Sunshine Salve

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A salve/balm made from a variety of healing herbs and oils that can be applied to skin.  Useful for helping to heal/resolve/soften stretch marks, c-section scars (once they are closed), hemorrhoids, perineal tearing, cracked or blistered nipples, eczema, sun burn, diaper rash (can be made cloth diaper safe!), skin irritation, insect bites, cold sores and more.  Safe for mom, dad, and baby! One 2 oz. jar.


5 reviews for Sunshine Salve

  1. Elizabeth

    The Sunshine Salve is simply a must-have for all parents. I use it for breastfeeding and absolutely love it. Not to mention all of the other great uses for it. It absorbs into the skin easily, and isn’t sticky. It has a mild, pleasant scent. This is what I will be buying for other expecting moms I know. It truly helps the healing process and is a relief in breastfeeding, especially in the early weeks.

  2. Katie Egley

    Kelly’s salve is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE! You can use it for just about everything, but I keep it on hand primarily in case of diaper rash. It is the only rash cream I will use because it simply works the best (not to mention it is cloth diaper safe – so no liners for this momma). It proved its worth a few days after my second daughter was born – she developed a pretty severe diaper rash and I tried everything I had on hand from previous baby and baby shower gifts to try and clear it up. No other diaper cream on the market would touch this rash (Desitin, Honest, Aquaphor, etc – I tried them all). As soon as I put the Sunshine Salve on it looked so much better. About 2 diaper changes later, the rash was on its way to being gone. Don’t ask me what took so long to put the salve on, I blame it on mom brain. Now I keep at least 2 jars on hand. I love all of Kelly’s products, but this one is at the top of my list. TRUST ME, add it to your cart. It is worth every penny.

  3. Renee

    This is the very BEST salve I’ve ever used!!! It healed me through the first few weeks of nursing with a tongue/lip tied baby, softened a recent scar on my leg, got rid of my son’s cradle cap and helps his eczema. I’ve nearly used up my whole first jar and ready to buy more! My family is all asking for your miracle salve!

  4. Lynz

    I just got this stuff in the Birth Bundle box and I am obsessed. I’m 36 weeks and haven’t tried it as nipple cream but I caught a cold this week so my nose was red and raw from blowing it. I have maternity pictures tomorrow and was so worried but I put the salve on last night before bed and all the redness/irritation is gone! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  5. Sara B

    I got the salve in our birth bundle box and love it! I used it from day one for breastfeeding, 10 months later I have been using it for diaper rashes and big bites, it works so fast and she well! I’m not one to buy something for someone that isn’t on their registry, but it’s now my gift to expecting mother’s.

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