that day at the doctor’s office, and although we knew this was something that was not in the original birth plan, something needed to assist me in dilation. Later that night I had thought my water broke, but couldn’t have been sure, but after speaking with Kelly and confirming what had happened, we both knew labor would happen soon…and boy did it! I labored at home all night and Kelly was always there for me, checking in to see how the progress was and to come up with the next step. The following morning, after a long night of early labor, we both decided that it was time to head into the hospital. The hours we spent together, laughing and working through each contraction together, was amazing! I have never felt so loved by somebody I had just met a month prior! This woman loves what she does and it emanates through her work. This is not her job, its her passion, and you can feel it when she is next to you during labor! A few short hours after the arrival at the hospital, I gave birth naturally to my third baby, and I could not have had better support! I will NOT have another baby without Kelly next to me!
Thank you Kelly for everything. You have a very special place in my heart! I could not have had such an amazing experience without you. You truly are a blessing! <3
Amanda Menser – Posted 8/29/2014

My husband received Kelly’s information from a person that he worked with that had recently used her services. We reached out to Kelly and she scheduled an appointment with us very promptly. She was so professional, knowledgeable and nice in our initial meeting that we decided to use her services almost immediately after she left our home that day. Our daughter is now 5 days old and we feel very fortunate to have found Kelly and to have had her services throughout our first birth experience.
Kelly made it clear that she wanted to be involved and kept up to date on all of our visits with our doctor and it was very easy to communicate with her by phone, email and text. Towards the end of my pregnancy I had many questions and she was always willing to share her knowledge and experience with me, and this really helped me to understand what was going on in the final stages of my pregnancy. I ended up having my water leak instead of break so I was forced to go into the hospital to have the Amnisure test done. The hospital immediately admitted me once they knew it had broken, which wasn’t part of my birth plan. I called Kelly while I was in triage and she was completely empathetic because she knew my birth plan. I kept her informed on my status as they admitted me into a room at 10:00pm and she headed to the hospital as fast as she could, even though she was in Safford for her son’s football game. I was amazed and thankful for how quickly she arrived! I started Pitocin at 1:30am and gave birth to my daughter at 5:45am. I could not have gotten through my natural child birth without Kelly. She assisted with breathing, helped talk me through contractions, provided aromatherapy and massage, and guided my husband through hip squeezes that made this miracle possible. I also used her placenta encapsulation and tincture service, which she delivered the day after birth. I highly recommend Kelly and plan to use her for future child births. Thanks, Kelly!!
Ashlyn Hermes – Posted 8/29/2014

My husband and I interviewed several doulas when I was around 16 weeks pregnant. Up until the time we met with Kelly, my husband was unsure about the idea of hiring a doula and felt that his role as daddy-to-be would be lessened. Despite my best efforts to convince my husband after meeting with a few different doulas, he was still unsure. That is, until we met Kelly. We really enjoyed our first time meeting with Kelly. She is real—-I appreciated her honesty about past experiences with my OBGYN (who I wasn’t loving at the time) and we connected with her instantly. We ended up talking for quite some time and we both enjoyed getting to know Kelly. As soon as she left, my husband looked at me and said “Hire her!”.
Kelly was wonderful throughout my pregnancy. She referred us to a great childbirth class and after interviewing doctors that she had positive experiences with, I switched providers around 30 weeks. She was sure to always ask me about my appointments and I knew I could always count on her for advice and encouragement. I ended up having false labor for days and days before our little boy decided to make his entrance. Kelly offered great suggestions and was always there for any questions that came up. When labor picked up, my husband called Kelly (who was already at the hospital with another mama and my doctor) and she had us head over as things were progressing quickly. Kelly was awesome during active labor and transition. She was great at coaching me as I breathed through contractions and made sure my husband played a vital role. Post delivery, Kelly has continued to be amazing. She delivered photos to the hospital, as well as my encapsulated placenta and some lovely bath soaks. My husband and I keep talking about how wonderful our team was—between our doctor, Kelly and the nursing staff, we were surrounded by the best of the best. I highly recommend Kelly and we will be hiring her for future births!
Kimberly Goeman – Posted 8/18/2014

Kelly was such an integral part in coaching me through the labor and delivery of our son. I joke and say I couldn’t have done it without her…but in all honesty, I’m not sure I could have. This was the birth of our 2nd child and after having a not so pleasant birth experience with our first (a surprise C-Section after a planned homebirth), my ultimate goal was to have an unmedicated VBAC with this birth. We had been referred to Kelly early in our pregnancy but in the busyness of life I kept forgetting to get in contact with her. It wasn’t until I was 38 weeks that we finally set up a time to meet with her (my husband was actually the one who called her!) and after our first meeting I knew we’d made a great decision to hire her.
I went into labor a day before my due date and after laboring at home for most of the morning we decided it was time to go to the hospital. Kelly took charge from the moment we walked in. It was so great to have her with us. When I’d get a contraction even if a nurse was in the middle of asking me a question, she’d help me focus, relax and breathe while answering any questions for me that she could. She was so encouraging and helped me believe in myself when I didn’t think I had the strength to go on. When it came time for me to push, her coaching is what helped me push my son out when I truly didn’t believe it was possible.
Having an unmedicated VBAC was no easy feat and while I was in the midst of it all I began to question why I was even doing it. But in the end it was SO worth it! My recovery has been night and day from my C-Section and knowing what I accomplished has been so empowering! While my husband was with me every step of the way throughout my labor and delivery, he’s not too proud to say he would’ve had no idea what to do to help me get through it all. We are both so grateful to Kelly and know it was with her help that we were able to have the birth experience we wanted.
Those Junes – Posted 8/14/2014

I would highly recommend Kelly if you’re looking for a doula. She was very helpful during my pregnancy, labor and in the days after my son’s birth. She was there for most of my (long) labor and knew how to help reduce contraction pain. She also made placenta capsules, took beautiful pictures and wrote about our birth story. Thank you Kelly!!
Krista Benn – Posted 7/27/2014

I picked Kelly as my doula for my second child because of her personality and knowledge and understanding of the natural birth process. She was easy to talk to from the start. Even though she had been up for over 24 hrs prior to my delivery for another one, she was very alert and supportive through out my delivery. After laying down for a hour, my contractions had stopped and my OB was talking about starting a little pitocin to get contractions started again, but Kelly knew exactly how to bring them on naturally. She even side stepped the stairs and power walked with me. During transition she seemed to be able to read my mind and tell me exactly what I needed to continue with my natural birth. She seemed to be able to read me and know what was and wasn’t working and find another way to help control my contractions and pain. As I was sitting in the tub and she was on the floor next to me, she helped distract me by showing me pictures of cute animals, which is something I needed at the time. Very talented in multitasking ~ while supporting me through contractions, she was also taking pictures but I never felt she wasn’t there for me or not paying attention. I didn’t realize until afterwards that she had been taking pictures of my daughter being born. I thought she had been at my side the whole time! I’m so thankful for the pictures and memories she has provided me and for writing down my birth story. She knew how to keep me in control of my contractions and able to work through each one. She was my voice when I needed her to be. I loved my birth experience and would use her again in a heartbeat. Kelly was exactly the doula I needed to have an awesome experience. Thank you Kelly!!
Jessica Flippo – Posted 7/25/2014

Kelly was referred to us by a friend who was due to deliver around the same time as us. We fell in love with Kelly as soon as we met her. During our first visit with her, Kelly shared not only her knowledge on birthing but also shared personal stories. We felt very comfortable with her immediately. My in-laws sat in with us on our first visit. Being unfamiliar with a natural labor and birth process Kelly was sweet and patient and answered any questions they had in addition to ours.
During our labor/delivery Kelly offered every method possible, it seemed like, to keep me and baby comfortable. She guided me through breathing and gave physical adjustments to push through the contractions. Kelly didn’t leave my side during my 24 hour labor/delivery. My husband and I were just as amazed by her dedication to me as she probably was by me being in labor for a day! We will definitely have Kelly assist our next delivery. I don’t know that I could have done it without her.
Kelly followed up with us a couple days after delivery. She encapsulated my placenta and offered herbal bath packs. These have absolutely helped with the healing process.
To anyone looking to hire a doula, I 100% say go for it and if you have the chance to work with Kelly you’re a lucky woman!!
Andrea Quintero – Posted 7/21/2014

Kelly is such a sweet person. She came to my house while I was in labor after resting only a couple hours from a previous birth. Since it was my first child I was not exactly sure what to expect. She made me feel so comfortable that I could give birth to my son and everything would be fine. Once we arrived at the birth center where I would deliver my baby, we settled in. She called ahead to have them start running the bath water for me. I wanted a water birth. Kelly made sure my partner and I had all we needed, which really was just each other but also kept me hydrated and assured that I was doing great. Kelly took wonderful pictures during my labor and birth, even a short video as I pushed my son into this world. She had a positive vibe filling the room the whole time! It was an awesome experience, Kelly was wonderful for us and I love that she was our doula!
Jessi Miller – Posted 6/25/2014

Kelly is an AMAZING doula! Upon my first meeting with her i instantly was drawn to her bubbly, friendly, and warm personality. She is quick to make you feel comfortable and laugh and has a wealth of knowledge always ready for you at her fingertips. Kelly was always punctual with meetings and I could always count on her to show up when i needed her. She was always available via phone for those random questions I needed a quick answer to throughout my pregnancy.
I have to say, every penny and then some of what we spent on Kelly’s services were worth when it came to the actual “birth” itself! I have had two births and both were extremely fast deliveries, so Kelly knew what I was in for my second time around. I was 39 weeks and my labor/delivery was literally 90 minutes long! WHEW! I could not have done that so successfully, without the help of Kelly. She was right with me through every contraction. She would breathe with me and steer me towards the right focal points, concentration, and positions to ease pain during each contraction and phase of transitions through the process. Kelly has a good sense of judgment and advice. I love that she is there for you to empower you or support you through her knowledge or techniques, but at the same time, gives you enough space to make the decisions on your own. She also was there for me when I didn’t know what I wanted/needed myself… she could quickly adapt to whatever the situation and take the lead. She was friendly and polite to other staff at the hospital and respected my doctor as well during the entire process, keeping everyone updated and everyone aware of things as well as room to make decisions where it was their responsibility. Kelly even stayed afterwards to feed and make me comfortable for recovery! She was so caring!
Choosing Kelly as my doula was the best decision we made!
Rachael R. – Posted 6/24/2014

