Placentophagy (Placenta Encapsulation) is the term used to describe ingestion of the placenta after childbirth. This is not a new concept. It has been practiced in many cultures throughout the world especially in China and the Far East for thousands of year. 

Placenta encapsulation has many benefits. Click here to read more about my placenta encapsulation services.

Don’t believe the benefits yourself….here are what moms have to say that have recently encapsulated their placentas:

I highly recommend using Kelly for placenta encapsulation. I thought it was weird and was convinced I didn’t want to do it until I asked my friends on FB. Kelly was great and delivered everything to us. They make such a difference postpartum and Kelly is the only one I would trust to prepare this in a sterile way.
Heather Dinkins – Posted 4/25/2013

Holy milk supply! I had a issue producing enough milk one day in my newborn’s 2nd week and it was causing excessive gas and crying. That evening I took the placenta capsules I had been forgetting to take regularly and the next morning it was amazing, problem solved. That alone made it worth it considering the women I know who’ve had to quit breastfeeding due to low production.
Tara Kaye – Posted 7/10/2013