Meet Kelly

Having a doula present at your birth is like having your sister, mom, and best friend all rolled into one expert companion.  Meet Kelly Sunshine, birth doula.

Kelly would be the first to admit that babies have minds of their own, and births rarely go according to plan.  From the first time mom who expects to deliver around her due date and instead goes weeks early to the mom who planned for an epidural but had labor go so fast there just wasn’t time, Kelly comes equipped with her years of experience and knowledge to support mom and dad through these trials and out the other side, all the while exerting a confidence about the situation and with a smile on her face.  She aims to anticipate your needs before they have even registered in your own brain, while making you feel as though this job is her pleasure.

Kelly quite obviously loves what she does and has the experience to remain one step ahead, even in high stress situations.  She is that calming voice reminding you that you can! In addition to being mom to 4, she has been a birth doula for over 8 years and attended more than 635 births.  She believes that it is YOUR birth experience and her goal is for you to have a safe and pleasant birth while she helps to reduce anxiety and create memories through her photographs and birth timeline.

Kelly has recently joined forces with her dear friend and fellow doula, Michelle Ludwig, who owns Modern Mama Doula Services. Modern Mama is a full service doula agency offering birth doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth education and much more. This model of agency is awesome for both the doula and the client for several reasons.  At Modern Mama the doulas take on all their own clients as they value the personal relationship the doula builds with their client.  Another benefit is you have a guaranteed back-up doula in the rare event that one is needed.  And not just any doula but a doula that is professional, certified and similar in style to Kelly! 

If you’d like to connect with Kelly, complete the form below and she will get right back to you!