From the beginning to the end, Kelly was an excellent resource and it was so nice to have her as someone to go to with questions and her knowledge and expertise about pregnancy, labor, and birth proved to be invaluable! During the labor and delivery of my son, Kelly was a HUGE help in her coaching and guidance and she really helped make it a positive experience. She also took some pictures throughout the labor and birth which are a great way to remember the experience! I highly recommend Kelly as a doula and I am so thankful I had her as part of my birth experience!
Larissa Bech – Posted 6/12/2014

Kelly is an amazing doula! You can tell by looking at her profile on doulamatch – she has attended so many births and has great feedback. This also means that she has a multitude of connections in the birth world –she knows all the in’s & out’s of the facilities in the valley! Kelly was the only doula to contact me immediately which I appreciated. After meeting her in person it was apparent that she was the one & my husband was finally on board with the whole doula thing! I believe her suggestions helped my birth be fairly easy & fast. Kelly came just in time for transition when I needed help the most & she coordinated care so we didn’t have to. Having a natural birth is a complete out of body experience so I did not remember most of it – Kelly took pictures & wrote out a birth story that helped me put the pieces together. I will treasure these forever. She also came by after we were discharged to drop off my placenta pills (which I do believe helped keep the PPD/PPA at bay) and to give a little pep talk since I was completely ready to give up breastfeeding at that point. I’m now 6 months postpartum and our little girl is happy, healthy, chubby breast milk baby! I can’t believe we made it this far!
Tena Renteria – Posted 6/4/2014

We were lucky enough to come across Kelly’s name by person referral from a good friend. Deciding to hire Kelly as our doula was the best decision we made. Planning for a natural birth for our first child was a bit scary. After initially meeting with Kelly; I felt much more at ease. Kelly’s extensive experience really showed. She is so passionate about what she does. She gave me the strength and encouragement to speak up for the kind of birth experience I wanted. Kelly went above and beyond by connecting us with an amazing physician and labor nurse during the day of our delivery. My labor did not go according to “plan” but not once did I feel scared or out of control. Kelly was able to be a source of support for myself, my husband and my family. She has made my entire family a huge believer in having a doula at your side. The labor was challenging yet a beautiful experience and I have Kelly to thank for that. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Gabriella Labuda – Posted 6/1/2014

Not only is Kelly an amazing doula, she is an amazing person as well. She has great personal experience as a mom, she has he own personal story to share and you can tell she truly loves what she does. Kelly came to us out of a need for possible back-up doula. It turns out that she was our doula at the birth of our daughter and we could not have done it without her. I chose in the end cesarean surgery and she was able to be in the operating room and photographed the entire birth. Having that documented is priceless to us and makes us feel closer to our birth and our daughter. She also encapsulated our placenta which was important to me. Kelly is very entrenched in what she does and offers so much resource for moms and dads. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Kelly! We love you! Lisa, Chris and Ava!
Lisa Richardson – Posted 4/27/2014

I was an experienced mom in that I had two other natural deliveries in the past. I was not opposed to doulas, but I saw them as something other woman used. I made it through my first delivery fine, so why would I need one for my second delivery. My mindset was the same for my third pregnancy until I found out I was having twins. I have to admit twins were a bit scary.
Kelly’s calm yet take charge demeanor helped take so much of the stress out of the day. She interfaced with hospital staff, several of whom knew and respected Kelly from having previously worked with her. She explained things to me, in a calming manner and put the ball back in my court. She insisted various medical staff give me time and space when it was needed. And gave me a back massage with essential oils.
With Kelly’s help I was able to deliver two beautiful healthy boys without the use of drugs.
As if all the help she provided was not enough, Kelly took pictures of our day. These pics are a treasured keepsake and since I had not had pictures taken at either of my others births these are even more special.
After the birth Kelly was able to encapsulate my placenta (another thing I had never done) and I was amazed at what a differences the capsules made in my energy level over the next few weeks. Kelly even made a heart from a portion of the umbilical cord.
As a person who never would have used the services of a doula had I not been expecting twins, I have to say Kelly made me wish I had used doulas for all my births.
I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone who asked. She was a true blessing on our very special day.
Thank you Kelly!
Allana Taylor – Posted 4/23/2014

I always knew i wanted to have a natural labor so as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I started exploring the option of having a doula. My husband and I took Bradley birth classes so we weren’t sure if we needed one and for a long time my husband wasn’t too crazy about having someone else with us when our baby would be born because he felt like the Bradley classes had prepared him enough to help me by himself. I always had a feeling I needed one though so eventually he relented and we found Kelly. That was the best thing we could have ever done. Kelly is warm and loving and immediately puts you at ease not to mention she is very experienced. I went into labor late Saturday night and my contractions were very irregular. Because of the irregularity of my contractions and the short amount of time that had passed since my labor started my husband and I assumed we had plenty of time to get to the hospital. When Kelly arrived at our house she took one look at me and told my husband we had to GO! We got to the hopsital and 50 minutes later our baby was born. Without Kelly it is quite possible our baby would have been born at home or on the way to the hospital. Kelly advocated for us with the hospital staff and made sure that our birth plan was followed and respected. She has a great working relationship with the hospital staff and when the nurses started freaking out because the baby was coming so fast Kelly was calm and reassuring. She took wonderful care of my husband, my daughter and I after the birth and made sure we were taken care of before heading home. After we came home from the hospital she provided us with tons of resources and was always available if we had questions. Kelly completely changed my husband’s opinion about doulas and we will never have a baby without Kelly! Kelly is probably the biggest reason my husband and I were able to have the birth experience we had hoped for.
Kristi Martin – Posted 4/19/2014

I had heard and read about doulas and decided to find one fr the birth of our first child. Kelly was referred to me by a friend who witnessed Kelly in action for her sister’s childbirth expeience. Wow…. What a find. I thought she was great, but my husband raves on and on about her. I guess she made his day much easier too. She worked with us in advance via phone and at a meeting in person at our home. Then, when I went into labor, she coached me the entire time… allowing me to stay at home through much of my early labor, despite my water breaking. Kelly coached us thigh the entire 18 hour hospital experience as well. She knew the nursing staff at ScottSdale Shea, and got me set up with the “right” nurses. She helped us make medical decisions along the way, and was my representative when I needed help being logical. We will use her again for our next birth, and I have since referred her to several pregnancy friends/acquaintennces. Did I mention she came to my home the day I was released from the hospital to deliver my encapsulated placenta and photos from the birth? Amazing all around.
Teri Kelley – Posted 4/13/2014

My experience with Kelly was, bar none, the best it ever could have been. I was looking for a doula to assist me with having a successful VBAC and Kelly was recommended by one of the midwives. Although I had yet to contact her, we ended up meeting anyway through other circumstances. It was fate. We meshed right away and my husband was especially comfortable with her upon his initial meeting. She answered all of his questions and even some he didn’t even know he had. Kelly is honest, forthright, compassionate, professional, and her knowledge of the birthing process, both physically and emotionally, is what helped me through all phases of labor. We ended up in a special situation in that her other client’s water broke two hours before mine did! I was contracting due to being 41+3 day past my estimated due date and trying some natural labor-inducing measures. My water broke while I was on the phone with Kelly! Kelly had a second doula at the hospital, was able to have my and her other clients’ labor room right next door to each other, and she and the other doula, Michelle, went back and forth between the two of us. (Both myself and the other client were VBACers with the same OB as well, so these measures were possible). Kelly and Michelle walked with me throughout the maternity ward until the wee small hours of the morning to try and get my contractions strong enough. When pitocin was suggested, my husband and I discussed it and listened to Kelly and the doctor, deciding to start pitocin. When labor got intense, Kelly and/or Michelle were right there with me, putting counter pressure on my hips, having essential oils near my nose to help with dry heaving, encouraging me to keep my tones low, and helping me emotionally through barriers from my first son’s birth. Kelly is an inspiration. I would not have been able to have a successful VBAC without her help, her suggestions, and her guidance. I highly recommend Kelly for all of her doula services!
Tiffany Deacon Husar – Posted 4/8/2014

We had such an amazing VBAC experience because of our doula, Kelly Sunshine. After hearing our story and strong desire to try for a VBAC, she was on our team from the very beginning and introduced us to a VBAC friendly doctor and hospital. I sincerely beleive that I would not have had such a successful experience without Kelly and our team at Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center. I now know the importance of having a doula on a labor and delivery team and encourage everyone to get one, regardless if it is your 1st or 5th baby. THANK YOU, KELLY!
Kassie Shirey – Posted 4/7/2014

Kelly was our back-up doula but we couldn’t have been luckier to have her. Our connection was serendipitous: my nickname for our daughter in utero was “Sunshine” and our planned Doula was out of town for 2 weeks of our due date month. It was all just meant to be when our daughter decided to come when Kelly was on call! There really are not enough good things I could say about Kelly. She is incredibly supportive, calm, and positive. I didn’t know until afterwards, but she was supporting another mom in labor while staying in communication with me while I labored at home for the early stages. To me, that says something about how dedicated she is to her moms. She would call or text me to check-in and provided amazing over the phone support and instruction to me and my husband. I ended up laboring at home for about 28 hours with slow progressing contractions, a time that my husband and I were able to spend together. On the afternoon of day 2, she listened to one of my contractions over the phone and was able to tell my husband it was time for me to come in.
In active labor, I cannot think of a single moment she was not by my side. Talking to me, coaching me, giving the best hip compressions imaginable – I swear that she would make the pain of the contraction disappear with those. We talked about different laboring positions, not only for comfort during the progression of the contractions, but she really helped get me into productive situations. When it was time to push, she was cheering me on and filling me with praise. An awesome coach!
We also used Kelly for her Placenta Encapsulation services. I highly recommend doing this! She delivered as soon as she had promised, and even met me at a random location to personally deliver. She continues to be a support and resource and has worked with many of my mama friends.
A beautiful woman, friend and teacher. Thank you, Kelly!
Morgan Kane – Posted 3/12/2014

As a first time father, I had ideas of what childbirth would be like. Rush to hospital, pain, screaming, drugs and boom- a baby. My wife, however, wanted a natural birth with a doula. Initially I was resistant; now I am eternally grateful to Kelly for the support she gave us.
Upon arriving at our home, Kelly brought a sense of calm. She cared for my wife and myself (dads need rest to support moms). We labored at home as long as possible so when it was time for the hospital, it was an easy decision. Thanks to Kelly, we flew through the admitting process. The faster you get a room helps everyone get back to a more relaxed birthing atmosphere. Remember my wife was going natural, no meds. Kelly was a constant support at my wife’s side as she labored for hours. I knew my wife was tough, but WOW, she is tougher than anyone I know.
My wife was not progressing past 9cm. Our baby was malpositioned. Kelly suggested, rather than immediate C-section, an epidural might relax my wife to allow our son to move down. An epidural was against everything we wanted but so was a C-section! After the epidural and 2 more hours without progress, we okayed the C-section. Kelly’s experience in all facets of childbirth made difficult decisions easier. It is so important to be fully informed and not allow medical professionals to push their agenda.
The scariest experience of my life was waiting for surgery. Kelly prepared and calmed me so I could be strong for my family. Before I knew it, Greyson was born. Kelly joined us in celebrating the greatest moment of our lives. Kelly was with us for over 24 hours. Never wavering, always caring, loving us like family, and protecting us and our wishes. I said earlier I am eternally grateful to Kelly, but more than that, she will always hold a special place in our hearts. I thank God for her presence that day, helping to bring our precious son into the world. He is such a blessing and makes our family whole.
Clint Kennedy – Posted 3/11/2014

I recommend Kelly Sunshine as a doula, without hesitation! She was an excellent attendant at my birth. My birth was incredible and her help was indispensable. She reached my home promptly when I needed her, even in the middle of the night. She recommended specific comfort techniques which were effective. Her moral support, and encouragement were reassuring and confidence building. While my body was on “autopilot” and focusing on giving birth, she handled the logistics that I was too consumed to take care of. I felt like she was half of my brain! Again, I highly recommend Kelly. She is warm, positive, and genuinely helpful in birth.
Jill Robison – Posted 2/21/2014

Kelly Sunshine was such a great doula for us.
Laboring from 7-10 cm was really hard. I had Kelly and my husband helping me with each contraction as I was shaking and trying new positions, listening and holding onto every word she said to me. She was such a good coach at that point. Then came the time to push, I felt like I didn’t have anything in me left to push, I wanted to quit, needed this to be over, and totally lost it, Kelly stepped up and was beyond great. It’s hard to explain it but she pulled me out of a dark place of fear, anxiety, and being scared of losing control and brought me back to the wonderful experience. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job. She was exactly what I needed when I needed it. She was respectful, understanding of my emotions, and a fantastic birthing coach. I wasn’t an easy mother those last hour of my birth and she understood where I was and calmed my nerves. My husband and myself agree we absolutely needed her there for me to have this birth experience I wanted. Thank you so much for your help Kelly sunshine. You are a wonderful woman and i am so glad we met.
Julia Gage – Posted 2/19/2014

I wanted to have a non-medicated/natural birth in a hospital (Scottsdale Shea), and our OB recommended hiring a doula. I met with several doulas, but just clicked immediately with Kelly. I felt comfortable with her and knew I could trust her to be with me at my most vulnerable. My husband was hesitant about hiring a doula as it is a bit of an investment that isn’t covered by our insurance, but after meeting Kelly, he felt comfortable about having her there with us to guide him in supporting me through labor and delivery. She provided invaluable support and advice in our preparation before birth as well.
Kelly was comfortable with my OB and had such wonderful rapport with the nursing staff at Scottsdale Shea – it really made us feel at ease at the hospital. My labor was short and very fast – Kelly was there every step of the way, taking notes of what was going on during the whole labor process for our birth story, and anticipating exactly what I needed to help me keep focused and relaxed. She was a great advocate in getting me the opportunity to labor in the tub (my OB originally didn’t want me in the tub since my water had already broken).
Kelly also did placenta encapsulation for me, and I really feel like it’s helped me recover quickly – a little before 2 weeks pp, I was feeling pretty good again and it has only gotten better since! Kelly also provided some herbal soaks that were amaaaazing!
I highly recommend Kelly, and I honestly could not imagine giving birth without her. My husband is so thankful to have had her with us – he’s even been recommending hiring a doula to everyone who we talk about our birth experience with! Seriously, Kelly was a better investment for our natural birth experience than our whole 12 week Bradley Method course, no joke! We could not have been more pleased that we chose Kelly to be part of our birth team and could not recommend her more highly.
Aletheia Wong – Posted 2/10/2014

Kelly was the most incredible doula! Truly a blessing and gift from God. she was so supportive and knowledgable. She was a wonderful coach and positive force during labor and delivery. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She will fight for whatever your birth plan is and did a wonderful job!
Penny Prather Finney – Posted 2/4/2014

What I immediately liked about Kelly was that she was supportive of where and how I wanted to give birth (at a hospital), and was committed to finding me a doctor who would support my birth plan at a hospital. She wasn’t interested in pushing a certain birth plan on me, but instead allowed me to direct my own ideal birth plan. I eventually did find a great doctor through Kelly, but ultimately decided to use a midwife instead.

Kelly was amazing during my labor. She was very active and engaged, and was hands-on. She had many remedies and techniques to help relieve the pain of childbirth and to distract me from the intensity of contractions. She was empowering and supportive and she did the breathing techniques right alongside me. My midwife, someone who interacts with doulas daily, also highly recommended Kelly and said Kelly is one of the best.
Rebecca Halonen – Posted 2/1/2014

Where do I even begin to describe my experience with Kelly? I was able to have the birth I have always dreamed of, and so much credit goes to Kelly. I looked up her profile on doulamatch and decided to contact her. We had a phone conversation that ended in happy tears for me. I knew I had to meet her and couldn’t wait to talk more about my birth plans! I was attempting to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and I felt that I needed someone with experience to help me achieve this birth. We talked, texted and by the time labor rolled around I was pumped up, confident and excited for my birth.
Everything that I wished, hoped and prayed for my labor and delivery actually happened! I labored at home, got to the hospital and was only there for 3 hours before my son was born, went completely drug free and was able to have my VBAC birth!
Kelly was amazing, she was supportive, helpful and just completely calming. I felt calm, but she helped me feel reassured and safe throughout the entire experience. I really cannot describe how impactful she was that day, I just highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a great birth experience! If I have any more kids, she will absolutely be part of that day as well. She is everything I could have expected of a doula and more, so much more!
Thank you Kelly, thank you for everything! <3
Christina Elftmann – Posted 1/30/2014

Kelly was wonderful to work with! I was able to delivery my twins naturally with no interventions or meds at 39 weeks with Kelly’s help. At 38 weeks my doctor was unexpectedly hospitalized and we needed to find another doctor to deliver our twins. We were looking for a natural twin delivery and finding another doctor to help us with that was challenging. Kelly put us in touch with a new doctor who took us on and would allow us to do the natural hospital birth that we were looking for. Without Kelly’s help we would have never found him. Not only was Kelly very helpful during our labor but she went above and beyond to help us before and after the birth to make sure our experience was everything we wanted. Thanks Kelly!
Rachel Linstroth – Posted 1/30/2014

Wow, what a wonderful way to bring my first child into the World! Kelly Sunshine really was an incredible force to have by my side in what had to be the scariest but most enjoyable experiences of my life. My prenatal yoga teacher recommended Kelly and after both talking over the phone and then meeting with her, my husband and I knew she was a good match for us. Kelly was there leading up to the delivery to help answer all of our crazy questions and many concerns. When labor started Kelly was by our sides and was able to translate the overwhelming amount of information the nurses were saying. I just had Kelly and my husband with me and I honestly can say I never felt alone having Kelly by my side. I knew she was watching out for me and the baby but she also was able to reassure my husband when he was concerned. Kelly made me as comfortable as possible, spoke to the nurses when we were at a loss of what to do and continuously brought in a positive attitude to the room. Kelly took care of the placenta encapsulation and delivered it to me less than 24 hours from the birth (I HIGHLY recommend doing this). Bonus item was that Kelly took fantastic photos of the whole experience (I think only my husband and I will look at since they are quite “full on” but beautiful moments we will always cherish). Also, Kelly kept a complete log of the whole experience and wrote the most amazing Birth Story for us to keep… A wonderful way to remember the arrival of our son. I highly recommend Kelly Sunshine, she was a blessing and a true joy to have throughout the whole experience.
Cassandra Bookholder – Posted 1/29/2014

Hiring Kelly was the best thing I did in regards to planning for the birth of my first child. I found Kelly through DoulaMatch.com and received a response quickly. I also found several people who recommended her and decided to meet and hire her. Kelly has such a wonderful warm personality and I felt comfortable with her right away. She was always available for any questions and came quickly when it was time to give birth. The day of the birth she helped me achieve my non-medicated birth by helping me with different positions and breathing techniques. No amount of Hypnobabies or yoga prepared me and she was able to make the contractions manageable. My husband was apprehensive about hiring a doula in fear he would be taking a back seat but he was there helping right along side of her. He was very greatful that she was there. Her photos are also amazing! I would hire Kelly in a second again.
Laura Steinert – Posted 1/17/2014

We had an amazing experience with Kelly and could not more highly recommend her doula services. We had taken a 12 week Bradley course and originally had not planned to hire a doula but reconsidered after our bradley instructor so highly recommended having one. We were SO glad that we did as I’m honestly not sure I would have been able to proceed with an unmedicated birth without Kelly’s reassurance and presence. She offered things during labor that were not discussed as coping mechanisms in our class but really worked for me and seemed to be able to tell when I didn’t like something based on slight facial expression or grunts and adjust accordingly. She also knew the exact right things to say at times I needed them the most to help me keep pushing through. She is very professional and down to earth and we felt so comfortable and blessed to have her at our birth! The photos that she took of our birth are amazing keepsakes! I would highly recommend anyone considering doula services meet with Kelly!
Kelle Shutter – Posted 1/14/2014

Kelly was the first and only doula I met. Her warm personality, knowledge, and willingness to share her time and expertise with me before I even hired her were all I needed to make my decision. When I told her I was unhappy with my doctor and hospital, she helped me pick new ones that I ended up being very pleased with. Unfortunately, I was unable to experience the natural birth I had hoped for because my baby was breech and I ended up having a c-section.  As I researched c-sections, I learned about “natural c-sections” where the doctor pushes the baby through the curtain and onto mom’s chest rather than taking baby away until you are both in the recovery room. I asked my doctor about this and he said, “well, I’ve never done one before, but sure!” I was happy with his answer, but didn’t realize that this is a big deal until I talked to Kelly! She was instrumental in making sure that this procedure (the first of it’s kind at my hospital) went off as smoothly as possible, as she was friends with most of the staff and integrated herself nicely with the team at the hospital. She also was wonderful about advocating for me and keeping me calm in the hospital before the proceedure. I was very nervous and ended up having to wait two hours past my scheduled surgery time. I could have easily freaked out, but she helped keep me distracted and relaxed.
Overall, I was very happy with my experience with Kelly and would hire her again for the birth of my next child! Hopefully a VBAC!
Heather Renee – Posted 1/14/2014

Kelly is an incredible doula! This is definitely what she is called to do in life. She made ALL the difference in our birth experience, was extremely well equipped with things I would have never thought of, and was a wonderful support to us before, during, and after labor and delivery of our little one. Kelly helped us to stick to our birth plan, even through our very unexpected emergency c section and made it the best possible experience. She also has a great way of knowing just how to support a couple without taking over any piece of the father’s role; something that I imagine is difficult. We also chose to do plancenta encapsulation, and I was impressed that Kelly had the capsules ready for us the very next day in the hospital. They really helped me to get past my baby blues and overall made recovery easier. I’m so thankful that we found Kelly and that she was willing to work with us, and I would absolutely hire her again if we had another little one!
Kate Record – Posted 1/13/2014

We started searching for a doula, but in the back of my head, I was not entirely sure we needed one. We met with one doula and my husband and I did not click very well with her so I was a little discouraged. I received Kelly’s name from a friend of mine who spoke very highly of her. Within a few minutes of meeting her, I knew she was the perfect person to help support my husband and I in the birth of our child. During our first meeting, she was extremely professional, but also very personable and I was very comfortable with her.
When the time came for the birth of our son, Kelly was truly amazing. The labor and birth were not what I had planned for, however Kelly was there for me and my husband every step of the way. We had a hospital birth and she was fantastic with the staff – she often times jumped in to help the nurses or the Doctor. She was truly an advocate for me and allowed me to concentrate on pushing through the pains of labor and gave my husband the ability to focus on helping me 100% instead of having to also manage the hospital staff.
Kelly labored with us in the comfort of our home until it was ready to go to the hospital. At the hospital, she was right by our side the entire time, which was a very long time! I would have been able to labor naturally as long as I did without her help. She is very skilled at what she does and you can tell she takes a lot of pride and care in helping each of her clients. I would highly recommend Kelly for anyone looking for a doula!
Jacquie Weflen – Posted 12/31/2013

We absolutely loved having Kelly as part of our birthing experience. My husband was worried about the presence of a doula taking away from the intimacy of our birth, but it did the exact opposite. We felt that Kelly offered support on the physical aspects and did such a great job of it that we were able to emotionally be there for one another. She helped keep such a positive vibe going in the L&D room, and I never felt scared or unable to handle what was going on. Kelly was also great with our fears pre-birth and helped us with many random email and phone questions. I can honestly say that our birth would not have been as meaningful without Kelly there! We appreciate her being part of Sawyer’s birth so much!
Christina Metcalf Park – Posted 12/11/2013

I am the stereo typical “Northern Hemoshpere” guy going through the birth of our first child. Yikes! Having Kelly Sunshine was amazing. She coaches both husband and wife through the process, serves as sounding board for decisions in the hospital, and advocates for your birthing plan 100%.
Photos, birthing story, placenta capsulation, and in law buffering were all icing on the cake in my book.
I have already told my wife that I would like Kelly to help with number 2!
Jon Pause – Posted 10/30/2013

I had very few expectations going into labor, but knew I wanted to use a Doula. My delivery was far from what I had planned it to be. I originally was supposed to deliver at a birthing center, but due to gestational diabetes had to deliver in the hospital, and things kind of went off path from my birth plan up until birth which made me even more grateful to have her there. I ended up choosing Kelly as my Doula after she gave me several recommendations of doctors in the area (I am new to the area and don’t have a clue where to even start), and found out that she and I live fairly close. I am SOOOO grateful and happy that I chose her. I had no clue how difficult and painful labor was going to be, and would have been totally lost without her! She said the right thing at the right time, gave me encouragement when I needed it, and showed me that I had the strength in me to finish my natural birth out even though it was the HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life. She was my advocate, my encourager, and my support. She advocated for me to labor in the shower since it was the closest thing to the tub that I could have (my water had been broken for more than 24h), made sure I got the best care while I was in the hospital (again because she advocated for me), and catered to my every need after my delivery (ie: feeding me while I breastfed my baby for the first time, made sure the lactation consultant came and saw me after my delivery as my baby was having a hard time latching, etc). Words cannot express how grateful I will forever be to her because of what she provided for me during my labor and delivery. I have no doubt that my experience with the birth of my son was as positive and successful as it was because of what she provided for me during that time. I will also forever treasure the pictures and birth story she provided as well.
Ruth Pause  – Posted 10/30/2013

 Kelly Sunshine was our Doula for the birth of our first child and we woud love to have her with us for our next birth.  Kelly is friendly, warm, genuine, and highly knowledgeable; I instantly felt comfortable with her.  When my labor began she was a reassuring voice, offering support and suggestions; communicating/coordinating care with my midwife.  As my labor progressed, my husband and I chose to independently labor at home with Kelly periodically checking-in with us. My husband was so greatful to have Kelly available to us – she supported him, allowing him to support and help me through active labor.  He felt that she encouraged us to take the lead and make decisions, but was also decisive when we needed her to be.  Once we arrived at the birth center I remember hearing and feeling Kelly beside me and thinking, ok, everything is going to be ok.  Kelly was an essential part of my birth experience – instructing me, soothing me, and cheering me on with each push.  She worked so well with my midwife and birth attendents/nurses; I feel that she is an asset to any birth team.  Pictures were important to me – Kelly used a digital SLR camera and captured stunning moments throughout the birth process.  We have a crystal clear photo of our daughter’s first breath! I will always be thankful to Kelly for her advocacy and support postpartum. When I needed extra attention due to a complication she not only cared for me, but also cared for my daughter and husband –  words cannot express my gratitude.  In addition Kelly provides placenta encapsulation/tincture – this service has been a postpartum life-saver!  Kelly took time to write us a personalized birth story which we cherish and can share with our daughter once she is older.  Kelly was wonderful – we highly recommend her as a Doula!
Liza Flanigan – Posted 10/26/2013

I really wish I used a doula for my first two kids because it was really helpful and took the stress off family members. She was attentive, but not over bearing. She knew exactly what I needed from fanning to hip squeezes, to peppermint drops. I would hghly recommend her. She also did a great job on placenta encapsulations and placenta ointment, getting it to me within 24-48 hours from birth. Fantastic! If I have more children, I will definitely hire her again!!
Darcy Stravitz – Posted 10/24/2013

We hired Kelly after interviewing several other doulas and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering using a doula for their upcoming labor and delivery. Prior to going into labor, Kelly understood that we had the tendancy to get caught up in our day-to-day responsibilities and reached out to us via text or phone to see how we were feeling, how the pregnancy was progressing and if there was anything she could help us out with. During labor, Kelly’s assistance was indispendible. She helped me stay in control of my pain and kept me calm during the worst contractions. Her techniques varied depending on what I was comfortable with and how I felt, but included breathing with me, maintaining eye contact, massage and aromatherapy. Thanks to Kelly, I was able to deliver my son without pain medications or interventions as planned. I truly have no idea how I’d have done it without her by my side, as laboring with her was very different than laboring with my significant other. Speaking oh my significant other, he was a bit skeptical about hiring a doula initially, but after going through this experience, he said he would tell everyone to consider hiring a doula. He said Kelly had the ability to empathize and work with me through the labor pains in ways he never could. Her support lessened his feelings of helplessness and allowed him to focus on beauty of our son’s birth. As a bonus, Kelly captured some amazing photographs of our experience!
Tiffany Di Giacinto – Posted 10/21/2013

 I hired Kelly as my doula in September. My goal was to have an all-natural birth and I knew that I could not do that on my own. I asked Kelly if she could help me with that goal. Not only did she help me obtain that goal she provided so much more. She walks you through the experience and what to expect before the baby comes. She gives wonderful information and all natural remedies for anything you can think of. She does her research and knows what she is talking about. She also provided placenta encapsulation which makes recovery so much better.
Kelly was able to tell me what to expect every step of the way, and for me that took away a lot of anxiety. And when it came to the end of the delivery when I didn’t think that I could do any more she encouraged me and walked me through it. I know that I could not have done it without her. I am incredibly grateful for her, and I know that she is gifted and anointed in what she does. I highly recommend Kelly, and would hire her again if I was to ever have any more children. My husband is also her biggest fan, and was so grateful to her. In his words “not to take away from the doctor, but I think Kelly did 95% of the work and the doctor did about 5%” We highly recommend Kelly and I can say without a doubt that her services are worth every penny.
Julia Adams-Cruz – Posted 10/18/2013

My experience with Kelly was amazing! She was everything I expected in a doula and more! As soon as we had our first phone conversation, I felt so at ease with her. I am not sure I could have made it through a 32 hour natural labor without her calming presence. When my contractions died down, she had so many suggestions to get them going again naturally. She reassured me through every part of the birth of my son and also provided support for my husband. But not only did Kelly help me during birth, but she also helped me with pregnancy questions and has been there for me after my son was born as well. She went above and beyond what I could ever ask for. She even took pictures during the birth and after that are amazingly beautiful and of professional photographer quality. Kelly also does placenta encapsulation. This was my second child and with my first I did not have the placenta encapsulated. I noticed a huge difference in energy level, healing, and emotional well-being. Also, yes Sunshine is her real last name and it suits her perfectly!
Samantha Schmidt – Posted 9/25/2013

We were first referred to Kelly by our OB/Gyn at the time, who said that she heard Kelly had a great reputation of working really well with the nurses. Now that I know Kelly, I have no doubts that is true. Our story is a little different but shows that even if the unexpected happens, it is beneficial to have a doula, especially Kelly.
When we originally decided to work with Kelly, we were with an OB/Gyn and planning to deliver at Scottsdale Osborn. She was very openminded about the hospital setting and supportive of our decision. She also was encouraging when we began to question that decision. We wound up deciding to transfer our care to Babymoon Inn. My first appointment at Babymoon, Kelly joined me and it was wonderful to have her support.
My husband and I were in Flagstaff for the weekend when my water broke at 32 weeks pregnant. We called our midwife and Kelly – who happened to both be at Babymoon – and we were told to go to the hospital. Both were there to answer questions and provide encouragement over the phone. The hospital was not able to stop my labor. It all happened so fast that Kelly was not able to be there in person. But thanks to the support and preparation, I was still able to have a natural birth.
Because our baby went into the NICU, we did not return to Phoenix right away. However, Kelly was amazing and despite having been up all night for another birth, she was extremely responsive. My husband was able to drive my placenta to her house and she did the encapsulation as a rush order so that it could be picked up when my in-laws were driving through the next day. Kelly also saved part of the cord for me, which was so special since I did not really get to see it or my baby much right after birth. The placenta helped me keep my energy up and my milk come in, especially since I was exclusively pumping for the NICU.
I cannot recommend Kelly enough. I am glad to still call her a friend!
Ashley Hooker – Posted 8/28/2013

We couldn’t have been happier with our experience with Kelly! We were lucky to find Kelly in the later stages of pregnancy after growing concerns about our labor and delivery. We met with Kelly and instantly knew we were going to hire her. She has such a warm and caring presence about her. She checked in with us frequently in the weeks leading up to the birth our son. When the day came around, it was April 15th, the day of the Boston bombings and a very busy day for my husband. I called her and she came right over and drove me to the hospital. We were met by my husband and there our labor journey began. Kelly was so encouraging in the triage room, especially when my labor was not progressing as fast as I would have liked. When we were transferred to a labor room, I instantly went into the jacuzzi tub and Kelly was there with me the whole time, pouring water over my belly and helping me through contractions. Eventually it came time to push and I was wanting to give up. I had been through a natural birth before, but it was not easier the second time around! Kelly encouraged me to breathe through the contractions and when our son was close to coming out, she had me touch his head to give me the strength to keep going. She captured every moment on camera and wrote us a beautiful birth story for Luke. She stayed with us until we were settled into our room and continued to check on us in the days following the birth of Luke. We are so thankful that she was by our side and helped me achieve a natural birth. My husband is thankful that she was there to help guide him to support me during labor and delivery. We love Kelly and would highly recommend her!
Casey Giles – Posted 8/28/2013

I don’t even know where to begin. Kelly touched my life in a way I can’t explain. With my first child I didn’t have a very good birth experience. It was a hospital birth. I was induced, had an epidural, and my ob/gyn gave me an episiotomy even before I began to push. Plus the hospital staff was very impersonal and at times even rude. Needless to say when I got pregnant with my second child I wanted a completely different experience. Well, I definitely got just that. Kelly not only was there for me during my birth but she gave me tons of knowledge and education leading up to my labor and delivery. When I arrived at the birth center to give birth I was still trying to convince my husband I wanted to have my placenta encapsulated by Kelly. He was a little uneasy about it. Kelly was great at explaining the benefits and advantages of it and sure enough after he heard what she had to say he was convinced and we got it done. The support and encouragement I received from her throughout the labor process was one of the main reasons I got through it. She went above and beyond anything I ever could have imagined. she even called her daughter to come watch my 2 year old at the birth center for me because I didn’t have any friends or family that could have helped out. She took beautiful photos and wrote the most touching birth story for me. She also called me many times after I gave birth just to check up on me and my baby and make sure we were doing ok. She keeps in contact with to this day and is always there for me if I ever need anything. I was truly blessed to have Kelly as my doula.
Alexandra Fetla – Posted 8/23/2013

Kelly assisted me during the delivery of my second child last week. With my first child I desperately wanted to deliver naturally, but after 9 hours of contractions and only having dilated to 3 cm, I quickly became discouraged and opted for an epidural. I knew I needed to be better prepared this time around and decided to hire a doula. After meeting Kelly at our consultation a few days after finding her on DoulaMatch I knew right away that I didn’t need to look any further and hired her on the spot. As we got to the last month of my pregnancy I had quite a bit of ‘false’ labor and she was great about always getting back to me within minutes, even when I would text her at 1 am to see what she thought. When the actual day came I started contracting at 4 am and ended up contacting her at about 5:45am. I wasn’t sure if it was false labor again, but after she listened to me on the phone she decided to get up and come over to my house. Thing progressed really quickly and before she got to my house I felt like I needed to go to the hospital so she met us there instead. She called ahead to let them know I was coming and she met me at the front door so she could help me get upstairs while my husband parked the car. From that moment on she helped me immensely by getting me through each contraction and advocating for me with the nursing staff. By the time I hit 6-7 cm I felt like I was really loosing control so I started to give up and asked for an epidural. Kelly knew I was very close to delivering so she got right in front of me and got me through each contraction by showing me exactly how to breath through each one. I went from 6 cm to having a baby on my chest in less than one hour and I am so thankful for Kelly for helping me get through that incredibly difficult and intense experience. I am so grateful for the support that she offered me and I will definitely be utilizing her services for all of my future births.
R Nicolle Moshiri – Posted 7/11/2013

Nothing about the birth of my firstborn went to plan, and I am so grateful that Kelly was there to support me. I was risked out by my midwives for being post-date and the doula associated with my birth center was unable to support me as a hospital client. I had briefly met Kelly in my third trimester, and when I told her my situation she accepted me as a client. I didn’t actually get to know her until I was in labor and she came to the hospital. She was so serene and sweet yet confident, and I instantly felt comfortable with her. She guided me through the challenging parts of labor, and worked EXTREMELY well with the hospital staff. She was an excellent source of support for my husband, who was relieved to know his laboring wife was being cared for by a professional. She met my every need, made a food run for my family, took beautiful pictures, and so much more. She also encapsulated my placenta (which is promptly delivered a day later, along with the photos she took) and wrote a touching birth story. I highly recommend Kelly and hope she is there to welcome any future babies I have.
Gwendolyn Collins – Posted 7/5/2013

Kelly is an amazing doula! She is kind, caring, and brings wonderful energy and support. my labor was off to a slow start, Kelly made many suggestions that helped kick in contractions. i also had terrible back labor but there was never a time I had to ask Kelly to help with it, she would automatically put counter pressure right where it was needed. Kelly also allowed my husband and i to have time alone, which was great for us. During my pushing stage it was Kelly’s voice that helped me with each contraction/push. She was encouraging and never doubted me. I should add that prior to this my husband had never met Kelly, and I had met her just once before, but we both ended up loving her and if we were to have another child we would choose Kelly over and over again.
Lindsay Nairn – Posted 7/1/2013

Kelly and I immediately clicked from the moment I spoke with her on the phone. Before my baby came, Kelly was a huge help! She is very knowledgeable and answered my questions in a way that was understandable. She made herself available 24/7 for me! When I was in labor, she catered to every little need I had. She is so intuitive; I felt at times she could read my mind! She knew just what I needed when I needed it. Because of Kelly, I was able to have my dream to labor naturally! I do not think my labor would have been as wonderful if I did not have Kelly there by my side! I HIGHLY recommend her!!
Megan Froelich – Posted 5/29/2013

This time last week I had just given birth to my daughter, India, with the help of Kelly Sunshine. While amazing, my labor was tough (the baby was posterior) but Kelly was always right there timing my contractions, applying pressure to my back and giving me all the support I needed. After a dramatic delivery, which involved a postpartum hemorrhage, I was transferred to hospital by ambulance and Kelly came with me while my husband took care of India. At the hospital, Kelly accompanied me into the OR where she was my advocate and made sure I was well looked after. Having her there meant I felt calm and safe in what could have been a scary situation. She stayed by my side till about 6pm that evening, no mean feat considering she’d arrived at the birth center at 3.30am the previous night. The following day Kelly came back to the hospital to give me my encapsulated placenta, which she’d dehydrated as soon as she got home. If that isn’t going well beyond the call of duty I don’t know what is. I can’t recommend Kelly enough. She is one of the reasons my birth experience was so amazing, even though it didn’t go quite according to my original plan.
Sarah Breen – Posted 4/26/2013

Kelly was amazing!!!! She showed up right when I and more importantly my husband needed her. This was our first baby and the midwife kept asking me what I wanted to try, however I was too overwhelmed to know what I should do. Kelly was an advocate for me and able to make some decisions and tell me what I should try rather than giving me options, I was exhausted and more than happy to do what she was saying rather than having to think. We are very thankful for having Kelly there to make things run smoother and pushing more effective.
PS I highly recommend using Kelly for placenta encapsulation. I thought it was weird and was convinced I didn’t want to do it until I asked my friends on FB. Kelly was great and delivered everything to us. They make such a difference postpartum and Kelly is the only one I would trust to prepare this in a sterile way.
Heather Dinkins – Posted 4/25/2013

Kelly was an amazing presence during the birth of my second child. From the moment I met her, during our initial interview, I felt an immediate connection. She is up-beat and full of energy but also has the ability to focus in and have a calming presence. After trying a natural at home with my first and being very let down by the support that I had chosen- I was absolutely satisfied by the COMPLETE emotional and physical support I received during my second labor (and leading up to). I was able to go natural and I definitely would not have been able to do it without Kelly. She helped me through the “trying” times by offering encouragement. She offered continuous support through her physical touch of massage and suggestions on positioning. She was a great “calm”cheerleader through the actual contractions and helped with movement from tub to bed by toweling me off. She basically stepped in and did whatever was necessary before it was known or before it was asked of her. I 100% would recommend her to friends and I will definitely use her again when we go for our 3rd.
Alice Brangan – Posted 3/23/2013

I met Kelly while I was in active labor and I’ve never been so happy to see someone in all my life! My doula was unable to attend my baby’s birth and Kelly was gracious enough to fill in, even though she’d been up all night the day before with another mama! She immediately put me at ease and was able to help ease my discomfort and help me find positions and strategies to help me to stay calm and as comfortable as possible. She was a great support to both my husband and me throughout the entire labor process. Unfortunately, Kelly ended up being VERY sleep deprived by the time little one arrived, but she stayed by my side throughout. I would definitely recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a caring and talented doula!
Tamara Kemper – Posted 2/12/2013

I am so happy Kelly was my doula through my birth experience. I had planned on having a natural birth at a birthing center and last minute had to be induced in the hospital. Kelly was assigned to me as my doula there. She immediately came in with a smile and started helping me try new positions to relieve pain and to get more comfortable. She was great with informing me on what was going on & also helped me achieve the natural birth I wanted in the hospital. I really do not know how I would’ve gotten through it without her. My husband & I will never forget the huge part she played in the birth of our daughter & would highly recommend her to anyone.
Danielle A Hale – Posted 1/25/2013

I highly recommend Kelly as a doula. The doula I had planned on using ended up going to another birth, and Kelly stepped in. Even though I didnt know her ahead of time, she immediately put me at ease and I felt totally comfortable with her. Without her help, and the help of the rest of my birth team, I can safely say I wouldnt have been able to have the natural birth I wanted and ultimately got. Her last name is totally appropriate because she is such a happy, upbeat, “sunshine”-y person. My favorite part of having Kelly at my birth were the amazing photos she took for me. They are so beautiful, and I will cherish them forever!!!
Kristen Bonkoski – Posted 1/11/2013

Kelly was our doula for our son Zane’s birth in December of 2012. I noticed that I liked her from the start as she was down to earth, friendly, and she was very knowledeable. She went to work immediately on the first initial call as she asked me questions about my pregnancy and I told her about my less than happy experience with my previous OBGYN and she quickly compiled a list of new Drs for me to choose from. Kelly made us feel confident and supported throughout our pregnancy as she answered questions and provided emotional support. We had a great birth experience even though our birth plan changed. We will definitely be hiring Kelly again for the birth of our next baby! Kelly also did a a great job encapsulating my placenta and she even took pictures during labor and delivery. Kelly takes pride in her work and it shows. Thank you Kelly!
Heather Lorenzen – Posted 1/11/2013

Kelly Sunshine was beyond awesome from our first meeting to our birth experience and beyond. Kelly was supportive, helpful, knowledgeable and simply put us at ease. She was ready at every turn. Her calm ease was wonderful. My husband and I often talk about how wonderful it was to have Kelly as part of our birth experience. She also took amazingly beautiful pictures of our babies journey into this world. We are forever grateful for everything she did for us. If we have a second baby, we definitely want Kelly Sunshine to be there for delivery. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a doula. I cannot recommend anyone more highly. 5 stars out of 5, a ten on a scale of one to ten, Kelly is top notch.
Michelle Clark – Posted 1/10/2013

The first time I met Kelly I knew she was the right doula for me. She has a very warm and calming presence and is also extremely knowledgeable about various birth styles and interventions. Since I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes I was to have a hospital birth and Kelly had lots of information about the hospital I had chosen to deliver at. Kelly was able to calm me down when the fear and pain of a fast labor that my husband wasn’t able to make it to took over me, and when I started to hemorrhage after my daughter had arrived she held my hand while they explained what needed to be done. Kelly is amazing and I can’t recommend her enough! If you are looking for someone to hold your hand when you need it and to empower you to have the best birth that you can have no matter where you choose to birth, then Kelly is the doula for you!
Heather Elizabeth Mihalovits – Posted 1/10/2013

I can’t believe it’s taking me this long to get around to this. It’s probably because I’m still on a high from my AMAZING birth experience, and that is thanks to Kelly Sunshine! Kelly has changed my life. After interviewing over a dozen doulas, and none of them connecting with me at all I had basically given up. I called Kelly as she was on her way to my house for our interview and told her not to bother and we could reschedule to another time, because I had given up hope that I would find someone that would connect to my husband and I. She told me she was almost to my house and we should follow through, I tried to realize there might still be hope for us :). Once Kelly arived to our home we spoke for about 10 minutes about what we expected and what she provided and I knew she should be our Doula! We sat and talked for over an hour, about everything, not only birth, but we connected on a ‘friendship’ level as well. When it came time to bring our little Brooklynn into the world she was there to support me fully. Thank God Kelly was my Doula because my planned hospital birth suddenly turned into a home birth, with a midwife friend of Kelly’s walking in just in the nick of time. She had all the appropriate resources around her to make sure I had a successful ‘unplanned’ homebirth. No other Doula could have pulled that off. I felt so safe and relaxed, and it was due to Kelly’s presence and knowledge that it was so smooth. Kelly is an incredible women who will be with me through all my future births. I can not say enough good things!
Michelle Ludwig – Posted 1/10/2013

My contractions started at midnight on August 24th. Kelly arrived at 3:45 am, helped me through each contraction and at 7:30 she called my midwife Connie Canada at Babymoon Inn. We got there at 8:30 and I was 10 cms. Connie told me that I could start pushing, and that my baby would probably be born by 9 am. I didn’t make any progress in bringing her down though. For the next 5 hours or so I was traveling between the tub, birth stool, the shower, the bed, and the toilet trying all different things. At around 2:30 or so Connie told me if I didn’t make progress soon I might have to be transferred. Kelly and my husband were the only things keeping me sane at this point. We tried for another hour and the contractions were excruciating, but my pushes weren’t bringing her down at all and I had actually gone backwards, down to 7 cms. Connie said I needed to be transferred. That was the worst part of the whole day. As soon as we got to the hospital Kelly helped me get back in front of the contractions and into control again. I had to have an epidural to relax and re-dilate and Pitocin to get the contractions stronger. I didn’t want to, but Connie and Kelly both assured me that I had done everything I could to have a natural childbirth. I had a lot of decisions to make, including whether or not to have a c-section, and Kelly helped me with everything. My Evie came into the world by 9 pm, facing sideways with her hand and elbow with her head. Kelly literally blocked the baby nurse who was trying to take her away while I was bonding with her, which meant SO much to me. I am convinced that I would not have been able to have my daughter vaginally if it hadn’t been for Kelly’s support! I am a Christian and hearing her call out to the Lord on my behalf was so amazing. I firmly believe everyone should have a doula and I am in training to become one myself now because of my experience with Kelly. YOU ARE AMAZING and I LOVE YOU!
Leesha Willard -Posted 10/29/2012

Our experience with Kelly was a great one. Our birth didn’t go according to schedule, but she was there to help us through and support us in our choices and decisions. We ended up needing to go to the hospital after a long stretch of laboring at home and I can’t imagine where we would have been without her. My husband and I were both exhausted and wouldn’t have had the energy or the confidence to argue with hospital staff. She handled the doctors and nurses and I feel as though we didn’t have to face a lot of pressure from hospital staff to veer even further from our original plan. Kelly is a great person to have on your side because she is confident in communicating with hospital staff and she is a “real person” with you and very approachable. We immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. This is a very important quality to have in a doula because you are experiencing something so personal and it should not be complicated by being around someone you don’t feel at ease with. I would definitely recommend Kelly to someone looking for a doula.
Angel Jimenez – Posted 10/11/2012

Absolute perfection!!! This being my first birth there were so many “unknowns,” and knowing that I had Kelly’s support and guidance gave me the biggest piece of mind! She has such a calming presence full of joy and genuine care for my experience/comfort and that of the babies as well! She helped to not only to keep my birth plan in place but also guided Danny in how he can be involved and ways that he can help to make me more comfortable. I was very lucky and so thankful to this day that Kelly was a part of something so special to me! I not only look back on that day and say it couldn’t have been any better or would’ve wished anything was different. I can actually say it was beyond perfect!! She captured the most amazing pictures and I have the most best memories about bringing my little boy into the world that i will never forget and owe so much of that to Kelly. If I did it all over again I would make sure she was a part of my experience all over again and only hope that if more children are in my future that I can have the guidance, joy, and love from Kelly that I received! I owe her so many thanks and praise for making such a miracle so amazing and special!! Anyone who chooses Kelly will walk away with a heart full of love and complete appreciation for everything she brings to your experience of something so precious!
Janell Fontana – Posted 10/6/2012

Kelly was such a help. I was in a less than ideal situation in which my husband was in Maryland and I was with some of his relatives in Arizona. Where this gets even crazier is that there were language barriers. This all added to having anxiety about my labor. Luckily, my husband was around for my delivery. However, leading up to that point Kelly was a source of comfort. I knew if I went into labor I had someone who would hold my hand and tell me I could do it. Kelly was definitely that voice of comfort. My labor started at 5:30 in the morning and I went to the hospital at 5:30 p.m. I was committed to a natural birth. Yet, my labor had a different idea and I was stuck at 6cm. I was given pictocin. I must say that this increases your traditional labor pains. I would have never been able to succeed on my path for a natural birth with the limited use of drugs. Kelly talked me through everything. She came to my house and helped with early labor. She was an advocate throughout the process. I would recommend Kelly to anyone. I am so thankful and the greatest gift she gave me was helping me have the best labor experience possible and bringing my little girl into the world. Anyone would be so lucky to have Kelly as their doula because it is like having a sister, mother, and a drill sergeant all in one. I can’t say enough my only wish is that she can come to all my births.
Catherine Powell Mirkadyrova – Posted 10/1/2012

I met Kelly last October when she was assisting another doula who was there while my sister was in labor. At that time, I had no idea Kelly was doing her internship at that time!! She was just amazing, professional and totally passionate at what she was doing. I immediately felt connected. At that time, I was almost 4 months pregnant with our fourth child and immediately made up my mind; I had found the perfect doula for me! God worked things out and soon after Kelly became my doula!
I can’t say enough great things about her! She is so loving, gentle, and understanding. During my pregnancy, Kelly was always supportive and in constant communication with me to make sure I was at peace. Once again, I had a super-fast labor and delivery. Before that, I had called Kelly and she instructed me to go to the hospital right away! While my husband hurriedly drove me to the hospital, she helped me control my thoughts and body over the phone ! Thankfully, Kelly met us at the hospital and had arranged for my doctor, nurses, and a gurney to be waiting curbside for me right at the hospital door! What a relief! I will never forget when Kelly helped me out of the car and into the gurney while my baby was crowning! Holding my face in her hands, she said to me “Natalie, look at my eyes! You are fine! You’ve made it and I am here with you!”

God definitely used Kelly in many great ways, and that day was certainly no exception!!! Although, my husband didn’t make it in time to see our baby boy being born, having Kelly there with me holding my hand the whole time was a tremendous blessing!!! She even helped me get around after I gave birth, helped me eat, made me laugh, and much more! She is a keeper, and now, my official doula! I’ve promised her that next time, I will call her immediately–as soon as I feel contractions–so that we can have a great time together!!! Thank you! You are the best Kelly!
Natalie Holsinger – Posted 9/19/2012

Kelly really is like a wave of sunshine! She has a very cheerful and real personality that radiates warmth and joy. Her presence at our birth and recovery was truly comforting and helpful.
I appreciated that Kelly is so genuine and she was truly interested in helping us have the birth experience that we wanted. She never pushed her own agenda. She really listened to my concerns and worries as I anticipated labor and delivery. Kelly believed in me and what I said mattered. She has a gift to be truly “in tune” with her clients.

I had a very fast delivery, so Kelly didn’t get much of a chance to coach me thru the actual contractions (we only had about 2 while she was there before delivery!), but I know she would have been great if she had.
An added bonus about Kelly is that she also has a nice camera and took pictures for us, capturing special moments and details of our delivery that we treasure. Having a doula who can also double as a photographer was a definite bonus! (One less person needed to be there, but you still get the quality pics!) She had great discretion as to what was good to photo as well as when it was appropriate or not.

Finally, the best part, for me about having Kelly there was her attention and care post-delivery. She anticipated my needs even before I could verbalize them myself and was a true help in my recovery. She was very sensitive and respectful. I felt like I got treated like a queen. Kelly also sincerely shared in our joy and treated our baby with great respect, tenderness, and love.

Kelly Sunshine is a fabulous doula! I felt truly blessed that she was able to be with us for our delivery! She’s a 5-star doula in our book! I recommend her with no reservations whatsoever because I feel so confident that you will love her too.
Amy McKay – Posted 9/3/2012

On April 9th, 2012 Jacob Ernest Beck arrived into this world. My husband was by my side through it all. It was a beautiful and intimate experience for the two of us and I wouldn’t change a thing. I can honestly say this was made possible with our doula Kelly Sunshine by our side. She was our support, our cheerleader and our prayer warrior. I was 40 years old when I gave birth to Jacob. My biggest concern was being put in a box of being high risk due to my age. We wanted a natural childbirth experience and decided to use a birthing center for our delivery We decided to seek out a doula to be our support. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect person. Kelly has a strong character that made me feel strong throughout my labor. She is knowledgeable, caring and has an amazing sense of humor (something needed in the midst of labor). My labor was long and intense and ended up in a transfer to the hospital. I look back at that day and all I can remember is having a peace inside. My husband was confident in the decision to transfer and Kelly was our main support every step of the way. She gave us wisdom for the decisions we would have to make once we arrived at the hospital and never left our side. We needed her support. It allowed my husband and I to focus on one another and the delivery of our son Jacob Ernest Beck. I am so grateful for Kelly Sunshine and I would refer her to anyone seeking a doula who is passionate not only about life, but most importantly…the amazing gift of life!
Mark and Dina Beck – Posted 9/1/2012

Kelly was an amazing doula! She Was very helpful throughout the labor and delivery. On the day I went into labor, Kelly came over to my house and sat with me. We counted contractions and basically hung out. She made sure I was comfortable (as comfortable as I could be in labor) and helped me with laboring positions. We headed to Babymoon birthing center so the midwife could check me but I hadn’t made much progress. Kelly tried to keep me in a positive mindset even though I was disappointed. We headed back to my house for more laboring. We were both pretty sleep deprived, she had had a delivery that morning then came and labored with me, so we were both nodding off. After a few hours in my bath tub, we headed back to the birthing center as the contractions were three minutes apart. She had the midwife check me and to my disappointment, I had only dilated one centimeter. Again Kelly tried to keep me positive and focused. She tried to get me to eat, even though I couldn’t. She prepared the birth tub for me and let me soak for awhile. After several hours of soaking, several laps of walking around the living room, more soaking and a lot of swearing from me including threats of walking to the closest hospital, it was time to start pushing. Kelly was so encouraging during this stage. She also took amazing photos during the delivery and wrote a birth story afterwards which was great because so much of the day was a blur. Not only did she tend to me, she also took care of my fiancé, keeping him focused, keeping him calm, gave him tips to help me and most importantly gave him a break!
Frankie Fitz – Posted 8/24/2012

Kelly was an incredible asset. She is calm, smart, capable, and knows exactly what she’s doing. She made me work hard to bring my son into the world and I needed it. I was so overwhelmed with the pain of birth and she helped me overcome that fear. She kept staring at me, guiding me, encouraging me and telling me I could do it. She would not let me give up. She always knew exactly what to say to keep me calm and focused. I was able to have a fast birth, only 30 minutes of pushing, with her wonderful help. If I ever have another child, she will be the first person I call. I could not have done it without her help.
Naamah Payne – Posted 8/22/2012

Kelly Sunshine became my doula through Babymoon Inn. From the start, I knew she was a lovely person and hard worker, and she was able to demonstrate both of these attributes in full when she supported me for 27 hours of my labor. She cared for and coached me, working with me through my back labor and praying with me when the baby’s progress was delayed. I was amazed at how much energy she had, knowing how little sleep she had gotten between my labor and the birth right before it! Kelly was a tremendous asset to me in my final hours of pregnancy, and I am grateful to have had her as my doula.
Jessica Marquis – Posted 8/22/2012

Where to begin…Kelly was, as her name predicts, a ray of sunshine on a very special day. I had only met her two times before I went into labor. When she came to our house, it was like a friend walking through the door. She made me feel at ease and jumped right in. This was my first child, so I don’t have another experience to compare it to, but I know I made it through the labor and delivery without meds because Kelly was there. She offered support and advice in a non-threatening way. She allowed me to labor as I wanted and would occasionally give me a suggestion if she noticed I was uncomfortable or struggling. She is knowledgable and sweet and we are so thankful we had her around on our daughter’s birth day. Anyone would be blessed to have her as a doula.
Mandy Shelley – Posted 8/17/2012

Kelly was an amazing doula and we would definitely recommend her to anyone. My husband is in the military and we moved to the area only three and a half months before our baby was due. We didn’t have family coming in for the birth. I knew that I wanted to try to birth without unnecessary interventions but because this was our first child I just did not really know what to expect. We wanted some additional support to help up to follow through with our decision and to make our birth experience an enjoyable one.

From our first meeting with Kelly onward she was such a great resource and encouragement. She helped us choose an amazing birth class, checked in frequently to see how I was doing and feeling, and especially towards the end was available when I had questions about symptoms I was experiencing.

During the actual labor and birth Kelly was available through phone and in person to help us make decisions. I emphasized early on that I really wanted my husband to be my main support person and coach. Kelly was able to give my husband suggestions to make me more comfortable and to encourage me. She was really an awesome encouragement to the both of us. When I got to a point in transition and the pushing phases that I didn’t think I could do it, Kelly was there calmly reassuring me along with my husband that I could and was doing what I needed to do in order to meet this little guy.

I have no regrets about my decision to pursue natural childbirth for our little boy. He was awake and alert for hours after he was born. We were able to establish breastfeeding quickly and Kelly stayed with us to take pictures and celebrate his arrival. We feel so blessed to have found Kelly and are so grateful that she shared her wisdom and experiences with us. We highly recommend her to anyone!
Kristen Neely – Posted 6/25/2012

Kelly is an amazing doula! I actually had never met her before I went into labor, but felt an immediate connection to her. She listened to every need I had through verbal and non-verbal cues. She encouraged me when I felt nervous about whether I would be able to handle another non-medicated birth. Having her there gave me the support I needed while my husband finished getting everything ready. He felt so relieved. Kelly truly listened to what my goals were and catered her help to what I’d feel comfortable with. She even helped get me to the hospital just in time to deliver my beautiful boy (without an ounce of medication or even an IV I might add)! We are so thankful she was part of our experience and have vowed never to go through labor without her again!
Alicia Pritchard – Posted 6/19/2012

I had the amazing honor of being Kelly Sunshine’s first official doula patient. I wasn’t sure I needed a doula since I had 2 other children and have always had perfect, smooth deliveries. I had no idea how much of a blessing she would end up being! I felt more encouraged, bolder about my delivery than I had with my first two. I had had an epidural with each, but this time, having someone there with us the entire time, cheering us on & giving us valuable insight to positions, techniques, offering massages, having soft music playing, etc I felt confident that I could deliver my son without medication. Prior to the delivery Kelly was so attentive. She called often to see how I was doing. Once in labor she labored at home with me, and then followed me to my midwife’s office. Once in labor at the hospital I struggled with waves of nausea, and she had something for that. I ended up needing Pitocin. Kelly suggested once I was on Pitocin to get up and move to the potty, use the ball, and then slow dance with my husband. I am convinced that because Kelly had me get up and move, my labor went from a 4cm to complete in 1 hour! It was at this point that Kelly was so invaluable! She was encouraging my husband, helping him stay calm and focus while his wife was in so much pain. I will never forget a moment when Kelly climbed up and got right in my face. She calmly, but firmly, told me I had to breathe for my baby. Together, we breathed through the last contractions and out came Liam! My midwife placed him immediately on my chest and Kelly helped wipe him up. It was the most amazing experience of my life! I know that I would not have had the fortitude, or the courage to have an unmediated PITOCIN delivery without Kelly’s help! Even my husband agrees! The strength that we both were able to channel, because of Kelly’s encouragement and cheerleading is absolutely invaluable and we will calling be her the minute we find out we are expecting again!
Raechel Slaughter – Posted 5/22/2012

Kelly is amazing!!! I felt completely supported, loved and guided by Kelly when I had the privilege of her assistance in birthing my son, Zech. She was actually my Duala’s back up so the night I went into labor was the second time I had met her. I was a little nervous when I had to call her, but that was the last of my worries. As soon as she came over those fears were gone. She was so easy to talk to and we had a lot in common so talking with her really helped pass the time…all 22 hours:/ She did an amazing job helping me and my husband with different techniques to help me through the pain non medicated. My faith is very important to me and being able to talk about my Awesome God with her really helped me feel as comfortable as I could during that time. She is a very strong and loving woman who absolutely loves being a Duala. I would recommend her to anyone!!!!
Tiffany Wiensch – Posted 5/18/2012

Kelly was great not only did she help with the birthing but even before. My granddaughter was unhappy with her OB doctor and while talking with Kelly told her about her unpleasant visits with her doctor. Kelly let us know we had the choice to change doctors even at that late date, so we took her advice and changed doctors and was very happy with the change. As for Kelly she is great, she stayed by our side and helped Aries (my granddaughter) thru a very hard birth. My great grandson was 8lbs 2 ozs and his head was 14 centimeters and I don’t think he would have been a normal birth without Kelly and the new doctor. Kelly just keep talking to Aries and telling her she was doing great and with her help and encouragement we have a happy and healthy family now. We will never forget Kelly and I will tell everyone I know who is having a baby to call Kelly for her help. She is a god send.
Kay Simon and Aries Manley – Posted 5/15/2012

Kelly was truly awesome, I was completely scared and almost caved and started to ask for pain killers but Kelly walked me through my labor and was so kind and gentle that the 3 1/2 hours I was in labor went by so fast. I am so happy that Kelly was brought into my life and that she was there when my daughter came into the world. I totally agree with my mom Kelly is family now and always will be because you cannot go through something as beautiful as giving birth without the aid of a good Doula. Kelly is tops in my book and if I ever have another baby I want her there right by my side again.
Dyonna Robinson – Posted 4/26/2012

My husband and I met Kelly for the first time when I was in labor! Our orginial doula was already helping another couple in labor, so she sent Kelly our way. I’ll admit I was a bit unsure about going through labor with a doula I had never met. Imagine my relief when Kelly greeted me with a big smile and a sweet personality! I was immediately relieved and put at ease. My husband and I had taken the Bradley method classes, so my husband already had some training on how to help me during contractions. Kelly fully supported both my husband and I, and worked with us – never “getting in the way” of my husband assisting me. Kelly had many ideas and techniques to ease my labor pains, including applying counterpressure on my lower back and pouring cupfuls of water over my belly when I was laboring in the bathtub. She was so nice, polite, respectful, patient and knowledgeable! My hubby and I had a great time chatting with her – during the early part of my labor when I could actually talk, haha! I think Kelly did a fabulous job the entire way through my labor and birth. We were very lucky that she could attend our birth at such short notice, and would happily recommend her!
Jennifer Burkhart – Posted 4/8/2012

She was really nice! She got to the hospital at the same time i did and i was only getting induced that night. She took alot of puctures of various things like i wanted & she was really helpful during the natural part of my labor like the breathing through contractions and helping relieve pain in my feet and back! She was jus as helpful adter i got my epidural it was just more important before with all the pain. She would crack jokes every once in a while and make me laugh or smile when i wasnt feeling good. She only left once, overnight on the 2nd day i was there because i wasnt progressing but told me if anything starts happening give her a call and shell be there ASAP! She came early in the morning around 8ish but of course i was already awake an having some light contractions. Then when it came to pushing she was telling me everything going on since i couldnt feel or see it! She even offered to takes pictures of her head coming out and told me to feel her hair it was really neat. She held my leg during pushing an counted out for me which was helpful so i didnt strain too much. Then after once it was time for me to go home she came about a week later with a disk of all the pictures she took through those 3 days i thought it was nice and ill keep forever! Overall i really liked her, her company and definetly her help with everything i needed! RECOMMEND! 🙂
Mariya Stewart – Posted 4/3/2012

I love Kelly! We called her around seven in the morning when I first started my contractions and she was here in a flash. She advised me to labor at home for as long as we could and that was a great idea! I labored for seven hours at home before we went to the hospital and I labored for six more hours there. It was wonderful to have someone with me at home who knew what to expect and what to do and who could reassure me when anything changed and who could help me get through every contraction. It is WAY better to labor at home (as long as you have a doula) than to labor at the hospital! I even labored in the tub for a while!
She brought a medicine ball with her that I would sit on during the contractions and she would squeeze my hips and push on my back to give counter pressure when it got really bad, it did wonders to alleviate some of the pain. She did that for almost every contraction for 13 hours!

She is a very kind woman and we instantly made a connection when I met with her. She was really great about our birth plan. She knew that we didn’t want to induce labor or have a c-section or have an epidural and that we didn’t want vaccination for the baby when he was born and she was really great about making sure they got a nurse for me that was cool with that.

She really knows her stuff! I was 19 years old when I had baby William and I weighed 100 pounds before I got pregnant. I was really small suffice it to say and yet she was able to help me get through it without an epidural or any pain medication or anything!
I’m really grateful to her for all her help.
Irene Smith – Posted 4/2/2012

Our family was lucky enough to be directed to the doula services of Kelly Sunshine by the nurse teaching my daughter’s birth classes. We felt that she needed someone to help talk her through the phases of labor and to keep her focused. We met with Kelly one time and filled out the paperwork with background information about a month before the baby was due. She immediately connected with my daughter and our family was relieved after the meeting. Then we just had to call when labor started. We were worried at one point because Kelly was to be out of town about a week before my daughter’s due date, however, she reassured us that she had back-up a doula that would be covering for her while she was away. We called Kelly early on a Tuesday morning when my daughter’s water broke. She reassured us and told us she would meet up with us soon. Right before she arrived my daughter’s labor pain was making her uncomfortable and she was not showing good tolerance. Once Kelly arrived, she used a soft, calm voice to help my daughter to remain relaxed and focused while in labor. She used walking out in the hall with massage to progress labor. The hospital also had a tub and she used that to help the intensity of labor pain to be controlled. She also used aroma therapy to ease nausea. She was one of the people holding my daughter’s hand and encouraging her pushing during the actual moment of birth. Kelly also went beyond by staying to make sure that bonding occurred between mother and baby. I would recommend Kelly Sunshine to anyone who feels the need for coaching during birth. She kept everyone calm and my daughter even did some napping in the tub and right before the birth. It was an amazing thing seeing my granddaughter born in such a peaceful setting.
Marta Bostick – Posted 2/25/2012

My experience with Kelly was absolutely wonderful! She arrived shortly after my labor started and as soon as she got there she knew exactly what to do. A minute didn’t even pass and she had me up and walking around to help me stay focused and relaxed. While I was walking around I did have some contractions and when I did she told me to support myself by the wall and she rocked my hips back and forth and massaged my lower back which helped the baby drop. She also got me to spend some time in the bath tub which minimized the pain a lot! She helped me the most with the breathing and staying on top of the pain. I avoided many tears with her help on how to manage this pain. Without the help from Kelly i would have been freaking out though my labor pains so am very thankful that she was there and she knew what she was doing! During the pushing stage she held my hand the whole time and kept talking me through it to reassure me that everything was going great. She always had positive and encouraging things to say which helped me realize that I could do it. I successfully gave birth all natural thanks to Kelly since she helped me stay focused on my goal to stay away from any pain medications. I do feel that if I made the choice to get any type of pain medication she would have supported me. Overall, my experience was great. She kept in contact with me and my mom to see how I am doing and to see how the baby is doing as well.
Lexi Petersen – Posted 2/24/2012

Kelly was my doula’s apprentice whom I met at my birthing class. From the moment I met Kelly, I connected with her. There is something special about Kelly. She is genuine, sweet, caring and funny (believe me, you need funny). By the end of my birthing class, I mentioned that I would liked her to be my back-up doula if for whatever reason my main doula couldn’t make it. Well, I was blessed to have Kelly be a part of my labor and she was amazing!!! Besides having all the perfect qualities to support me through my labor, she also has an amazing touch. I had more of a back labor (I would call it a “hip labor”), so every time I would get a contraction, I felt that my hips would come apart. Kelly would help ease the pain at “every” contraction. She was there every step of the way, always by my side. She even had the driving skills to get me to my birthing destination fast (major bonus)! Even though I had a long labor and ended up having an emergency c-section, Kelly was always there by my side giving me words of encouragement and the necessary support that I needed during my labor. I will be forever grateful to Kelly. She is in the right field as I see the gift she has as a doula, helping and ecouraging women get through one of the most intense experience a woman can go through.
Grace Shipley Ford – Posted 1/20/2012